Neck and shoulder pain due to stress

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Avatar f tn i think anything is possible but i had something like that for months hurt like hell same with the upper left shoulder blade and neck area hurt to turn my head I thought i slept wrong and that pinched it. If i messed with trying to turn it crack my neck it made it completely worse i left it alone tried to ignore it and finally after a few months it went away i used a different pillow and tried to watch how i slept.
Avatar f tn I also took a rapid test at an urban center at 7 months that came back negative. The test was done by a volunteer and shortly after it closed down due to lack of funds which makes me question the reliability of the test. I tried my best to believe the test but ongoing symptoms are bothersome.  Over the past couple of years i have lost weight and I have chronic soreness in my shoulders, upper back, and neck. I am concerned that the soreness is from lymph nodes.
Avatar m tn Feeling dizzy on standing up could be due to fall in blood pressure (called postural hypotension), ear problems, cervical spondylitis and inflamed muscles in the neck (sternocleidomastoid). The latter two can also cause pain in the area between your neck and shoulder. Severe acidity with gastric reflux too can cause dizziness. Please discuss with your doctor. You will need some tests for a confirmed diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar n tn The pain will travel up to the neck and around to the rib. Stress bothers it, sitting at the computer for a long period, and at night when I lay on the side. The only thing feels good on it is a massage but that is only temporary fix. I have only had xrays done and they have showed that on that side I have a bone growth on my neck, and hip and a lot of scar tissue in the scapula.
Avatar n tn My neck area longer than that. I was always told my neck was due to stress or something or another. Now I thing the shoulder and neck are maybe all in one. The doctor I saw today did a xray and said there is some arthritis in the shoulder but not alot and she believes it is my rotator cuff. I kind of suspected thats what it was. I can only lift my arm partially straight out and I dropped a coffee mug yesterday because it hurt to hold it. Putting my coat on normally is a no go, it hurts to bad.
Avatar f tn Hard to sleep due to discomfort. My last imaging was just a year ago, since then my neck has started cracking nearly every time I move my head. Also have chronically low Vitamin D (with normal calcium levels around 9.7) - everyone seems to have low Vitamin D. I guess my question is why, at a relatively young age, would I have developed so many diseases of aging? Especially since these problems started and were originally diagnosed when I was 39? I was prescribed muscle relaxants and Celebrex.
Avatar m tn This is more common in the later stages of life due to wear and tear of the neck muscles and bones, but I also believe it can be triggered by stress, as every so often I also suffer with this, like you said 'deblitating' condition. Mine will just happen when I've woke up, so I cant relate to your 'glue like feeling', but I think it would deffinetely be worth a try seeing a chiropractor, and maybe have a good look into finding a decent one as this is what they specialise in.
1691343 tn?1306010449 u r in the early stages of recovery and need to relax...use heat wraps on ur neck and shoulder area and do the exercises for post op patients...... U will have some symptoms crop up as u heal and that is typical of the healing process.....and u do have to do things in moderation to avoid feeling poorly.
Avatar n tn I ignored it due to stress. My neck is feeling extremely tight the last 4 days. 2 days ago it was so painful i could not move it to either side. There was a knot in my neck that somebody rubbed on for me and made it feel better. Lots of muscle rub, cold ice packs, motrin, and sleeping with no pillows. The pain is still there. I started having an ear ache last night and when i swabbed my ear got back dried blood. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn ) and there should be a differential diagnosis that starts with the most serious and that is the heart and lungs. That appears to have been done with a stress echo and blood tests to determine the oxygen level in the blood...if low oxygen level that can cause hypoxia of the heart tissues and lead to symptoms you experience...hemoglobin low!. The thyroid has been ruled out but low! Stress echo is good for a dx of a heart condtion.
Avatar f tn I t could be due to a nerve and or disk problem in your neck. An orthopeadic doctor could schedule an MRI to check.
Avatar f tn If I take my left hand and cross it over to my right shoulder, placing my fingers just over the back side of shoulder, my middle finger is exactly where my headache pain seems to stem from and it runs up the rest of the shoulder to low neck. Yet my MD calls my headache a MIGRAIN. I've never heard of anyone else with migrains get this pain. What do you think? MRI shows only mild protrusion of c-5,6 with no nerve damage.
