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135456 tn?1301437624 there are some natural supplements that can boost testosterone. here are some links to life extension website. they are a very reputable company.
Avatar n tn Are there any vitamins or foods that enhance egg production? If so what can I do to increase the chance of getting pregnant?
Avatar m tn They’re also high in magnesium, a natural erection enhancer; low levels of the mineral have been shown to contribute to ED. Boost your levels even further with these magnesium-rich foods. Walnuts, Pistachios, peanuts all contain the amino acid L-arginine, which is one of the building blocks of nitric oxide—a naturally occurring gas that helps guys maintain their erections. Plus, nuts also help reduce cholesterol levels.
Avatar n tn t think it will affect you. I take a multi with Iodine and my doc also has me on iodine drops to boost my thyroid. I also have Hashi's and am taking Armour. My last lab results since starting to take iodine were better. It did boost my numbers. You should be fine.
992128 tn?1364371742 I have just been diagnosed and I am trying to conceive. My doctor is recommending Metformin. Im interested in taking a natural approch to help me out. Any info would be great.
Avatar m tn You may even feel a catch in your throat sometimes, like you have to clear it. There are some natural treatments to help boost testosterone and hormone treatments from a medical doctor. Most try the natural ones first. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Hi V, Look try some DHEA, this will boost your testosterone, lift your libido and kick up your energy levels, But please read up about it first, as it can have the odd funny side effects with the odd person, DHEA is a hormone, we have it in our bodys and as we get older slows down, so it just boosts it back up again, you could back it up with some Tribulus a herb, runs along the same lines, but needs 8 weeks to get to full power.
Avatar m tn it is not the vitamins dose we need to take but the serum levels we need to achieve.the dose must be personalized according to deficency, this is to achieve the best of possible results some vitamins like liposoluble can be taken without checking levels like for example vit b complex, vit c, glutathione and vit E
Avatar n tn I'm sorry this is happening. You can have a reaction to anything. There's probably something in the formulation of the liquid that is giving you a reaction. There are other forms of testosterone you can take. There's a patch you can wear on your arm, or a mouth patch, and a gel you apply directly to your skin, usually on the arm. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Here's more info on them - https://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn If you want to stay on top of your game use a natural male enhancement supplement, your regular multivitamins may not be enough to give you an edge.Male enhancement supplements not only help enhance erections and create penis enlargement, they also help boost libido and sex drive, increase testosterone levels and sperm count, and improve overall health.
Avatar m tn Deadlift This exercise needs to be in your workout routine if you’re trying to gain lean mass. Not only do deadlifts help build size but also functional strength. If you’re an athlete looking to boost your vertical and power, add some deadlifts into your routine. Form: Keep the bar close to your body. The bar should be travelling in a straight line vertically. Focus on lifting with your legs, get low and don’t let your knees, chest, or face lean forward beyond your toes.
Avatar f tn multivitamins are useless because chmicals, you need to check what vitamins are you missing from blood tests and take them only if you are missing some, if you take without checking levels you jts make damage and if you takes chemical vitamins you probably make damage you might need these but only from organic sources (diet or expensive vitamins from natural extract pills) and only after you see you have defincency: selenium, blood levels which boost immune system 130-150, all other levels al
Avatar m tn I have been taking supplements that boost testosterone levels, like Tribulus. What herbs are you using to boost your levels? How much and how often?
Avatar f tn I will update once i have an actual print out of levels, but i was curious about natural ways to treat hormone imbalances. My testosterone is extremely high, estrogen extremely low, and progestrone is low as well. I may be jumping the gun here without actual numbers, but I'd just like to get started on taking some kind of herbs/vitamins/supplements as soon as possible. Not sure if this is useful in anyway, but possibly worth noting--my Vitamin D, B12, and Iron are all extremely low.
Avatar f tn So after 5 years of trying to get pregnant they finally found out that I have high testosterone for a woman my age (24) which is causing me to not make it through the first 2-3 months of pregnancy. I was told to go to a grocery store by my doctors to get a vitamin to get this testosterone under control. What products work?
