Neck and shoulder pain in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn I blame the boobs, the bigger they get the more they weigh on your neck and shoulders area, especially where you're at in your pregnancy with your milk coming in and all. Try getting a good, supportive wide strap bra if you think that might be the cause.
1401925 tn?1280871264 I am experiencing shoulder/ neck pain ( right side) after implantation- 4/5 days ago. Ovaries are still sore. It feels like I've painted a house Sore shoulders. No sharp pain just really sore and only tight side. Advice?
Avatar m tn I have extreme pain starting in my neck,shoulder back , and chest. (right side) When I say extreme I mean extreme! this all started 4 years ago when I sprained my shoulder. This hasn't gotten better its gotten extremely worst i can barely pick up my son.
178590 tn?1294180367 Headache. Vision problems. Pain in the upper right abdomen (liver). Shoulder, neck, and other upper body pain (this pain also originates in the liver). Fatigue. Nausea and vomiting. Seizure. HELLP syndrome can be life-threatening for both the mother and her fetus. (Most fetal deaths that follow HELLP syndrome are actually caused by complications of premature birth before 28 weeks of pregnancy.3) A woman with symptoms of HELLP syndrome requires emergency medical treatment.
Avatar f tn I wanted to post something on the topic as I am a Chronic Pain patient who has become pregnant. I'm currently in my 23rd week of the pregnancy and am having trouble finding a Pain Management Provider who will see a pregnant woman, or a high-risk OB who will treat Chronic Pain. I have been told that Maternal-Fetal Medicine Speicalists will provide pain relief for pregnant chronic pain patients, however I been told that mine will not.
1960024 tn?1355018182 In the last 4 days I have developed a stabbing pain in my upper right side (chest) and seems to radiate causing pain in my shoulder. It is worse when I breath in deeply, laying down and if I accidentally lay on the right side it seems to be much worse. Can anyone help? Trying to avoid another costly dr visit if possible. I'll have insurance next month...!
460088 tn?1289284586 like i got in a car accident december 21 and it messed up my back and my neck and if i dont crack the like every hour they get stuck in place and joshua has to do it for me i i hate it couse it hurts!!!!!
Avatar f tn I have been having some bad pain in the right side of my neck. I have always had some neck problems but it hasn't been this bad in awhile. On top of it all my right shoulder is hurting and so is my right arm. My arm muscle is so sore and feels so heavy and tight and I haven't done a whole lot. I have taken Tylenol and tried biofreeze but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm 9 weeks right now.
446156 tn?1275863176 I'd lay down and get a heating pad for your neck and shoulder to help loosen up those muscles. Every now and then stretch your neck a little bit but do not over-extend it. Just stretch it as far as it will go in all directions.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I am only 8 weeks,but I already am showing a bit and already don't feel food sleeping on my stomach so I sleep on my sides,for three daya now my right shoulder is killing me so bad that even when I'm asleep and want to turn to the other side,I wake up from pain...what should I do?
Avatar n tn I'd follow up on the liver enzyme situation. How much do you weigh? Are you eating well? Taking vitamins? Resting whenever you can? Do you have a fever? Is your belly OK from the C section? With a new baby it's so hard to take care of yourself but it's a must after a Csection. Sounds like you are have been through a lot and are run down. With a new baby we tend to be putting everyone else first and out health can suffer. Forget everything you can and take it easy and rest and baby yourself.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from severe neck pain for 2 days. Goes down shoulder and right arm. Now it is causing chest pain and discomfort. Can anyone help? Should I be concerned and go to ER for pain?? Also i am 20 weeks pregnant so i can not take anything for pain an I'm in a lot of pain. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I took botox injections in the neck and shoulder plus muscle relaxants and some narcotic pain medication as needed before getting pregnant -- and imitrex for the headaches. My OB has given me lortab to take and she feels comfortable with it on a an as needed basis. I am looking for some more comfort that this ok -- I took it with my first baby as well -- but still. She also gave me the option of tramadol.
1571146 tn?1399913292 Probably you could write any symptom with bfp in google and it will show you at least one person who had it, but there were MANY who got stiff neck right around the same time as I am. Either way, I thought I should write it down since I didn't last time. Man I am not talking about a little bit of pain-- I am really suffering! Last time It was so bad by 7dpo I was in tears... I'm nearly there now. I need to try something for relief.
