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975514 tn?1325001538 I finally have an endo appt. scheduled. I too have ear pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and chest pain. I don't notice any protrusions though in my neck.
Avatar m tn All the symptoms i have given below are all experienced on the right of the face and head. Neck and shoulder pain Ache in the temple, just below the right ear, ache just above the right eyebrow, Ache in the nose bridge on the right side, A dull pressure on the right side of the head Feeling of shakiness on the head and feeling of heart beat on the head. Feeling very sleepy.
Avatar n tn I also suffer from pins and needles feeling in the back of my neck and a pain which comes on occasionally in my neck and radiates down my shoulder into my arm usually the right hand side. Does this sound like MS symptoms as my nan suffered with it. Is it hereditory or not?
Avatar n tn I also have been suffering with shoulder and neck pain, and even upper back. I was wondering if the two could be related. I was tested for hormonal problems, thyroid problems, myalgias, and anything else they routinely test for when they take your blood. I was given a low dose of antiepressant to help me sleep at night so I am not awakened with the pain. This helps at night, but I am getting weary of the constant ache.
Avatar f tn Over the weekend, symptoms have not improved and neck pain beginning to return, nausea and a head pressure mainly in right ear. Should I seek another opinion from an ENT or Endo or just let it go?
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, I'm 22years old, male, in good health except that I've had a very very tight neck and shoulder for almost two years. Physio kind of helps, chiropractors do not help, and massage therapy is a hit and miss. What helps the most is going to the gym and working out. Also, within the past year I've had blood tests with unusual results... I have a high TSH (about 10-12ish mIU/L) I have normal amounts of T3 and T4 (4.
Avatar f tn On top of that, my neck is also in pain at the base where my neck meets my shoulders, and my back also aches between my shoulders. I would describe the neck, back, shoulder and neck pain as nagging. I seem to be able to control the back pain with yoga, but exercise makes my shoulder pain worse. This is the strangest thing: When I inhale, I hear what I would describe as a crunching or popping noise. This occurs anywhere between 5-20 times a day.
1081074 tn?1256130532 Chest pain, pain in my ribs, neck and jaw pain, pain in my left elbow, pain in my left shoulder, pain in the center of my left chest and right chest, and constipation( now I always thought that once the gall bladder was gone that you did not have that problem). So another EKG (4 so far in total) has showed up perfect. Another round of blood work ( have not gotten results yet ). and a Stress test scheduled for Nov. 5th.
Avatar f tn It explains why we have spine, shoulder, joint pain.... Mine sometimes occurs in the shoulder, back of neck (top of spine), chest, knees, fingers, toes, ankles...
Avatar n tn i am in extreme pain and have had a mri that showed a huge mass on my right side of my thyroid, and the pain runs down the back of neck into my shoulder and down my arm, i have been rushed to the hospital with this pain and given meds, just under morphine but little affect on the pain, i am now becoming weak and coughing, also cancer and tumors run in our family, my mother died of bone cancer, please help!!! i am really scared!!
Avatar f tn These help with pain, but I have developed an itchy, unremitting rash on my right shoulder and should probably stop taking meds to see if any of them are causing it? I tried glucosamine but the pain and cracking remained and sometimes my head hurts on the right side too. I also have Hashimoto’s (TPO antibodies over 1,000) take 75mcg Levoxyl per day. There is a 1.2cm nodule on the right side of thyroid- it was ruled benign after biopsy.
Avatar f tn i was diagnosed with multi level disc degeneration and have thoracic issue ( got lots of upper and shoulder pain due to bone spurrs and osteophyte formation.. ) i also have mild spinal lumbar stenosis and pinched nerve same level.. i have sometimes muscle weakness and balance problem.. does anyone has idea if my symptoms are caused by the degenerative process or do i need to have a ct scan? when i get dizzy i also feel nauseated.. im only 38 and a back pain sufferer for 5 yrs.
Avatar f tn could the nodules be in any way related to ear neck shoulder pain????? I forgot to mention the nodules to the GP last week ...she looked at my ear bc of my complaint and said it looked fine. Today they will probably call to tell me my blood tests where normal...I guess I will mention to the receptionist about the neck and ear pain and nodules... My eye doc wanted me to call him about glucose test to make sure this wasn't the cause of the change. A1c was normal.
Avatar n tn i've seen the DO 4 times, seen a dentist for possible TMJ, seen an ENT (nothing wrong in my throat after looking inside), seen a neurologist (nothing neurological, he sid ) about my neck pain for 9-10 weeks. the pain subsides a bit when i am standing up and i feel the front of my neck tightening when i am sitting down. i have asked over and over but got no answer if there is some muscle pulling somewhere that's straining my neck when i sit down?
666921 tn?1254994218 Lyme and something else that is causing neck pain. That makes diagnosis more difficult, but not impossible. Looking back, it seems I had a thyroid infection or something that dragged on and on, and then I got Lyme and a coinfection, so the drs were really confused beyond what they might be otherwise. It is inflammation that causes the stiff neck I have from Lyme; it is slowly going away with antibiotic treatment. Do get the Lyme checked out, though. Good luck.
1534233 tn?1523392456 I have left shoulder pain, sometimes the right also and quite often between my shoulder blades too. It doesnt seem to be related to exercise, laying down however often relieves it. Sometimes I just stand up and its there.
Avatar f tn the pain is always on the right apart from when i turned my head to the left and i felt something crunch in my neck and the pain went to the left side of my head. i also have numbness, tingleing, burning , stinging and shooting pains on the right side and my face feels like its too tight and i need to relax it. the pain im having now feels just like it did when i had the wisdom tooth. i have a problem with my jaw, it locks and is sometimes painful.
Avatar n tn the specialist thinks that my weight gain (10 kg, 22 lbs) tiredness, tingling and pain in hands and feet, feeling cold, pain in jaw and neck and ear, hair and eyebrow loss, dry skin and general being is due to anxiety problems? huh? can blood tests still come back normal and display underactive symptons. he did not tell me my levels, but just said that they were normal. i know that this is not in my head and i am not making this up because they are real. any advice for what to do?
2208860 tn?1339011395 It is June now I now have severe pain in the right back of neck,{collarbone right side) shoulder blade and armpit, pain runs down my right arm and numness and tingling in the ring and pinky fingers,when i cough it is even more severe and shoots pain in the shoulder blade and armpit. Pain is so bad at times it makes me want cut my arm off, wakes me up in the middleof the night. MRI of shoulder showed mild tendoinitus, EMG results were negative.
Avatar n tn In 09/2005 he sent me to have another ct scan after sever loss of hand control and still sharp pain in right side of neck and shoulder pins and neddes in the hand and fingers. the results was a pinched nerve at c7-t1. back to surgery in 11-2005 after lossing our son in a motorcycle accident in 10/2005. the surgery was great the pain at the neck area was released during the surgery. but still had major pain in hand and shoulder and back.
Avatar n tn I am having severe left shoulder pain. It is so bad that I cry daily and with 4 children which I had natural, I feel that I have a high tolerance to pain. My left arm and my neck up to the jawbone goes numb at times. The shoulder pain never goes away. I keep ice on it a lot plus take pain medicine and a muscle relaxer but nothing helps. I have tried patches, creams, massage, etc. A little History: I have not done anything to hurt it.
Avatar f tn Could on going neck injury/pain from holding phone between head and shoulder at work for almost five years and stress have any effect on your thyroid ?
Avatar m tn My temples and region below the right ear and above the right eye brows are having a dull ache. Neck pain on the right side and pressure on the nose bridge. Due to all this i am feeling dizziness and i feel shaky just in the head. this makes feel very tired and makes me want to sleep. ITs there everyday and I really cant work like this. I got anxiety due to this and then i was put under citalopram for 1 yr. After withdrawing the symptoms appear back.
Avatar n tn Sinus issues and stress can both cause pain in the back of the neck into the upper shoulder area. I would try some moist heat on the back of your neck. Thyroid nodules do not affect your neck in the back.....only in the front. I would not worry too much about the biopsy...I know it is easier said than done, but thyroid cancer is not the only cause of nodules.....hashimotos causes nodules as well. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
Avatar n tn whenever i drink i get a crazy pain in my shoulder and it hurts so bad that i dont drink anymore. i had shoulder problems when i was younger but not for awhile. it is only on my right shoulder in the back. people thought i was crazy so thank you for writing this and please if you find out why let the world know.
Avatar f tn It can take months or even years to heal properly. Physical Therapy is a must in trying to correct shoulder pain and sometimes if you've waited too long for therapy, it won't be effective. I feel that your best option would be to see an Orthopedic Surgeon and have them re-evaluate your shoulder. Sometimes they see things that other Doctors don't. They have a trained eye for problems. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn HI LADIES, What can be wrong with me??? Breast,Neck,Arm,Shoulder and pain going right through my back all on the left side,I'ts been there for over 3weeks went to Doc she just gave me a pain killer and said come back in a month,I'm scared stiff,the pain is dreaful,,,it feels like I'm having a heart attack, CAN ANYONE help,please..........
Avatar n tn As for the TMJ, it is possible it has really gone out of the socket and is jerking your jaw and neck muscles and nerves rather significantly, which a dentist or an ear nose throat ENT doc can look into at how that's doing.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like your headaches and shoulder pain are coming from your neck--specifically the neck muscles and more specifically the scalenes, and SCM muscles, probably with some help from the upper traps. you get his prblem from forward head posture--quite common in today's day and age of computers. You should get a book by Clair Davies called the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. Read the head & neck and shoulder sections and then go to work.