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Avatar f tn Hello, Looking for a good skin whitening tablets or capsules that is also a multivitamin and helps in anti aging.
Avatar n tn I have white asymetrical spots on my face taht makes me look like a dalmation because my natural skin is medium dark. I went to a dermatologist..and he said taht my skin tone will go back to its normality after a year..but it didn't. HE also said taht the descolaration in some areas were due to humidity&dryness which I don't get it..but I don't know..what to do anymore I don't want to put makeup every day.!!! I desperatly need recomendation or HElp pliz?? thnx.
Avatar n tn We stopped using whitening toothpastes and the very next day the lip skin problem stopped and did not return. It's something in the whitening toothpaste. Try it. You'll see.
Avatar n tn com/Ivory-Caps-Glutathione-Whitening-SHIPPING/dp/B002VZWF8W/ref=pd_sim_hpc_5 - 1500 mg of glutathine - 60 Capsules (2 Month Supply) $29.99 Also Skin whitening melanin inhebiting proven ingredients will help. For lightening any type of skin this is what you gotta do: Use Hydroquinone 4% for not more than 3-4 Months Max. $49
Avatar n tn • You must quit smoking, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, use branded lipsticks, restrict the consumption of caffeinated beverages and stop licking your lips. • Almond is a wonderful skin whitening agent. Therefore, it can be utilized for treating dark lips. You can massage your lips with almond oil every day until you completely regain your natural lip color. • Dark lips can also be lightened by applying a mixture of ripe banana, honey and sour cream.
Avatar m tn Ok,a friend told me that if i use a natural skin whitening cream(not chemical)it will brighten up and eventualy remove the spots in long term use. Is that true?I heard these some of those are dangerous,He advised i use ACHROMIN,so how good is it?
Avatar n tn Granted, I'm no expert and I'm sure that some products may have special ingredients, but I've been around the block with this kind of stuff and found that it doesn't matter how much money you spend. I am the victim of not just any acne, but cystic acne. Right now I'm just using aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser (and will substitute for any bar soap if I don't have any) and my face is clear.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are the usual menopausal type symptoms moodiness, dry skin, hot flashes, 10lb weight gain, dry skin, outer eyebrows have changed to very thin, tiredness. I went to a new doctor who gave me very extensive blood work. My PCP always said thyroid normal and for menopause I take Estradial 0.05 patch weekly. I recently started to take vit D 5,000 and sublingual B12 tablets. Besides the natureThroid he started me on Testosterone gel and natural progesterone 100mg.
Avatar n tn Instead of mineral oil, which draws all the good stuff out of your skin, I am using jojoba oil which is far more therapeutic and natural to human skin. Almond oil and flax seed oil will also do. Also make sure you use a lavender essential oil which can be used on the skin. Not all can. I use the Aura Cacia brand name. Ask the help at the health food store where you will easily find all the ingredients what they recommend.
186606 tn?1263513790 Avoid fragrances, natural or chemical. Products with gentle natural, non-drying ingredients have worked best for me. Dragon Tea available from helped me a lot with easing the itchies. And hurrah for gold bond when nothing else works.
Avatar m tn Check this out too
Avatar n tn This is a flower that essential oils are extracted from that is known for being soothing to the skin. I looked at the list of ingredients on this formula, and I didn't see any mention of mint of any kind. What I saw in the list of ingredients is fennel. If fennel is okay for you, then this formula might work for you. Tom's of Maine has a fennel toothpaste, too, but most of their formulas still have SLS in them.
Avatar n tn They also peel, look dry and cracked, and since this started, make me look much older I have gotten a salve from my dermotologist, which helps somewhat. (She said I am allergic to most toothpaste and I now use Toms which is a natural toothpaste - it has helped to some degree) I am constantly applying lip balm or chap stick, but nothing seems to help the problem entirely. My eyelids itch, are red and also get dry and flakey.
Avatar n tn hi you had a post regarding excessive skin wrinkling on palms when the skin is wet for only a matter of seconds. i have this condition and have been to see specialists but no one can fathom out what the reason for this is.
Avatar n tn I notice that when running, sweat is sometimes highly irritant and causes my skin to really burn. I would say my skin has a tendency to dryness, with very mild eczema. I think this is behind the root cause of my eyelid problem (rather than any blocking of oil secretion ducts around the eyelids as with blepharitis. I read the following web page which had some useful information about dry skin, particularly the issue about a lack of specific nutrients.
Avatar n tn it also sticks out about couple mm from my skin. There are black dots on top of it and it looks all bubbled up inside my skin. sometimes it feels like its beating like a heart. and i can see it slightly move. i dotn want to pop it, but it looks like its ready to burst itself. if anyone knows what to do plz write back, thxs again.
