Neck and shoulder pain on one side

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Avatar f tn I have had both upper and lower disc durgeries. What could be causing the pain in the neck and shoulder on the rt side?
Avatar m tn But now when I sleep on my side, the opposite arm goes to sleep and then it feels like someone is stepping on my hand.
Avatar f tn No, you can lay on your side too and place the towel between your shoulder and head. However do try and lie on the back too for some time.
Avatar f tn About 16 months ago i begain to have pain in my right shoulder assicated with a small knot as time went on the knot got bigger and now i suffer from from pain that starts with my right shoulder but then it goes up my neck and all the way down my right arm the major pain is in my shoulder and the top part of my arm and the rest of my arm has this tigglling num feeling that is painful and as of few months ago i have a samll knot on the left sife of my shoulder with the same begaining pain that st
Avatar m tn The pain occurs in the my shoulder, my neck and my upper back, especially in my shoulder blades and under my arms in the rib area. Also the pain seems to be worse on my right side from the side of my neck down to my right shoudler and shoulder blade. I also get a knot in the middle of my back. I have tried PT to strengthen my back, but with no help. The pain kept returning. I have tried antiinflammatories and muscle relaxers. The muscle relaxers do smee to help the pain.
488223 tn?1208911782 people of your age tend to get this problem as constant sitting in school does not allow your neck extension and further school stress at home aggravates the pain. I would suggest you to go in for some shoulder and neck exercises. you can apply ice to the painful region,take acetaminophen if the pain is severe and still if the pain persists, go in for a Xray by consulting your physician. Have patience,do not get panicky .
Avatar f tn ) In a small space between each vertebra called the neural foramen, on each side of the spine, nerve roots exit the spinal cord. These nerves branch and branch to innervate the neck, shoulder, arms, and hands. Vertebra above diseased discs have a tendency to tilt because their support has been undermined by dessication of the disc.
Avatar f tn I have found that a lot of my pain and numbness in my arm, shoulder and rib cage were helped by a therapeutic massage therapist. I found a great one who had worked previously in chiropractic office too. So it's the best of both worlds. It can't hurt (well, actually it can! My last massage really got to the nub of the pain). So it's worth a try. It really helped me.
254714 tn?1316616955 this all started out of no where well my mri i not sure but they told me 2 bulge disk left side and a herniated disk rite side but all my pain is in my left side my shoulder my left arm my stiff neck narcotics get me really sick so only takin flexral,naproxen notin to strong for pain that sucks cus i cant sleep all nite any inside please thanks
Avatar n tn I share your frustration and worry. I have had a similar headache and pain on the right side of my body (mostly arm and hand) for over 2 years now. I have had neck x-rays and MRIs of my brain and neck. So far I have seen 4 doctors who have given 4 different diagnoses. Currently I am seeing a neurologist who suggested that I slowly reduce my acetaminophen intake and use ibuprophen instead. My best wishes; please post again if you get any answers and I will do the same.
Avatar m tn Hello there, I've been facing shoulder and neck pain on the right side of my body for a couple of months. I consulted a doctor and got the X-ray checked from him. He said that the spine in the neck has straightened a bit and that's the reason for the pain and this has also lead to tingling sensation on the right part of my brain. I also have Vitamin B12 deficiency and doctor has prescribed me capsules for it.
Avatar m tn Neck and shoulder pain are kind of related. I have herniated discs in my neck and I get shoulder pain that goes down my arms, but I don't get numbness (at least not yet). Also, you said you get grinding. All you can do is get at least an x-ray of that area. Maybe you can go to a walk-in clinic or something. It sounds serious to me. If it was just a strain, I think it would have gone away by now.
Avatar n tn Hi, About 4 months ago I woke up one morning and I had some pain in my neck on my right side. Like I slept on my neck wrong or something. Over the next few days the pain got progressively worse. A week or so went by and the pain went away. So, I thought I just slept on my neck wrong or something. Well, about 2 months ago, the same thing reacurred. This time after a few days went by, I was getting up from doing something, and something happened in my neck and shoulder area.
Avatar n tn I have had social/ general anxiety my whole life but for the last 6 months or so I have had headaches and severe migraines along with extreme neck and shoulder pain. My neck is so stiff and my shoulders ache almost constantly. A lot of days I lay on the couch and watch TV all day because I can't function. The pain makes me not want to do anything. I was wondering if these symptoms are being caused by my anxiety?
