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469349 tn?1217610541 I went back a wk later because I felt the pain down my neck to my shoulder and chest, they did and EKG was normal, then a carotid ultra sound and the doctor told me that what they found wasn't something to admitt me immediately but to go to a Neuro.
Avatar n tn After *numerous*, and I mean NUMEROUS Doctor's visits and chiropractic therapy, we never found a cause and the pain and sensations lasted 5 months! Honestly, I never thought they'd go away and I thought I'd have to live with them. But, lo and behold, other issues came up so my focus was on that stuff, and then the shoulder/arm pains were gone and never came back. Strange. Do you have any fixed positions you must be in with your job?
Avatar n tn Hello, I had 2 upper implants put in 3 days ago. I have temple, neck and shoulder pain. Temple pain worsens when I chew. Also my sinuses seem worse. And I have some pressure behind my eyes. I wear a nightguard at night and have been wearing it since the implants. Will this go away? Dr. said I had very dense bone. Could this be the cause? I have a follow up appt in 10 days. What should my next step be if the pain doesn't go away. I am currently on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn could the nodules be in any way related to ear neck shoulder pain????? I forgot to mention the nodules to the GP last week ...she looked at my ear bc of my complaint and said it looked fine. Today they will probably call to tell me my blood tests where normal...I guess I will mention to the receptionist about the neck and ear pain and nodules... My eye doc wanted me to call him about glucose test to make sure this wasn't the cause of the change. A1c was normal.
Avatar f tn It can be confirmed by ENT examination and x-ray sinuses. Rare causes of pain at this area include Brain aneurysms, tumors, infection like meningitis or encephalitis, stroke or TIA(transient ischemic attack)Pls get a CT back of head and neck or MRI neck to find out the confirmatory diagnosis if no other cause is found. Till then give rest to the part,try wearing a cervical collar and give cold compresses to the site of pain.
1485281 tn?1287951992 I also get severe neck and shoulder pain with my sinus problems and this has been happening to me my whole life. there has to be a reason and a connection between my sinus problems and my neck and shoulder pain.
Avatar n tn As for the TMJ, it is possible it has really gone out of the socket and is jerking your jaw and neck muscles and nerves rather significantly, which a dentist or an ear nose throat ENT doc can look into at how that's doing.
Avatar f tn Finally I just ended up falling asleep and woke up the next day thirsty and sore in my neck and on top of my head. I know, I know, shame on me for not eating enough and working out too much. I have also been under stress at work and also under everyday stress since my dad died last year. I have a semi recent history of sinus infections and I enjoy thrifting at goodwill stores (but always get a horrible headache from dust maybe?
Avatar n tn I have TMJ and it is known to cause neck, shoulder, and headaches and face pain. I don't know if this might be related to your problem or not. But I use a mouth piece at night and it has helped reduce my morning neck stiffness and headaches. You might want to go to someone who has practice in TMJ or check with your dentist.
Avatar f tn I also get the burning type pain, sometimes in my left shoulder and up the back of my head, above ear, and eye, but then sometimes it switches to the other side. All this strange stuff started after a minor fender bender 8 years ago. Trigger point injections only helps for a few weeks. I started physical therapy last year for this, while treating after about 3 months, guess what, another rear end collison, back to square one, it never fails. Just to let you know you are not alone.
Avatar m tn major pressure and pain in the right back side of my head leading down the back of my neck and up to my temple with a nasty pressure behind my right eye, my face generally feels quite numb on the right hand side and one of the ways i relieve this pain and pressure is to actually bang my head.
Avatar n tn to myself, my kids and hubby when we have a flu/cold that clogs your sinuses, lymph, throat, and nose and when bad it all causes a sore stiff neck and shoulders, which regular massage should relieve also. It is completely natural and won't cost you an arm and a leg! It is an old fashioned remedy where you grate 1 onion and pack it onto your neck (where your main lymph prob is) and wrap around with cling wrap and towels for as long as you can stand. up to 30 mins is great.
Avatar n tn Three days ago i had ct of sinuses and brain they said no abnormalities I have been dx with tenonitis and pinched nerve in my right shoulder can this have anything to do with what is going on. Please help I have missed alot of work this month due to this . I am miserable..
Avatar n tn I have searched several different forums on the net and see the same story which is referred ear pain , neck and or head stiffness and pain and a myriad of other symptoms in each case the patient is seen by his GP given a course of antibiotics the pain never goes away is then sent to an ENT or dentist so forth and so on . So far there hasn't been one positive diagnosis and in some cases dentists have referred patients to oral surgeons for needless wisdom tooth extraction.
Avatar f tn I have had ringing in my ears for about 8 months, it's worse at night, I have terrible neck I shoulder pain, back pain on right side under scapula, as well as my lower back which I have had for some years.. My lips are numb, sometimes my face, my hands & arms become numb when washing my hair or having my arms upward, I have some congestion, use nasal rinse every morning & nasal spray. I often wake up with heachaches behind the eyes, which are different from my migraines.
Avatar n tn The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck. The pain now runs all the way down my neck and into my shoulder and right chest a bit. It especially hurts if I apply pressure to my pulse(Carotid artery). It feels like inflammed nerves or something. So, I went back to another doctor and he gave the same diagnosis. He said unfortunatley the cause is unknown. Now I am on a stronger anti-inflammatory. I just want to know the cause so it won't come back.
