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Avatar m tn My patient had an ischemic stroke 1 month ago. ECG shows sinus rhythm, echo: mildly dilated left atrium (44 mm) mitral regurgitation 2+, otherwise normal. (no MVP , no rheumatic fever in previous medical history) Is it necessary to give VKA or ASA ?
1280753 tn?1367757932 org/chapters/ham/ May is National Hepatitis Awareness Month, which was first designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2001. This is an important opportunity to help raise awareness about viral hepatitis in this country. With up to 5 million Americans affected by chronic hepatitis B and C, there is a lot that still needs to be done to improve prevention, education, and access to medical care and treatment!
Avatar n tn i was having sex right stroke after stroke and when i was about to ejeculate i felt that the condom has bust and i withdrew but when i withdrew i ejeculate but out side the vagina and im not sure if i had contact with the skin but when i withdrew to see the broke condom immidietly ejculated
1310633 tn?1430224091 (CNN) -- Millions of high school-aged girls and women binge drink, behavior that can have disastrous results including long-term health effects, the CDC warns in a report released Tuesday. For females, binge drinking means consuming four or more drinks in one sitting. For males, it's five or more drinks. Previous reports have focused on higher rates of binge drinking among males, but the U.S.
Avatar f tn HIV Testing National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV/AIDS: Laboratory Tests National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA) https://wwwn.cdc.
Avatar m tn Of course there is a difference in preparation and lowering your risks to help prevent stroke or heart attack. Prevention is always the best approach, as much as possible that is.
Avatar f tn If he was falling frequently, sometimes the risk of staying on these meds (bleeding with fall that could lead to death) outweighs the benefit (stroke prevention which is a few percent per year), which is something his physician needs to determine. Given his age, and history of blood in stool and falls, it is reasonable to keep him on warfarin (coumadin), especially due to the evidence in people over 75 on Pradaxa, and the difficulty of reversal with Xarelto given his falls history.
Avatar f tn My father has COPD and one month ago due to brain stroke (stroke cover his right side) he got paralyses in LHS. Suddenly his COPD attack increases and he put in to artificial ventilation. but within 32 hours he got out of it. After that he lives nicely but every 2-3 days he got spazum and needed to give oxygen supply with bipap. Doctor (Chest Specialist) was always telling that his lungs are weak but not that much which causes frequent spasm.
Avatar m tn I'm a 50 year old male with a family history of heart disease and stroke and am trying to prevent it if possible. I exercise daily and maintain a healthy diet. Will this be good enough in the long run? I tend to worry about it too much because of the problems my parents had but I think my numbers are good. BP runs about 115/65 on average and my total cholesterol is about 100, HDL 45. My glucose is about 85 so hopefully this will keep me out of trouble.
547573 tn?1234655710 The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You will be routed to the closest possible crisis center in your area. With more than 130 crisis centers across the country, our mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services. Call for yourself, or someone you care about. Your call is free and confidential.
Avatar m tn A division of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine announced study results in 2010 proving that chronic viral hepatitis is in need of resources to match its toll on the public health system. The researchers concluded that more funds are required to boost knowledge and awareness, surveillance and healthcare services for chronic viral hepatitis.
Avatar m tn He evaluated the association between coffee drinking and stroke by looking at data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, taken in 1988-94. He zeroed in on the 9,384 adults older than 40 who were coffee drinkers. Of those, 500 (5 percent) had been told by their doctor that they'd had a stroke. And 2,793 (29.8 percent) had self-reported stroke symptoms or a mini-stroke, also known as a transient ischemic attack.
Avatar n tn Aspirin therapy for prevention of blood clots is far inferior to Coumadin, but may be appropriate, I understand, if there are no other risk factors - and if the AFib is not chronic. I take both... yes, while one must avoid aspirin when on Coumadin for the treatment of pain/fever/swelling, in small dose it can be taken for added cardio protection. It affects a different mechanism of the blood than does Coumadin.
Avatar f tn So my boyfriend is talking about joining the national guard but Im scared he won't be around for the birth of our baby. He hasnt been to any doctor appointments because he was working full time.
446474 tn?1446347682 Department of Health and Services has established May 19thas National Hepatitis Testing Day as a key component of its National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan. The San Francisco Hepatitis C Task Force and San Francisco Hep B Free are partnering to increase awareness about viral hepatitis in San Francisco and to make hepatitis B and C screening the standard of care for at-risk populations.
306455 tn?1288862071 The veterans hot line, which is linked to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, received 55,000 callers in its first year, including both veterans and people who are concerned about them, according to figures being released Monday. One-third of the 40 specially trained counselors are veterans themselves. "We try to get them (callers) to talk about their situation and what they remember and see if they can identify exactly what their issues are.
Avatar n tn After having protected sex. I have fever after 4 and half month said it was a typhoid fever but when treatment start mouth ulcer is there and the treatment finish the mouth ulcer is there any chance of condom sure that i ejuculate in the condom and there is no breakage as the tip..
Avatar f tn Because you are asymptomatic during AF episodes, the most important thing to do is anticoagulation medicine for stroke prevention. So I am surprised that your cardiologist didn't prescribe that for you and wants you on an AAD (anti-arrhythmic drug) instead. And I agree that with your low heart rate, it may not be a good thing. The specialist to see would be an electrophysiologist because they would have more expertize in AAD and anti-coagulants.