Neck and shoulder pain related to stress

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Avatar f tn More than likley they are stress related or from many other things and i say this from personal experience tbh... Having some phyiso will certainly help for sure or of course going to a doctor as well As for testing, HIV certianly not your negative that im 100% sure about, if you havnt then testing for std's would be recommended.
Avatar n tn I've had the same pain related to anxiety and stress. I don't necessarily have to be thinking about something specific at the time, but can have underlying anxiety stress (usually financial and work related). It's caused pain in my chest, shoulder, back and neck. Aching, tightness and some sharp pains.
Avatar m tn the left side of my neck hurts toward the side (main muscle/tendon going down from the jaw to the shoulder, and under my jaw, from what I can tell is inside my jaw. there are ridges on my jaw towards my chin that hurt, and also the space in between my jaw hurts. Don't know if it is glandular or tmj related. odd stuff. Cannot see my doc until next Thursday. anything that I can do?
Avatar f tn ) and there should be a differential diagnosis that starts with the most serious and that is the heart and lungs. That appears to have been done with a stress echo and blood tests to determine the oxygen level in the blood...if low oxygen level that can cause hypoxia of the heart tissues and lead to symptoms you experience...hemoglobin low!. The thyroid has been ruled out but low! Stress echo is good for a dx of a heart condtion.
Avatar f tn I also have neck pain, right shoulder pain and numbness in my arms when sleeping, also assuming it was a circulation problem. I also went to a Chiropractor for my neck and shoulder pain, thinking they were all related, and it turns out I have carpal tunnel syndrome. The numbness wasn't related to my shoulder at all. That was a whole separate issue. My neck pain was caused from years of poor posture ( I tend to jut my chin out) and stress. My shoulder was from a work related strain.
Avatar f tn t function along with pain in the middle of my back and the back of my neck. I have also been getting headaches and had loss of appetite. I always feel really tired and unable to function. I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy two weeks ago, before that i was feeling fine and my heartburn was under control. I don't know why I am suddenly having this horrible pain but I just want it to go away so I can go back to doing normal things. I am seventeen years old.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago I started having severe pain and stiffness in my neck and upper back , 9 days ago it changed and I now still have a sore neck but the biggest problem is the severe pain in my shoulder and shoulder blade area, under arm and arm all the way to my wrist(all right side). I also have major twitching all day long, cramping, tingling, heavy pain feeling and a dull constant ache with some sharp pains as well. This pain is constant however at night is always worse.
Avatar f tn I would check with your doctor about the Lexapro, continue to exercise daily, avoid caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates-especially close to bedtime, and take a warm bath nightly to help loosen up your muscles, and help with the pain and the insomnia. Good Luck!
Avatar m tn This is more common in the later stages of life due to wear and tear of the neck muscles and bones, but I also believe it can be triggered by stress, as every so often I also suffer with this, like you said 'deblitating' condition. Mine will just happen when I've woke up, so I cant relate to your 'glue like feeling', but I think it would deffinetely be worth a try seeing a chiropractor, and maybe have a good look into finding a decent one as this is what they specialise in.
Avatar f tn These help with pain, but I have developed an itchy, unremitting rash on my right shoulder and should probably stop taking meds to see if any of them are causing it? I tried glucosamine but the pain and cracking remained and sometimes my head hurts on the right side too. I also have Hashimoto’s (TPO antibodies over 1,000) take 75mcg Levoxyl per day. There is a 1.2cm nodule on the right side of thyroid- it was ruled benign after biopsy.
Avatar f tn Could on going neck injury/pain from holding phone between head and shoulder at work for almost five years and stress have any effect on your thyroid ?
985873 tn?1407936092 but then it happens, my family (brother, sister, husband, grown children) stress me out. I try to be a positive person, they come to me with their problems and I try to make everything better. I've always been everyone's rock, the person you go to if you need something, even if it's just a shoulder to lean or cry on. Sometimes the ones I love feel like an anvil around my neck, and I just want to cut the rope and cut them out of my life (but of course I can't....).
Avatar n tn Six months ago, I strained my muscle between my neck and shoulder, after running. Sometimes, the pain started at the base of the skull and at times my shoulder. I went to the doctor and took a xray that did not show a dislocated or herinated disc. I went on vacation and did not run but swim. I was free of pain. I have started back to running and thepain is back. What could be wrong?
