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Avatar n tn My heart is extremely sensitive to anything. I use Nasonex without any problems. It's the only thing I can use without worrying about it. That being said, Everyone is different and what is good for me may bother you.
Avatar m tn Doctors say it is not because of the spray because so little is absorbed into the system through the nose, but I have read online that Beconase is absorbed more than other nasal sprays, (up to 44% of each dose is swallowed). I have seen numerous people reporting palpitations and other systemic effects across the internet after using Beconase and other brands (Nasonex, Flonase etc) of steroid nasal sprays. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Avatar f tn A few months ago I started using Nasonex every day because of allergies. Shortly after my heart started acting up, I was getting short bursts of tachycardia lasting no more than 30 seconds, but disconcerting never the less. That hadn't happened to me for several years, since my medications were switched. My GP told me that Nasonex wouldn't do that but I stopped using it anyway. I had an appt with my EP today and I asked about it.
Avatar m tn I looked the active ingredient up and found out that one of the side effects is heart palpitations/PVC's I started taking the medicine on 3/15/11 I got my first set of PVC's on the afternoon of 4/1/11 I have never had a recognizable PVC before in my life. They were happening to me very very frequently, like at least 4 or 5 a minute. That night my mother and I went to the emergency room. I was taken in and immediately hooked up to a monitor and had an EKG.
Avatar f tn I have bad allergies for which I recently visited an ENT—he prescribed Nasonex because of the abnormal mucous presence in my nose/sinuses. I just started the spray yesterday. He also felt my neck for lymph nodes—all were within normal range; he wasn’t concerned. I’d asked about when I push on the one lymph node, that I could see the blood in the aforementioned vein on the left side of my neck swell with blood even when I stand.
Avatar f tn I have bad allergies for which I recently visited an ENT—he prescribed Nasonex because of the abnormal mucous presence in my nose/sinuses. I just started the spray yesterday. He also felt my neck for lymph nodes—all were within normal range; he wasn’t concerned. I’d asked about when I push on the one lymph node, that I could see the blood in the aforementioned vein on the left side of my neck swell with blood even when I stand.
221122 tn?1323014865 (Can't use antihistamines or decongestants, and am really miserable, so Nasonex is all I've used.) However, I'm finding that Nasonex can cause reflux too. I often have acid in my throat on days I use it, even if I'm taking Nexium! Anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn my symptoms -food stuck in throat -post nasal drip -mucus in throat but never goes anywhere -ear pain with jaw pain -swollen glands, swollen throat tightness trouble speaking -heart palpitations, heart racing short of breath emotional cant eat wheat -dizziness -tiredness -more i cant think of as the moment
198506 tn?1251160515 Since 2003 I've been dealing with palpatations. I have been seen by two cardiologist in that time and both say that my heart is normal. I saw the cardiologist last time last May and had the following test gone. EKG (normal), 24 hour heart monitor (8 runs of extra beats), and a stress echo which was normal. My primary doctor had me wear a event monitor for 2 weeks earlier this year because my heart rate has been rapid.
Avatar m tn Worse in the mornings, seems to increase with symptoms. -Heart arrthymia. Sinus Tachyardia picked up in EKGs and holter. -Palpitations. PACs. Not very prominent at the moment, but I can get 50 or more in an afternoon when they get started. -Brief waves of nausea that come and go within 10 seconds. -High blood pressure (going on 4 years now). During times when I'm most dizzy, and while on Benicar 20mg, it can hit 165/95 or so. At rest, it's around 130/80.
483397 tn?1208462104 I think the bottom line is that the heart and only the heart can control contractions. PVCs are caused by ventricular pacers or sometimes accessory pathways. In your case with your evaluations I'd say you probably have the benign variety of PVCs, created by ventricular pacers that have "enhanced automaticity". They're basically irritable little buggers. Since they're irritable, then perhaps yes allergies could be a secondary factor, a precipitating factor.
Avatar n tn I truly feel that my symptoms are more closely matched with women's symptomology of heart disease than anxiety. I would like to think I am not focusing on my heart but when the discomfort begins, it is difficult not to do so. I am wondering if this chest discomfort can linger for a year and still not present itself as serious? The discomfort doesn't seem to come at exertion or anxious moments, usually at rest. Do you have any advice as to what avenues, if any, I should pursue now?
Avatar n tn All tests came back fine. About 2 or 3 weeks prior to the cough, I started having heart palpitations. I wore a 24 hour holter monitor..and it was within normal range. The heart palps have gotten worse also. When I am not at work for a few days, the coughing and palpitations seem to ease up. It seems that I am worse at work. I have a test next week to determine if I am allergic to penicillium -which was found to be the highest mold in July 2001 after the building had a flood in 2001.
784382 tn?1376934640 the tachycardia is my main concern since 3 months now, but since my Cardiologist rull out everything and now that I know that my heart is fine, i'm somewhat less anxious about my heart and even if it beat really fast most of the time I don't care... and strangely the tinnitus is back since 1 week... Same for the dizziness, I had it last year for 3 months in a row and it stop and I have it now again... It's like a never ending circle...