Avatar m tn That's the way my skin feels a day or two before my neck goes all wonky. The pain stays on the right side of my neck, mostly, and it stiffens enough that I cannot turn my head for a few days. Any experiences like this? I mentioned it to my doc several times, and he thinks it''s a repetitive stress injury, not much I can do about it, according to him.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing this horrible pain on my shoulder and neck. About a month ago I went to the ER because my arm (all of this is only affecting my right side) was feeling numb and in so much pain. They only gave me some painkillers and a shot (I don't remember what that was) and said it should relieve the pain and would probably make me sleepy, but it didn't, it did not relieve the pain. The next day I went to the doctor and she gave me some pills (orphenadrine and dicloflenac sodium).
Avatar f tn I get congested, cough up yellow yuk neck is sore, shoulders get very painful, can't lay down or sit for long time, this pain starts a cycle when it gets bad I then have to go to bed with horrible pain in all shoulder on one side up the neck, head and into my right ear drum which feels like it's going to burst, with dizzyness and vertigo, nausa, ringing in ears & loss of hearing, it then goes back over my head and into the other ear and neck, it will subside after a few days but never goes
1710955 tn?1309450073 I had an MRI done and it showed two bulging discs on my C5/ C6 area, a tear in my tendon, along with impingement on the nerve. The pain radiated down my left side of my neck, into the shoulder and down the left arm to my fingers. It was the most excruciating pain ever! I thought I was having a heart attack because it was all on my left side and the pain was absolutely unbearable. During the day, it was so bad, except for lifting my arm. i couldn't... Too much pain.
Avatar n tn Two yrs ago I started experiencing right side neck/shoulder/arm pain that radiates to my upper chest,into my armpit and under my scapula in the upper back.It is sporadic pain and varies in intensity.Most of the time when it flares up,which can be evey day for a month or only once a month,it is unbearable.It is a severe pinching,sqeezing,burning pain with a lot of pressure.It radiates down my arm into my hand.The worst part of it is the pain under my scapula and upper chest.
Avatar f tn I felt fine at the time, but later that evening, my left shoulder and neck got stiff. About 15min later I got a headache behind my eyes and the pain in my shoulder was shooting down my arm, making my fingers tingle. It was almost unbearable.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm a 29 yrs old female and for the past 5 days I've had neck and shoulder pain on the left side. At first I thought maybe it was just a stiff neck, but as the days go by, it seems like it is getting worse. Every day it seems as the soreness is spreading around the shoulder area. It has spread as far as underneath my arm, to the front side (next to my chest). My left arm seems to be getting weak and heavy and I get pulsating feelings around the shoulder and in my arm.
Avatar f tn The right side of my neck feels like a knife is slicing through a cord which runs from the jaw to the shoulder. It comes on rapidly and stays for hours. It disappears just as rapidly as it appears. If I pinch the area which is the most painful the pain is temporarily relieved. What is happening? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/201476'>Swollen and pulsating neck glands/tendons, bloated feeling in stomach...</a>.
Avatar m tn Now since the last 2 years pain started in right shoulder and arm (5 and 3 pain index) . I am exactly not sure when and how I got it. I am having this since 10 years. Right now I am 30 yrs. Left side is perfect without pain. But for right side I live with pain day in day out :( I visited a GP, and she suggested me to go for MRI So I took 2 MRI's at neck and shoulder, and doctor told me that nothing is wrong and suggested physical therapy. After 15 sessions, i still have same amount of pain.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! The pain in the shoulder and neck can originate either in the neck or in the shoulder. Neck pathology has been ruled out more or less. However injury or inflammation of facet joints of the neck too can cause pain in the shoulder neck area. Similarly injury or inflammation of the shoulder joint, its synovial membrane or rotator cough too can cause a similar pain. Do consult an orthopedic specialist. Hope this helps. .
Avatar n tn EXTREME NECK POPPING FOLLOWED BY NECK/SHOULDER PAIN: Woke up one morning in Oct and neck started making popping sounds (hundreds of times a day). I never crack my neck so it was unusual. Within a week, sharp pains started in my neck & shoulder (always on the right hand side). For the last 3 months, I have had these pops (300 times a day) and sharp quick pains (50-100 times/day). Chiropractic services was no help in Oct/Nov. Physical therapy excerises during all Dec did not help.
Avatar m tn I have been having neck and shoulder pain mostly on the left side but it sometimes radiates to below my arms and even to the center of my back. At times I also felt the pain on the right hand side. I took the below xrays and the respective reports: