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Avatar f tn For a bladder infection that would be fine to try and cure it at home However a uti can jump out of your track and also infect your kidneys and it even gave me an infection in my Uteran wall thank god it was caught but a uti is nothing to play with get tested and get antibiotics just to keep baby safe
Avatar n tn Does anyone have or had a bladder infection (UTI) during pregnancy? What did u do to get rid of it without meds? Doctor refused to give meds and I'm glad she didn't.
Avatar f tn Oh my.. bladder infection? Yes i do feel burning pain but not often though.. Any remedies to clean the bladder?
728927 tn?1310656447 As long as I can remember, I've been getting bladder infections. When I was fifteen, soon after I first became sex ually active, I got a very painful infection. Since then, I 've consistently been getting sick with them several times a year. Sometimes hardly noticeable, sometimes cripplingly painful and uncomfortable.
8170594 tn?1398743487 Whatever you do, make sure it's treated proper. I had a bladder infection at 12 weeks and by 13 weeks I had a double kidney infection and was hospitalized. Hope all goes well!!
Avatar f tn You can always try safe natural remedies first and then if its doesn't work take antibiotics. It also depends how bad you have it. Cranberry juice works pretty good for bladder infection.
6807839 tn?1386436725 A yeast infection?? I just got over a bladder infection and now have a yeast infection, joy :( really hate going to the doctors unless nessasary, cured them myself before but need to know what is safe for the baby. Any suggestions would be great, please & thankful... oh ya i do have monistate cream left from previous times, is it safe to use??
2136621 tn?1355121987 I am seeing a homeopath now ...and he has stopped losec, nexiam, ulsanic....and we trying natural long will she feel so un well?
Avatar f tn Well there are some natural remedies you could try. My favorite is garlic. Just simply add a little more garlic to your diet for a week and see if that improves things (flushes out possible unwanted bacteria).
18533109 tn?1465640552 UTI may be cause of Bladder cancer but not manually kidney stones . A history of urinary tract infection significantly elevated the risk of bladder cancer, particularly in individuals who reported three or more infections .
Avatar f tn I get them often and even more so being pregnant, there are some natural remedies that help, (these were suggested by my doctor) however I know they might sound a bit odd, first try plain yogurt down there, this can soothe any itching. Another is wash yourself out with white vinegar in warm water and after youve gotten all the discharge clean out with normal water (this helps regulate the ph balance).
Avatar f tn My most helpful things: 1) Anti-inflamatory diet. Can't say enough good about this. No stabbing pain since the diet change. I have lost 10 lbs. and feel really good. 2) Pro-biotics. 40 bucks at a health food store. Re-introducing all the good bacteria that the anti-biotics destroyed along with the bad. I feel like it is restoreing my immune system. 3) Calcium Benzonite Clay. (or healing clay) also from a Health Food Store. Applied to the breast like a poltice. Draws the infection out.
Avatar f tn Ok so from having to pee soo much i am starting to get a bladder infection i have medicine for them but worried it might hurt baby is there any natural ways?? Like juice or something.
1541328 tn?1293054222 t have health insurance due to this pre-existing condition, I drank a ton of water and took OTC bladder relief pills (similar to urimax). This morning, I woke up with a lot of pain. I felt like my bladder was painfully too full and immediately had to use the restroom. I spent the next 2 hours in the restroom urinating fire. I have a sharp pain that comes and goes in my lower right abdomen. It hurts the worst on my lower back then it does on my front side of the abdomen.
Avatar f tn To me it sounds an STI or a possible STD as for home remedies I can name a few using CINNAMON really does help to treat any kind of infection you can buy cinnamon sticks for tea or use the bottled spice mix it with oil and rub the infected area a few times daily. ECHINACEA is another herb that can help to boost immunity you can use the same method to apply as used above.
Avatar f tn Its very painful,pretty much everyday since i was 15 but its gotten worse after surgery,and it been 5 months already since i had it done. Endo has to be controlled with several natural herbs and remedies but it never goes away completely. there is a 40% chance of infertility BUT that means there is a 60% chance to conceive so dont give up hope if thats wht it is ..i have a very awesome support group on facebook called powerful sisters fighting endo...
Avatar f tn My Great Aunt had this problem. It was an undetected gall bladder problem that was discovered in autopsy. It wasn't this condition that made her pass away but she was sure miserable. Now our family knows that digestive enzymes help a great deal, so we take them for digestive problems. There's also an OTC (over the counter) medicine called Phazyme that is simethicone, that eases gas quite a bit. You may also wnt to google "natural remedies for gas".
Avatar f tn I have a bladder infection. Yes, I am on antibiotics. My questions are, can I take cranberry pills that also have vitamin C in them? And also can I drink Kefir with probiotics in it while I'm on the antibiotic?I'm trying to keep my body in balance while the antibiotics are working. I've also read that a mixture of water, vinegar and honey may help. But I'm wondering if the vinegar might be too acidic and irritate my bladder even more. Please give me your thoughts on all of this.
324372 tn?1222820202 *blush* Does anyone know any good natural help for a cough? I tried gargling saltwater, but it just made me gag and nearly throw up. The gag reflex is a little hypersensitive right now with the pregnancy. Cough drops are... meh... I'm currently attempting to drink hot tea with honey, but again, it's not really helping that much. Thoughts?