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old female and have a long history of anxiety disorder, including OCD and health anxiety (just to get that out of the way). Since about a year ago, I have been having symptoms such as heart palpitations, feelings of vertigo, "brain fog," headaches. Sometimes the vertigo gets really bad and I feel like I will lose my balance though it's not accompanied by a fainting feeling.
Avatar n tn I've always had to take 1/4 dosing on cold meds bcz of that side effect even before the thyroid issues and could never take anthistamines as my heart would have palpitations .. so even when I was in pre-term labor they decided not to use the anthistamine with the risk vs. benefit thing and how far along I was in the pregnancy, etc. Now to ::::: vent :::::: along with your post ...
Avatar f tn It seemed for a while that I was peeing more than I was drinking. I also started having heart palpitations and my heart beat irregularly for two weeks straight. It calmed down after a while and I attributed it to stress at work. I began to get quite phlegmy in my nasal/throat region and it still hasn't gone away. I also became more fatigued, suffered brain fog and my sex drive has since slowed considerably.
Avatar n tn Caffeine and sugar trigger palpitations for me and over the years I've seen a ton of others report the same thing. So try eating a low sugar diet and quitting caffeine.
612551 tn?1450025775 The understanding I have from him is use whatever works and keep an eye/ear to what my heart is doing. If the medication worsens my AFib or causes other heart problems I should stop taking it.. As the say goes "if it hurts when I do this, the answer: stop doing "this". I have tried the meds in Benadryl (sp?) and Benadryl D. The second seems to help a little more than the former.
Avatar m tn When I start to get a little fatigued, my left eyelid droops. I often have palpitations in my heart and my heart flutters 3 to 4 times per day. I've also developed some type of low or high blood pressure. As I stand up, all of the sudden my heart and the blood in my body just drops and I start to faint or pass out. I can rarely get an erection and when I do, it's very hard to maintain.
Avatar n tn A few months later I ended up back in the ER with heart palpitations, they said I had low potassium and inflammation in the lining around my heart, otherwise I was fine. The strange thing was, when I was laying on the bed and had the IV in with a saline drip and an anti-inflammatory I told the doctor that I felt like my whole body was pulsating, this was the first time I really noticed it, she literally laughed at me and walked out of the room.
Avatar f tn She prescribed me Nexium, Claritin-d, Mucinex-D, Nasonex and antibiotic Levaquin which I am taking now, but annoying ear pressure (and also a lump in the throat) are still there. Can you help me?
Avatar n tn Maybe the sinus thing has something to do with it, when my allergies/sinuses bother me I get heart palpitations, doc said this is because the nervous system gets all worked up. Hope this helps. take care.
Avatar n tn The only things that help are Afrin spray (works for about 20 hours, but has awful rebound congestion) and heavy exercise (the pressure clears up almost completely while my heart is beating fast). I am going back to my third ENT in a couple weeks. Anyone else out there have similar symptoms?
Avatar n tn Then after a couple of months I had adrenal insufficiency - extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, nausea. Now I'm back to having tight muscles and cold spots throughout my body as well as mild swelling (wake up with bad creases from the sheets in my skin, sock lines, etc... Here's my blog about it. I'm still kind of boggled about my symptoms and have also had an MRI that came back clean: http://****.wordpress.
Avatar n tn Woke up one night with the worst spinning sensation of my life..Ive had many but this beat all ... Heart palpitations, clammy, severe spinning. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for it to subside... Hubby ended up taking me to the ER. So Doc told me my ears where full and prescribed another Antibiotic.I have to tell you i,m not good with Meds..and will have reactions to almost anything (except the said Z pack). So this one (Vantin) just made my throat slightly tight..
Avatar m tn Which is not to say your other symptoms cannot be related to anxiety, they just sound more like stress to me. Rapid heart rates, palpitations, sweating, depersonalization, fear of dying, chest pains, believing you're having a heart attack or stroke, a sense of impending doom/ death.........sheer terror..........THIS is an anxiety/panic attack. You don't describe any of these feelings. You've tried Ativan and Xanax and neither of these has helped you calm down.
1679858 tn?1346768781 I underwent a balloon sinuplasty under general anesthesia and woke up with neck pain, major heart palpitations, severe imbalance, tremors and had episodes of sleep apnea for a while afterwards. The ENT somehow thought I was reacting to the prednisone I was on. The balloon sinuplasty was successful in reducing the pain of the headaches and post nasal drip but that was all.
Avatar n tn One model in particular - Nikki Taylor's sister- Chrissy Taylor, died a few years ago because she had a rare congenital heart defect and was overspraying for this effect. Her heart raced out of control and she collapsed. Because no one was home with her to revive her, she was found dead hours later. I am just repeating this story to let everyone know there are hidden dangers in the nasal sprays. I also thought that weaning one nostril at a time was good advice.
Avatar n tn and 5) I don't think I've have had any symptoms of *hyper*thyroidism, such as heart palpitations. Just the opposite, I've had pain in my hands and knees, which are hypo symptoms. As for vitamin D, my current level (13) is much lower than my level on my last test (26). The last test was done in mid-May 2010. Obviously, the current level is very low and needs to be increased. The endo recommended that I take ergocalciferol (D2), initially 50000 IU weekly for 12 weeks, then 2000 IU daily.