333021 tn?1207763233 Today I've had pains in both thighs and right now I'm having sharp pains in back and shoulder., , with a stiff neck . Stiff left forearm , achy . I know no one can tell me what I can take for it but.. ... I have some flexeril , does it really work?? I took an Aleve but its not working . I feel like a whiner ( I mean winner) :)) Any suggestions Has any one heard of magnesium for cramping .??
5875748 tn?1431566603 Turns out my daughter had a lot of risk factors for it (over 8lbs, was transverse during labour and needed to be turned, cord wrapped around her neck) and I had a long second stage of labour (at the hospital for 13 hours my water broke 2 hours before I got there), I had an epidural,AND they had to put me on pitocin because labour was going slowly and my contractions were intense and irregular. So I'm hoping if he's not transverse that it will fix a lot of the other problems as well.
Avatar f tn then around the 3rd trimester it came back much stronger and including pain at the neck,back and and i have this pain all over my left side from head to toe(head,behind ear,neck,shoulder,arm,joints,knees,chest,abdomen,back) i had an ultra sound but the doctor told me i have normal breast tissue and no lumps even under the arm..could this be an advanced breast cancer? iam so concerned that it could be spreaded to lymph nodes,brain and bone..
Avatar n tn I also have been experiencing this fizzing sensation in my neck and head, and it mostly concides with hunger and happens after my stomach growls. I have also had a twitching in my left eyelid. My wife has also had this for many years. I am amazed at how many people have posted comments with the identical symptoms - I thought I was losing my mind. I wonder if a visit to a chiropracter would help. Has anyone had any back pain/discomfort when this happens?
Avatar n tn precipitation of head pain by neck movement or awkward neck positions, head pain when external pressure is applied to the neck or occipital region, restricted range of motion of the neck, and neck, shoulder and arm pain. Treatment for cervicogenic headache includes physical therapy, medications, behavioral therapy, and other modalities. Occipital neuralgia is caused by irritation or injury to two nerves that run from the upper neck to the back of the head.
Avatar f tn I have an unstable shoulder girdle with associated neck injuries and my symptoms worsen considerably after ovulation, too. The instability of my shoulder girdle increases which in turn increases my pain levels so I usually need to almost double my pain medication in order to function 'normally' during this time.
Avatar n tn I have the same symtoms, lump in my throat, tightness in my chest, sharp pain and neck pain. It's been more than a month and I already did the Barium swallow and I was advised that it is GERD, I am taking Nexium but I still feel the symptoms and I am so worried...
1471682 tn?1286816110 I have a laundry list if issues and they have slapped a fibro diagnosis in me, but if I could take away the shoulder and neck pain I could deal with the rest!!
Avatar f tn I had a severe pain in my upper arm shoulder neck shoulder blade. If I moved my arm the wrong way I would get pain where you are having the knot. It turned out that I had frozen shoulder or they call it adhesive capsulitis. I went to a shoulder specialist who helped me with physical therapy. Have you been doing any physical activity that may have pulled a muscle or tendon? Working with your arms? Playing tennis? ...etc? Can you go to your doctor?
211940 tn?1267884866 My ortho said the xrays showed arthritis in my elbow and some in the shoulder. I have had two shots of corizone and the pain on the inside of the upper arm has now increased almost as badly as the outter upper arm. Please, someone out there must have an answer, there are too many of us.
Avatar f tn Neck and shoulder pain is fairly common during pregnancy. However, it should never be ignored. Early in pregnancy, it can signal a complication such as an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that develops outside the uterus). This is considered a medical emergency and needs to be treated immediately. If you are in the early stages of your pregnancy, I would recommend speaking to your doctor right away.
Avatar f tn What muscle could be pulled that would cause pain in both above the chest and my armpit/shoulder? Or what ligament could/would be torn? My doctors don't know what to do with me anymore. I've tried Ibruprophen AND aspirin as well as Naproxen, but I'm not sure if they work seeing as how the pain comes and goes so quickly anyway. And, do pulled muscles last for more than 7 months? It's not a pain I have every day, and I seem to excecise okay, too.
Avatar f tn *Chest pressure (starts below sternum and goes up and across shoulders) *Lower jaw pain/left sided jaw pain at the joint *Left arm pain (mostly in upper arm area but sometimes can be felt all the way to the fingers) *Left arm swelling with distended veins *Dizziness *Headaches *Left side facial numbness *Abdominal tenderness when pressed in both LUQ/RUQ *Leg fatigue/pain *Pins and needles sensation in fingertips *Cold sensation in fingers *Joint pain in wrists, fingers, toes, and kne