Avatar n tn I suffer from pain in the back and right side of the head, shoulder and central neck pain. I am having osteopathy treatment. No medication seems to help. I am also doing inhalations of menthyl in case the pain is from infected sinuses. My head feels as if it has been kicked and feels tender and bruised.
Avatar m tn My symptoms include - Constant bilateral headache - Constant neck pain and stiffness - Constant jaw and face pain - Pulsating of my Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscles - Facial numbness - Electrical shocks in my eyes ( this is probably the worst feeling) - Feeling of someone shoving my head to the left - Tightness in my sinuses and throat - Ear pain and a feeling of fluid in my ears - Vertigo - Tightness at the sternum causing difficulty breathing - Bilateral arm pain and numbness - Muscle spasm
Avatar n tn I have had right side facial pain, deep ear pain, neck and shoulder pain, and eye drooping, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, blurred vision that has progressively worsened over the course of 3 years and been told I have TMJ and migraines from TMJ. I have taken all kinds of antiinflammatories, migraines meds, etc. I have been to several doctors, emt, dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractor, etc.
Avatar m tn I started taking that about 3 days ago and i thought yesterday i was feeling a little better,but today I still have alot neck preasure and weakness in neck and stiffness. Its getting hard to tell the difference of weakness and preasure. Do you think it will be safe to take my prednisone with the flexeril and xanax. And do you think the prednisone will help my symptoms any.
Avatar f tn I do have a gallstone and have experienced the lower right side pain and nausea plus the shoulder blade pain but this right upper side pain is new to me. I have been terrified of pulmonary embolism or something but I think it must be either gallbladder related or stress related. The only other thing I can think of is that I started a new fitness regime and overdid it a bit for the first time. I ended up a few days later with a terrible lower backache which lasted about a week.
Avatar f tn First, I would just feel lightheaded throughout the day with slight neck pain. The doctor told me that it was just my sinuses and told me to treat it like allergies. (I never had allergies before). Throughout the months, my neck pain had been getting worse along with my head pressure and lightheadedness. I've tried Advil, tylonel, moltrin, excedrin, physical therapy, multiple muscle relaxers, spinal adjustment, acupuncture, and a massage.
Avatar m tn Temporal tendinitis mimics migraines including TMJ pain temporal headaches, tooth sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain. Treatment includes injecting local anesthetics and other medicines, moist heat muscle relaxants and NSAIDs along with physiotherapy. Multiple sclerosis would also need to be excluded.
Avatar n tn I too have EAR / glands and TERRIBLE neck pain and lower skull pain and I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks to no avail. Neck pain so bad I could touch my neck vein and it was so sore and I had pain shoot to my temples.. OMG!!!! ICE PACK helped thanks God but... next I spent hundreds of dollars at an ENT and Swallow study and CT scan of sinus and neck only for the ENT to say he has no answers and keep taking the Naproxen he gave me and check back in 2 months!?
Avatar n tn I have been having a sharp burning pain in my upper back mostly on the left side by the shoulder blade. At times my neck and left arm are effected too. The pain is present upon rising and lasts throughout the day. I am concous of my posture and do not believe it to be the cause. The pain worsens if i am carring anything at arms lengths or even if i am carring a light bag over either of my shoulders.
469349 tn?1217610541 I went back a wk later because I felt the pain down my neck to my shoulder and chest, they did and EKG was normal, then a carotid ultra sound and the doctor told me that what they found wasn't something to admitt me immediately but to go to a Neuro.
Avatar f tn I'm just another person like you dealing with pain in me left arm, shoulder and neck. It is a sharp piercing pain that goes all the way up to the shoulder and neck. I have been checked all over, MRI, MRA, spinal tap, EEG, EKG and other test too numerous to mention. My left arm is very weak and if I try to use it, the pain is excruciating. I can't sleep on it and it wakes me in my sleep. My neurologist latest diagnosis is it is all in my head. Depression. Get over it.
Avatar n tn i have weakness in both arms and alot of pain in my right shoulder and elbow,my wrist locks and so does my elbow causes alot of pain when it does this and the next day i have pain from the top of my neck down to the hole arm (very bad) i sit and cry from the pain and nothing makes it go away. The doctors have had me start epadraul injections to my neck it happen 4 days after they did it so nothing is maken it go away.
Avatar n tn I feel like I am loosing my mind or my doctor is going to have me commited (NOT really but couldn't hurt) I have a burning aching pain across my upper shoulders, in my neck, down my shoulder blade and thru to the front of my chest. I also have an inflammed shoulder. All of this is on my left side so I to thought the worst. I have had Xrays, EKG about to do MRI this week. No one seems to know what the deal is. I don't see how people can believe someone could make up a pain this bad.
Avatar f tn the back of my neck and head feel kind of tingling sensation ( not numbness or anything like that). My neck and shoulder muscles always hurt. I even noticed one more that I woke up and tried to get my day moving that just trying to stand and doing the dishes was difficult because of the noise. I finally got to a chiropractor in town and got an adjustment, I felt like a new person, felt good. But I'm feeling back out of whack again, and I'm going to see him again. I've been reading a lot.