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Avatar f tn 6 days = 6teaspoons sugar 3 teaspoons honey 6drops honey* Rinse face with warm water first, apply as much as needed, leave on for a few mins( I like to hop in the shower with it on), rinse off with towel and warm water. Follow up with your favorite lotion/moisturizer (I usePalmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion) For dryer skin, twice a day normal skin once a day.
Avatar f tn RegeneLift has become regarded as the best natural skin care products which assist to lessen various telltale signs of aging, like wrinkles, facial lines, under eye circles, saggy skin, crows%u2019 feet, and puffiness. This can be the best alliterative for Botox, which offers you the greatest anti-aging results. It decreases the aging process while making the skin younger plus much more beautiful than in the past.
Avatar n tn my daughter has dark tan skin and for the last couple years she has been getting spots that are lighter than her natural skin color i had net someone who had the same issue and she had some kind of cream that helped her skin become normal again . . .
Avatar f tn He said that if we have to have him come back a third time, he would bring his supervisor to try to determine the problem and suggested that the problem might be skin mites. We have cleaned our house with bleach and wash our clothes with Borax and vacuum on a regular basis but this problem still persists. My husband said that he feels something jumping on him every once in a while, but nothing like what I have been experiencing, and my daughter says that she feels nothing.
Avatar m tn I posted this info before, but it was a reply to someone else's similar post... I am a 23 year old healthy male. I recently had a full physical and the results were that I am in above average health. I have no diseases, do not use drugs, but drink on occasion. Anyways, just started noticing these strange symptoms, within the past few weeks. Nothing "brought it on" so to speak that I can tell of.
Avatar n tn ) ask your doctor for creams and bath addictives that are natural moisterisers and are kind to the skin. for example diprobase cream which is good for raw red skin, light liquid parafin which is good for irritant and dry skin. also ask for oilatum bath addictive which can be used for the face and body which locks in moisture. 9.) most important, dont touch the skin or itch it, try and aviod changing temperature or humidity rapidly. 10.
Avatar n tn I can't use them myself, because oatmeal is questionable for people with gluten issues, but oatmeal baths and lotions are supposed to help with dry sensitive skin that comes from bathing and showering. A recipe I found on that is a moisturizer for the skin is somewhat helpful. Mix equal parts of vegetable glycerin (available at health food stores) and aloe vera gel. You can also add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or jojoba oil. I itch less if my skin isn't so dry.
Avatar n tn I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar m tn Three days ago I started feeling like whatever this was is now in my skin (I'm certain of it), It's under the skin on my face, my scalp, my back, my toes, and my feet. I can feel it crawling in and out of my anus at times also. Went to the dermatoligist today and of couse he says it's my imagination, some people get it. He's subscribed me some DEXEPIN for depression. :( Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up.
5931867 tn?1397530193 The sugar scrubs your skin and the lemon juice is a natural astringent that helps with evening your skin tone. Then add to it just a few drops of olive oil.. your skin needs this to rehydrate after the lemon juice.. but make sure its olive oil not veg oil! Lol i scrub my whole body with it.. stretch marked areas as well! Its not killed ALL of my acne but the difference is drastic! Try this out but only do it every other day.. too much will scrub your skin too much!
475300 tn?1312426726 then follow the wash with witch hazel and a light moisturizer. (you can mix some of the witch hazel in the moisturizer also)... Look on ebay for handmade soap, I have seen some really great deals there...look for a goats milk oatmeal and honey blend...let me know how it works...k Gator.
Avatar n tn I now use the Artistry Essentials set that I get from a website my friend gave me (It has a cleanser, toner and moisturizer). The stuff amazing!! It doesn't strip your skin of all the natural oils that we're supposed to have (like just about every other product I've found and tried) Nor does it feel like it super over scrubs my face. (someone once said something to me about over-scrubbing can make things worse than they actually are... too bad I didn't listen way back then!
3060903 tn?1398568723 next to your bed with a book, some moisturizer, your knitting or something else you like to do in bed, says Cilley. Then keep your clock, a lamp and a box of tissues on your nightstand. That's it. Conquer Laundry Stave Off Static: Since fabric softener and dryer sheets can strip towels of their absorbency, add ΒΌ cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle or throw two (new, clean) tennis balls in your dryer to get rid of static electricity, soften fabrics and eliminate the need for dryer sheets.