Avatar n tn A couple of years I was diagnosed with an eroded vertebrae in the c5-c6 section of my neck that exposed a bundle of nerves related to my right arm and shoulder. The pain can be mild to quite excruciating depending on how eroded the vertebrae is and how much the nerve is being pinched, In my case, the whole nerve bundle was being crushed between vertebraes and there was a crack in that vertebrae wall.
Avatar f tn It really hurts and at times the pain radiates down my shoulder. It is on both sides of neck. Should I be concerned about this? I am a heavy smoker.
Avatar n tn The pain will travel up to the neck and around to the rib. Stress bothers it, sitting at the computer for a long period, and at night when I lay on the side. The only thing feels good on it is a massage but that is only temporary fix. I have only had xrays done and they have showed that on that side I have a bone growth on my neck, and hip and a lot of scar tissue in the scapula.
Avatar f tn but since all you have is tingling and the issues seem to be neck and shoulder related....I would not think it is anything that can not be calmed down. Talk with your Dr and let us know what you find out.....keep in mind low levels of vitamins and minerals can cause tingling and numbness too.
Avatar m tn I went to several doctors and all of them gave me stress pills and told me to relax.I work under alot of presure and i try not get upset.The pain is sharp and it makes me feel dizzy.A couple of days ago my neck,eye,shoulder is paining at the moment'all on the left hand side"I was helping a customer a few hours ago and i don't seem to remember what she told me.
Avatar f tn I had pains in my shoulder and neck after surgery exactly 24hrs after... Eventually it went away...
Avatar f tn About 16 months ago i begain to have pain in my right shoulder assicated with a small knot as time went on the knot got bigger and now i suffer from from pain that starts with my right shoulder but then it goes up my neck and all the way down my right arm the major pain is in my shoulder and the top part of my arm and the rest of my arm has this tigglling num feeling that is painful and as of few months ago i have a samll knot on the left sife of my shoulder with the same begaining pain that st
Avatar m tn While it is possible to have a concurrent shoulder injury/bursitis, the shoulder pain could have also been related to your neck problems. I hope that you are under the care of an orthopedic spine specialist, and if possible, a referral to a reputable surgeon.
Avatar f tn They will be able to do nerve conduction tests to find any nerve that might be under pressure from something that cant be seen on an x-ray.The extreme cold makes the nerve pain worse in my neck,head and shoulder all the way down to my fingers.The feeling is like being pricked by a thousand needles and feels like I am standing by a bon fire,with cramping and muscle spasms,numbness.If this sounds like anything that you might be going through,you ought to go see your family doctor like I said.
Avatar f tn I read that some women have pain in their back neck or shoulder blades with heart conditions. My husband has to massage my left shoulder blade because for some reason I randomly get a sharp pain on my shoulder blade. Years ago they told me that I either was developing asthma or had an anxiety problem. The asthma problem was fixed and rulled as anxiety. I know my symptoms of when I am anxious but the rest I never had when I had anxiety problems.
1691343 tn?1306010449 u r in the early stages of recovery and need to relax...use heat wraps on ur neck and shoulder area and do the exercises for post op patients...... U will have some symptoms crop up as u heal and that is typical of the healing process.....and u do have to do things in moderation to avoid feeling poorly.
Avatar f tn I was in a car wreck it caused whiplash and a head contusion in 2008 and I just had surgery for Herniated Disc I had pain and numbness in my right hand and fingers, in my arm numbness in my elbow pain in between my shoulder blades and across my shoulder, neck stiffness pain in my neck loss of motion in neck and major and many headaches I also had dizzy spells and major sinus problems form it. I tried PT and chiropractors they were a temporary fix and that was it.
Avatar n tn First you get all the testing done by a (cardiologist or a heart specialist) that has to do with your heart (EKG, Electrocardiogram,stress test,x-ray, and whatever the heart doctor orders.If you feel like you need a second opinion get it, after all that is done then work on your posture, type of work you do as if you are using your shoulders to lift stuff up all the time you might be keeping your muscles from relaxing.Hence the pain.
Avatar n tn I dont know if the back and shoulder pain are related, but because both are on my left side, I thought they might be. Has anyone experienced these symptoms, or know of anything they might be?
Avatar n tn Iam having the same pain back pain shoulder pain and neck pain all in the left side but it all started right after a breast biopsy and its been giong on for a yr.I have no idea what it could be if you find something out please post it THANKS....