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Avatar n tn I would suggest going to your neighborhood pharmacy and ask the pharmacist if there is an over the counter substitute for nasonex. I'm assuming then that nasonex is only available by prescription. I wish you well.
Avatar m tn It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it. The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after.
242588 tn?1224275300 Other antihistamines and decongestants can work including Allegra-D and Zyrtec. There are also over-the-counter antihistamine and decongestant combinations that help with sinus drainage. These medicines, however, would have no direct effect on COPD – the medicines you are already taking are treatment for COPD. Question: I have emphysema and struggle with shortness of breath this time of the year due to allergies.
Avatar n tn I use a blend of kosher salt and baking soda in solution (1-2) times daily and use two sprays of Nasonex in each nostril in the AM and on occassion use NasalCrom (over the counter--Cromolyn Sodium Solution). I can breath, my sinuses are not blocked and my infection rate is way way down. It sure beat antibiotics and oral steroids. The first ime you use it the feeling is a bit intimidating. I first thought "Where is the water going, into my brain?
Avatar n tn Over the counter pain relievers make sense to try, but if it travels from the bridge down to the tip, and coincides with eye pain like others have commented on this page, an immediate evaluation by a doctor is necessary to rule out a herpes eye infection. MRSA of the nose would be a concern too...
Avatar n tn I've used the nasal spray, which will wash out what ever is bothering me, but I still get no relief. I'm using Nasonex, which has been like using nothing. I used Flonase in the past. Same thing. I'm on Benadryl all the time, otherwise I would have an itchy runny nose, sneezing, plus this sinus pain. I can't take ANYTHING for pain. I've been dealing with a kidney issue, so NSAIDs are out. I'm allergic to Tylenol, and I'm allergic to all opiates.
Avatar n tn The newest and most successful product to keep blepharitis under control is TherTears SterLid which both removeds the oil and debris but also is antibacterial. It is over the counter, available on the internet. (disclaimer-I have no financial interest in this product). Works better than baby shampoo.
Avatar n tn He prescribed a steroid pack (methylprednisolone), Benzonatate (cough), Fexosenadine (prescription strength Allegra D), Veramyst (nasal spray) and also over the counter Mucinex DM. Still coughing on the 5th day on meds so I decided to get the Mucinex on Sunday because I really didn’t want to take anything else. I’m already on BP, thyroid, cholesterol, anxiety, reflux and osteoporosis meds. Mussinex definitely works and the spells come less and less. HOWEVER, I still have them.
Avatar n tn Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped. I used 1% hydrocortisone on my lips and that has made the bumps smaller but my tongue condition seems to be getting worse. What can it be? And who should I visit: doctor or dentist? Someone told me it could be an infection trying to get out of my body. Could that be true? Could it be a vitamin deficiency? What can it be related to?
Avatar n tn i, too, lost all my hearing in my left ear back in december and recovered enough over the course of treatment to be considered for a hearing aid. i don't want to spend money on a hearing aid (like most insurance companies, mine doesn't cover hearing aids) if there is a chance i will gain all or most of my hearing back. the information you provided was very helpful and encouraging.
Avatar n tn , but it was worth a shot. Incidently, my eyes have improved hugely over the last 24 hours after the use of some eye drops... I'm thinking it might have been blepharitis as the eye drops I used were supposed to heal it. Thanks again. Alex.