Avatar f tn I keep getting knots in my neck and shoulders and both my neck and shoulders ache on an off, any reason as to why this keep s happening?
Avatar n tn A number of possibilities occur, generally involving problems with the neck and its bone structure, musculature, and nerves. For example, nerve compression in the neck due to neck trauma, cervical disk problems, or nerve root problems could cause the pain and numbness you're describing. But without a proper workup it's impossible to say. I suggest you have this looked at by your doctor, and/or a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Sure, I got neck pain and arm pain then Neurologist said it was all in my head. the next day my arm pain went away. Neck has pain but so much better now.
Avatar n tn I have had social/ general anxiety my whole life but for the last 6 months or so I have had headaches and severe migraines along with extreme neck and shoulder pain. My neck is so stiff and my shoulders ache almost constantly. A lot of days I lay on the couch and watch TV all day because I can't function. The pain makes me not want to do anything. I was wondering if these symptoms are being caused by my anxiety?
Avatar m tn I am experiencing trouble swallowing, severe neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and pain between shoulder blades. Due to see my Surgeon at RNOH Stanmore, Middlesex, England on 7th May 2010. Have had injections done through side of my neck but if anything pain level has risen! What should I ask him for in the way of treatment. I have also had extensive physiotherapy which also worsened pain.
Avatar m tn We went back to the neurologist and he is still sure it is Parkinson. He says because my husband doesn't swing his arm and he has cogwheel rigidity in his wrist it has to be Parkinson. He did not want to do anything about th C5 C6 mild compression but my husband's neck and shoulder pain are getting worse. We go to a Movement Specialist this month for a second opinion.
Avatar f tn I was in a car crash last april and have a right shoulder injury and neck pain. I had 12 weeks of physio after and had my last session in dec. I have been ok since unitl two weeks ago.I have the pain back again. I was studying for my mock exams and doing a lots of writting could this have made it worse? please help! I am worried because i am doing my real exams in may. I am in alot of pain and scared to go to doctor because he might tell me I cann't do my exam.
212161 tn?1599427282 Yes true, and I have had it checked out, I guess I forgot to say I have rods running down my spine and does anyone with , back pain and shoulder pain, also have chest pains from back pains, I am having a stress test Thursday just to be on safe side,
Avatar m tn You may certainly have wrist tendonitis, but why the neck and shoulder pain. The pain and numbness you are having could be from your neck and an EMG would assist with that answer. It is a nerve conduction study. You also need an xray and MRI of your neck to rule out that as a cause for your numbness. I would see a neurologist.
Avatar f tn I had ACDF with plating c5-6, 6-7 done 7-25-08, I want to know if it is normal to have pain in in my lower neck, shoulder and between my shoulder blades ~{ like the pain is in the T-1-2 area now }. If I tense up at all it hurts. Today 8-28-08, my right hand has started to tingle and go to sleep if I have my hand over my head. I am just woundering if this is normal post op type things or should I contact my surgeon?? Thank you for your time.
535758 tn?1213715961 When I went to neuro for post op he sent me to a doctor to look at my shoulder. I did not have shoulder pain before the neck surgery however, now I have pain in both shoulders. Eight weeks ago I had slap and rotator cuff surgery because I was told my shoulder was torn. I am not getting any better! It was my left shoulder they operated on however, now both are hurting without any relief.
Avatar m tn What causes severe pain to radiate from neck down to shoulder and arm and prevent a person from raising his or her arm above their shoulder, except if they are lying down with back against the mattress?
Avatar n tn Went to phisio, which helped with the initial horrible pain, but now I still have shoulder and upper shoulder blade pain, and also neck pain, occasionally along with it.There are times when the pain is still felt in my chest as well, although numerous trips to the hospital has assured me that mu heart is fine.(still a very scary feeling!)I also occasionally have a numbness in my left arm. Please help with suggestions!!! I've had an MRI done on my neck, and that was fine too.