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Avatar f tn He cracked my neck, and I have had excruciating pain going from the left sied of my neck down to just under my shoulder blade. I even had accupuncture several times, but that gets a little too expensive. This pain is absolutely killing me, it hurts so bad and feels like there is a pick or shard or knife wedged in my shoulder blade. I s there ANYTHING I can do to at least lessen the pain? Please help!
Avatar f tn ive been having severe neck, shoulder and arm pain n weakness. i did a CT scan and it showed disc bulging between C4~5. and some facet joint stenosis or something (it was in chinese so i cudnt figure out what stenosis it was , but most probably it said that). so i kinda diagnosed myself that it is cervical spondylosis. As i also have paraesthesia of right shoulder..and i CANT LOOK DOWN it hurts!
Avatar n tn Do I likely have a pinched nerve? I had, for about 2 weeks, tight neck/shoulder muscles. Since I had this a couple years ago I saw my Doctor and was prescribed muscle relaxers again. I knew my left arm was weaker feeling but attributed it to the muscles being tight for so long. I then realized that my left triceps was not working at all(before taking muscle relaxers). I also have some pain in my left shoulder and elbow.
Avatar f tn You need to be evaluated for a cervical spine disc degeneration or prolapsed irritating the nerve roots and causing tingling , numbness and weakness in the arm and thumb. These neck, shoulder and arm symptoms are most likely due to compression of the nerve roots supplying these regions which originate from cervical and upper thoracic vertebral levels. Consult a neurologist for evaluation of your spine and an MRI spine would help in assessment of the structures in your back.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your reply, but would a pinched nerve cause my shoulder joint to crack and pop? The pain in my neck feels like what I think a pinched nerve would feel like but would it explain the tension Im feeling in my upper back spine area?
Avatar n tn I had a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder blade and I only felt the pain in my hand and wrist! Try finding a chiropracter to help you. I have had multiple pinched nerves over the years and they always seem to help me....
Avatar n tn Has the diagnosis of a pinched nerve been confirmed? Is the nerve that is pinched located in your cervical spine and thus producing symptoms of arm pain? It is important to know the location of the nerve as if affects the type of treatment that is recommended. If you are under the care of a doctor, have appropriate diagnostic tests been completed such as x-rays or MRI? Absent additional information, it would not be possible to determine your best treatment plan at this time.
1369383 tn?1299023561 This leads to stress on the nerve, which emanates pain in the neck and adjoining areas like shoulders, arms and fingers, and upper and lower back. Pinched nerve in neck is also known as cervical radiculopathy. Causes of Pinched Nerve in Neck Spinal arthritis: More commonly known as neck arthritis, this is a condition caused due to wear of the joints, or onset of osteoarthritis, which could also be aggravated due to wrong neck postures.
Avatar n tn Six months ago, I strained my muscle between my neck and shoulder, after running. Sometimes, the pain started at the base of the skull and at times my shoulder. I went to the doctor and took a xray that did not show a dislocated or herinated disc. I went on vacation and did not run but swim. I was free of pain. I have started back to running and thepain is back. What could be wrong?
1284111 tn?1271592140 Now the neck pain is almost all gone but if I work hard(mechanic work or heavy physical activity) it all come back right fast(neck pain and shoulder). If i stay idle for a couple of days, the pain will go away but not totally. So far I had X rays or cervical done, CT scan of neck also. Doctor says that it shows arthrose in there but they could not really see any herniated discs or anything explaining pinched nerve in neck.
Avatar n tn Sounds like nerve pain which truly is painful. Depending which nerves are involved it could be from a neck or carpal tunnel injury.
Avatar n tn I Have A Pinched Nerve in my neck and my left arm is where all the pain is. Should My Arn Be Swelling?
Avatar n tn The thing I can not understand is I have little to no pain in my neck. I do however have tremendous pain in my right shoulder blade and down my right arm into my hand. This has been going on for about 3 months and when I cough I have sharp pain in my shouder blade. Is this a normal sensation for a compressed nerve?