Avatar f tn Wash face with Selenium Sulfide (Selsun Blue $7) only once a day. Apply light skin-sensitive moisturizer to sensitive skin. Don't scratch. Change bath and facial towels often. Use clean razors. Sleep on clean bedding. Keep your face clean and dry. Apply SPF 30+ lotion before going outside during the day.
1986130 tn?1326770895 ) If her feet get dirty when out, just wipe her feet with damp cloths. See what happens. Give her chance for her natural skin oils to return. It's my guess that she has got dried out wth over-grooming and it's irritating her skin. If she definitely does need a shower or bath each week (?) then try just plain warm (not hot) water, don't rub her skin too hard, so as not to remove her oils. And let her fur dry naturally after towel drying. Don't use a hairdryer.
Avatar n tn H's normalizing Day oils as a moisturizer. My skin never looked clearer!!!!!! Also, I often cover my face in Neem when I'm in the tub or shower and rinse it (not wash) off as well. It leaves just enough behind and works for me well. Neem has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties but it STINKS!!! I hope some of this information helps!!
Avatar n tn The EK condition is somehow related to moisture loss in the specific epidermis layer of skin that is only on two parts of the body and the natural healing mechanism of the skin. I believe that this is why EK is only on the hands and sometimes on the feet. The skin on the hands and feet is unique and is designed to be damaged and to heal quickly.
Avatar n tn Vulvar Dystrophy A vulvar dystrophy is abnormal skin on the vulva. The skin can be too thin (lichen sclerosus), too thick (hyperplasia), or a mixture of both." I am obviously not a doctor and am in no way diagnosing any conditions, but maybe you could research these further and seek out a dermatologist or a gynecologist with some experience in this area.
Avatar n tn I found a site that talked about the oily crown issues and found that some people who experience this have had their gallbladders out as well. As far as my skin goes, well its pretty healthy. It always has been. I am 27 and have never really experienced breakouts even to this day. I would like to try the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo, as well as the vinegar remedy to see it it helps. Does anybody have any feedback on if/how/when their suddenly oily crown problem was corrected?
Avatar n tn I am getting some minor bleeding when I poop due to the tears in the anal area. The entire vaginal area is very itchy and if I scratch or rub the skin at all I often give myself one of these tears. It seems as if the skin is very thin. There are no other symptoms that I am aware of. I have had blood work and a biopsy done. Some of the things that I was tested for were; genital herpes, lichen sclerosus, lichen simplex chronicus, lichen planus, vulvar vestibulitis.
Avatar n tn steroid ointment not only would not help, but, by thinning the skin if used for prolonged periods, could make it worse. If you haven't seen a gynecologist, you ought to.
Avatar n tn So is it the lip gloss I've been using that I had for a while or is it from dry skin? And I also had a dry patch of skin under my bottom lip. Any suggestions on what to do?? Should I use blistex to make sure my lips are not dry?
251922 tn?1193786078 Simeons states that he recommend 125 IU as the best, stating more is not always better, so at first that was my goal, but I also could never find the correct recipe for it, he gives the recipe for 1500 for 10 days but when it comes to this stuff I am not the math wizard, and was afraid I would calculate incorrectly and screw up the cc's or IU or whatever.
Avatar f tn and also had my first epidural 5 weeks ago when my first baby was born) was white flower oil (natural; bought at natural foods store, Whole Foods) and also tried Elidel prescription cream (active ingredient: 1% pimecrolimus). Good luck to you! Ask all those doctors you work with--maybe someone will take up our case and cause, or at least have some new insight or other helpful advice!
Avatar n tn I got my hcg from GHI medical and she got hers from Natural HCG. She has an office job, single, 37 years old, no kids. I am 45, work at my own schedule as a PT married with 3 kids. It will be interesting to compare results considering our ifferent lifestyles and getting our hcg from different sources.
Avatar n tn I ahve read many post by people losing and they use moisturizer..or what ever the vice is. I have been strict too...and nothing. I don't get it?