Avatar n tn Now about three days ago I noticed my tongue is dry and bright orange, like a pumpkin, I think my tongue is detoxing things, it started when I started taking wellness formula and oregano oil. I have stopped the oregano oil since it must be killing off the natural flora. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn I thought that by keeping my legs moisturised every day after showering it would help (and it is better than it used to be) but for instance today, directly after shaving (with a body lotion) it has started up again. I only use natural products with few ingredients but the lotion has essential oils as fragrance. The interesting thing is that I have had this happen at different stages of hair growth.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar n tn I've read online that it may be allergy caused possibly by certain toothpastes with whitening ingredients. I've changed my toothpaste but it doesn't seem to be the problem... What strikes me as strange is I don't use carmex like most of you, all I've ever really used is vaseline yet they keep coming back! Can anyone please help me out ?? The little bumps usually make my lips appear much more red than they normally are...
Avatar f tn I suspect you are dealing with something autoimmune. It does seem odd. There are autoimmune issues related to follicles. The first poster commented on having perioral dermatitis & rosacea both of which are follicle disorders & probably autoimmune. A couple of posters commented on having used epoxy spray paint or having paint / stain exposures. I think the harmful component in those is the same as the harmful component in carpet cleaning. So avoid BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol.
Avatar n tn These are all high in natural food chemicals such as salicylates, amines and glutumates. Improved after 6 weeks on elimination diet. BUT recently have been getting burning tongue symptoms and mouth. Think its my lipstick. When I first tried it, my mouth tingled but I kept using it (vanity) and my mouth symptoms seem worse. A lot of lipsticks contain salicylates, natural or artificial etc. Also, toothpaste is very high in salicylates (anything mint flavoured is). I use baking soda.
Avatar n tn I feel really depressed, have bad indigestion, itchy skin...and such bad craving. I'm finding it almost impossible to concentrate on anything and have been falling behind with my work. Reading these posts has helped though, and it's good to know I'm not alone.
Avatar m tn • Other irritants can inflame the nasal passages, such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and perfumes made from synthetic ingredients. Once again, see your doctor, or avoid the irritants. • Asthma is an immune disease, and asthma sufferers are highly susceptible to sinusitis. About 3 out of 4 people with asthma also have chronic sinusitis. There is evidence that some asthma and the chronic sinusitis associated with it is caused by Chlamydia or mycoplasma bacteria.
534800 tn?1217170959 My family has quite fair skin. Does anyone have this that has darker/olive skin? I hate getting this ugly rash very much and know when I get it I will not be showing my legs for a few days. It is very inconvenient and annoying. I was just on the East Coast (90 degrees w/humidity) and went to several tourist attractions and did not have any rash.
Avatar n tn As for other procedures, I have some sunspots on my face that oxygen isn't burning off so I'm sorta considering the various options for face skin. I look forward to hearing people's stories. BTW, does anyone know a 'non-responder' where it didn't work??
Avatar f tn Placing permanent metal dental implants in allergic patients can provoke type IV or I reactions. Several symptoms have been described, from skin rashes and implant failure, to non-specific immune suppression. Objective: Our objective was to evaluate the presence of titanium allergy by the anamnesis and examination of patients, together with the selective use of cutaneous and epicutaneous testing, in patients treated with or intending to receive dental implants of such material.
Avatar m tn Hi Tiredsight, I hate to hear that you are having these types of problems. You stated: "An idea - start finding out if you have a family history of funny things that people have just shrugged off - visual problems, fits etc." My opinion which I consider fact is that you have labeled a symptom as the cause. I feel that many people these days are labeling symptoms as causes and afterall people can name a disease after either.
Avatar n tn Unless you have a structural heart problem, pvcs are of no concern, and they are not indicative of a larger problem unless you are having tens of thousands of pvc's per day, and even then, it doesnt nessecarily indicate a problem... Also, frequently people confuse pvc's with the natural way your heart speeds up and slows down while taking a breath.. Its pretty much impossible to know if you're having pvc's, and how many, unless you're hooked up to a monitor.
Avatar n tn he has patients with these symptoms and told me he could fit me with a custom night guard that costs $650.00 so tonight Ill sleep with my teeth whitening plastic guard ( 5 bucks!) that is similar and see if it prevents the grinding. Research TMJ or nightly jaw clinching associated with back spasms. Since no doctors are associating this with back spasms it just may be whats causing them. Hey, its worth looking into, I cant find a solution. I just spend $1500.