Avatar m tn I wonder if it was a mis-diagnosis or half-diagnosis, and it makes me question whether the nerve pinching issues is actually at the shoulder RATHER than the neck. Regardless, the issue is no longer in my neck and shoulder, but in my neck, shoulder, and back. It's difficult to even pinpoint the pain. It's like one big, sore clump spawning from mid-back to shoulder to neck. DIFFICULTY SPEAKING: One of the red flags I'm experiencing is difficulty speaking.
Avatar n tn Hey buddy just hang in there till you see the dr it seems you gonna have to run a few tests on ur neck and shoulder just try to relax and get rest be4 seein your dr
Avatar m tn pinched nerve possibly muscles spasms also possible I have degenerative disks in my neck which cause a neck rt shoulder cervical syndrome with the same symptoms but that doesn't mean that's what you have.. you should get an xray and see your doc, you didn't mention if there has been an injury or strain or overuse ?
Avatar f tn There is a possibility that your symptoms are due to nerve compression in the cervical region or at the level of shoulder or elbow joint. Pinched nerve can cause pain in the muscles and numbness. Since you suffer from MS, this possibility cannot be ruled out as a cause of your current symptoms. MS is known to cause muscle aches and pains and paresthesias like tingling numbness, throbbing and stabbing pain. Please discuss both these possibilities with your treating doctor.
Avatar m tn You are able to shake it around and get the circulation to return to the area but if the nerve gets pinched off too long or remains pinched it blocks the circulation from being able to return and you have the numbness and pain, and can have nerve damage as a result. Continue to try to move it around, and roll and stretch your neck maybe you can eventually stretch the areas enough to unpinch the nerve.
Avatar f tn For about 5 years I've had recurring pain under the medial section of my left shoulder blade. It is not constant, it seems to come and go, but every time it recurs it seems to get worse. It is not a sharp pain, more like a deep burning. Within the past year, during times when my shoulder is acting up, I also experience, pain, numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand (particularly in my pinky and ring finger), and my shoulder joint has begun to pop and catch.
Avatar n tn I was in a car wreck it caused whiplash and a head contusion in 2008 and I just had surgery for Herniated Disc I had pain and numbness in my right hand and fingers, in my arm numbness in my elbow pain in between my shoulder blades and across my shoulder, neck stiffness pain in my neck loss of motion in neck and major and many headaches I also had dizzy spells and major sinus problems form it. I tried PT and chiropractors they were a temporary fix and that was it.
Avatar f tn i have had shoulder and neck pain for the past 3 years. initially it was less but became very serious that things on my right hand dropped just like that and had the neck region swollen. i was given pain killers by the doctors. i had gone for physiotherapy sessions which were very painful. they suggested accupressure and i attended the allotted sessions and had a lot of relief but the pain has returned very severely. kindly suggest me the needful steps to be taken.
Avatar f tn Went to emergency with severe pain in right shoulder, up into the neck and down the right arm (woke up with it). Have been on 500 mg. Naproxen , twice daily, for 3 weeks, and 10 mg. Pms-cyclobenzaprine every 8 hours. I'm still experiencing pain plus some new tingling down the arm. Should I be going back to my doctor? It seems this is taking an unusually long time to get better.
Avatar m tn What may be causing a very serious pain I have been having which starts at the back of my head and neck on my left, goes down to my shoulder and across my left back and down my left arm. I have been having difficulty to sleep on my left or even drive using my left hand.
Avatar m tn I believe ihave a pinched nerve where my neck and shoulder meet and behind my shoulder blade, can this be causing a quarter size spot on the top left of my head to feel pressure/ discomfort? My neuro ordered an MRI but he doesnt seemed very concerned that it is serious and neither does any of my other doctors i had a CT Scan and everything came back normal blood work normal.
Avatar f tn And once again, the doctor told me that I pulled muscles in my chest, and that I had a strained neck muscle and a mild case of a left frozen shoulder. She also said that I probably have a pinched nerve on my left side of my neck causing most of the discomfort. She gave me a muscle relaxer and some pain medication. Both doctors told me my pulse was completely normal and that my blood pressure was perfect.