Avatar m tn I'm 24 and used to be an outgoing, energetic and happy person. My wife now says to me, "You aren't the same person I married!". I'm depressed, I'm fatigued, I have next to no libido at all (Which is what is hurting our marriage), weight gain, worsening gynocomastia, extreme irritability and I desperately want to feel better. I haven't felt normal for almost 2 years and my irritability is sooo difficult to control.
Avatar f tn As far as the Xzing is concerned I would have to use it to see for myself. It has in each capsule a lot of natural stimulants and energy boosters but the amount in each pill even in a pony tablet has to be negligible. Be advised in most supplements that use raw herbal ingredients that the active ingredients in the herbs can vary wildly bottle to bottle or even pill to pill. So taking more pills than recommended on the bottle to get an effective amount of those herbs can be dangerous.
Avatar f tn // You are already working out (hopefully weight lifting) which is on the list. Unfortunately it looks like some things are working against your testosterone since it also says to reduce stress (which releases cortisol) and get good sleep. (have you ever tried melatonin? That can be a natural sleep aid that doesn't leave you groggy next day).
Avatar f tn I'm just curious my husband has been working out and taking vitamins and supplements to help him building up muscle, if I were to become pregnant would that affect the fetus..
Avatar m tn Having trouble getting my testosterone to normal levels. Have tried a lot of herbal type supplements - take a good mix of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, CoQ10, aminos, NAC, Lipoic Acid, Betaine ) Here is my most recent endocrine results - very not pretty (reference ranges in brackets) AM Cortisol 474 nmol/L (200 - 690) Estradiol 20 pmol/L (0 - 160 ) Note I recently starting take a fairly large amount of DIM and eating 3 cups cabbage a day - Estradiol used to be around 110 just two months ago.
Avatar f tn The antibodies a mother cow gives to her calf are designed to fend off bacteria that are dangerous to cows; these may be very different from those that pose risks to humans. Nonetheless, colostrum also contains substances that might offer general benefits, such as growth factors (which stimulate the growth and development of cells in the digestive tract and perhaps elsewhere) and transfer factor (which may have general immune-activating properties).
Avatar f tn Does anybody have any suggestions on vitamins that I could get for DH? I'm going to wait a few more months before I make an appointment with an RE, but I feel there is something that we can be doing now to help increase our fertility. I'm currently taking pre-natals, but don't know if I should also be supplementing? Has anybody tried the FertilAid, with any success?
1095246 tn?1265602809 What can I use, I would prefer natural supplements to help boost his performance?? My husband and I have a great sex life but some times he looses his erection...
Avatar m tn Ok, a bit youg but give DHEA a try, but please read up about it before you go on it as it can have some funny side effects with some people, this will boost you up all round your sexual levals, start low 25mg day and work it up to what you think is best for you, you can also back this up with Tribulus again it covers most of the same things, but DHEA is a hormon booster, they are both over the counter things to buy or you can get them from PP or amazon.
Avatar n tn In the past 3 months Ive lost 65 pounds on my doctors recommendation to go on a liquid diet of Boost Glucose Bkfst/lunch/dinner and bedtime. then recently a salad at lunch meal only plus still taking the Boost. Because of the weight loss my diabetic oral meds were discontinued and my bp meds were lowered so the fat loss did improve my health. Im also schizophrenic and taking a low dose of quetiapine (seroquel) 300 MG AT 9pm daily.
Avatar f tn m planning on doing it this pregnancy as last time my 2 wk old got sick and I would have loved to have colostrum to boost her immunity. The colustrum will disappear around day 3 after bub is born when your normal milk supply comes in.
623156 tn?1322865851 It seems to me to be the more wholistic approach to ttc. Best wishes to those of you TTC. Lots of baby dust to you!
3003156 tn?1340054765 Sounds like your system could do with a boost, and these should help boost your erections, there simple and not drugs, Tribulus will help your libido, help your testosterone and boost your energy, and take around 8 weeks to get up to full power, then there is Cayenne, Garlic and Ginger, these 3 will help your blood flow down below, Cayenne I take in tomato paste with olive oil to thin it down and take 3 small spoonfuls 3 times a day, Garlic chop the cloves from a whole head and put in olive oil