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Avatar f tn Its recommended you wait but nothing has been proven .
Avatar n tn i really liked her too she told me she only wanted to be friends i felt i wasn't good enough for her that's why she rejected me, i feel it was because of my skin color, in the 8th grade i had a friend would make my life a little better socially, i wasn't as stress and depress as before so that helped the last year of middle school, it just seem as year went on i got darker and darker for some reason i cannot explain, so at the end of 11th grade in the summer i started bleaching my skin which eve
Avatar f tn After many years of bleaching my skin, my natural skin colour refused to return to normal its still fair and i want it to go to its normal dark color, apart from staying under the sun will applying red clay mixed with ginger give me my natural skin color back please reply me please
Avatar f tn After many years of bleaching my skin, my natural skin colour refused to return to normal its still fair and i want it to go to its normal dark color, apart from staying under the sun will applying red clay mixed with ginger give me my natural skin color back please reply me please
Avatar f tn i was using bleaching cream and since 3yrs i have stopped using the cream but my skin colour is still fair and i want to go back to my normal skin colour, will iodone and baby oil restore my normal skin color back, please reply me please i beg of you
Avatar f tn I think Nair will probably break your face out (will I know with me because I have sensitive skin). Your face is a lot more sensitive than your legs. Just be careful with what you put on your face. Make sure you will not end up with any type of chemical burn. Talk to your doctor about different things. I don't want you testing on different things and making your face worse ya kno.
Avatar f tn Hello, Thanks for posting your query. I can understand your concern but you should not use topical iodine on your own. It has potential side effects like Blistering, crusting, irritation, itching, or reddening of skin. For darkening fair skin, sun exposure is the best. Sun exposure can increase melanin production. Make sure to wear sunscreen for protection against harmful UVA and UVB.
Avatar f tn This Xtreme Brite cream is like a bleaching cream and now it's making my whole chin peeling and it's looks like my chin is bleached. Will my natural brown skin color come back? How long will it take for me to recover from this? Is this permanent? I'm worried and scared. It's horrible. Is there a different product I could use to even out skin? I need help. ASAP. Thanks.
Avatar f tn They just scratch their heads and give me prescriptions to a bunch of expensive bleaching creams- nothing worked, it only dried my skin! The most recent visit to a dermatologist was in August 2009- He prescribed me a cream and a prescription for Doxycycline, an antibiotic. I was so frustrated when I left the clinic that I never filled the prescription.
Avatar f tn Is hydrogen peroxide safe for the skin to use for a long period of time? I want to bleach my eyebrows, as I changed my hair color to red from dark brown. My natural eyebrow color is black, and I want to use peroxide daily on the brows until I get a dark blonde. Since I'm planning on keeping the hsur color for a while, I guess I will have to keep the brows discolored and keep using the peroxide.
Avatar n tn yrs has evened out and I've found that it is a great exfoliant and now I am one solid natural color. My age lines have diminished and my skin is so soft my friends now ask ME what I use. I tell them MY product is only 3.98 at Walmart! I've never had any problems or side effects I even use a kitchen sponge with it. BUT I am not recommending it I'm just sharing MY personal experience. I also apply a light Vaseline all over my body after a thorough rinse.
Avatar m tn i was also wondering if there was such thing as any treatments offered by dermatologists, such as a skin peal that could reveal my origonal lighter skin under the tanned layer of skin.
Avatar n tn I have white asymetrical spots on my face taht makes me look like a dalmation because my natural skin is medium dark. I went to a dermatologist..and he said taht my skin tone will go back to its normality after a year..but it didn't. HE also said taht the descolaration in some areas were due to humidity&dryness which I don't get it..but I don't know..what to do anymore I don't want to put makeup every day.!!! I desperatly need recomendation or HElp pliz?? thnx.
Avatar n tn Hi For several months I have been getting this weird sensation that my skin is crawling. This happens just behind my right shoulder blade in exactly the same place every time. It generally happens for no reason that I can fathom. It is a sort of itching sensation and then a sensation that there is something crawling under my skin. When I rub it with my fingers it disappears for a while but inevitably it returns within a few minutes. There is no pain involved.
Avatar m tn NSFW And here is the area I want to be lightened so it blends with the surrounding skin as much as possible (or failing that, is simply lighter than the surrounding skin): NSFW This is a relatively small area to change and I'm not seeking to lighten the whole thing, which would be impractical.
Avatar n tn Be sure to wear sunscreen. If this does occur then often a skin bleaching cream works over time. (Don't use it in the genital area).
Avatar m tn I posted this info before, but it was a reply to someone else's similar post... I am a 23 year old healthy male. I recently had a full physical and the results were that I am in above average health. I have no diseases, do not use drugs, but drink on occasion. Anyways, just started noticing these strange symptoms, within the past few weeks. Nothing "brought it on" so to speak that I can tell of.
Avatar n tn I dont know if creams will work because I notice that now it looks like a birthmark already (deep into the skin). Bleaching seems harsh coz that area is super sensitive and might cause the skin to be more darker. it is very comforting to know that I am not alone with this issue.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar m tn Three days ago I started feeling like whatever this was is now in my skin (I'm certain of it), It's under the skin on my face, my scalp, my back, my toes, and my feet. I can feel it crawling in and out of my anus at times also. Went to the dermatoligist today and of couse he says it's my imagination, some people get it. He's subscribed me some DEXEPIN for depression. :( Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up.
Avatar m tn You will no doubt benefit from their support but at the same time the negative consequences of engaging in your habit will be increased. If all fails, get advice on skin care. If you have a skin complaint see a dermatologist. (I went to a bunch of doctors and all they give you is acne cream or something along that lines. Most of the doctors won't understand until you explain every little detail of you problem that your having so they can get an idea of whats happening.
Avatar n tn have extremely dry skin too! Like you I have used e45 for years. Apparently your skin can become addicted to these types of cream, so I started to try out sheilding lotions. "Skin md natural" didnt do much for me but "Gloves in a bottle" seems to be making a difference gradually. They both have web sites where they explain how there product works. Might not be a cure but certainly worth a try. Let me know how you get on!
Avatar f tn I had been bleaching for years and I stopped finally for like 4 months now and my skin is very dry, flaky and irritating. What can I do? can I regain my color n elasticity back?
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I'm a natural blonde but died my hair black. Now I wanna bleach it so my roots don't grow in. Is bleaching hair safe this early in pregnancy?
Avatar n tn is there a safer bleaching agent for the skin other than hydroquinone, or are there perhaps natural remedies?
Avatar f tn I'm hoping you would want to do a quick look-up into that product and see if the bleaching is permanent or something. And will my natural skin color come back?
Avatar n tn They did a biopsy test and result showed no cancer involved. Right now, I only apply the bleaching cream. It peeled off my skin, but the spots are still there. Please help me to find out what is wrong inside me and any suggestions as to what I need to do to get rid of these spots. I'm very desprated looking at my skin every single day. Thank you in advance for your help, time, consideration, and kindness.
Avatar n tn It should lighten the spot a little at a time and should be gone by 4 weeks. It's slow, but natural. Better than those bleaching creams that burn your skin.
Avatar f tn extra virgin coconut's an all natural way to lighten skin and even skin tone.....
1306855 tn?1273277838 The harsh chemicals used in the bleaching process of most leading brands can lead to skin irritations, among other things. In addition, the woven fabrics used in many brands can add to the issue. MerryLiving natural sanitary napkins are non-woven and chlorine free, as well as infused with 5 herbal plant essences. They don't contain any harmful chemicals and the fabric feels soft next to your delicate skin.