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299940 tn?1192322967 I have had headaches on my right side for 2 years, swelling and pressure in my head and especially on the right side of the forehead. I've had swelling in my throat at the top soft area up behind my hard pallette. I get dizzy, tired, nausiated, and it gets worse when I eat products with soy, including soybean oil and lethicin, which is not even considered an "allergy" because an allergy can only be to a "protein" not to an oil.
Avatar n tn Since I have a chronic, lowgrade sinus infection in one sinus above my left eye (antibiotics don't work for it), and since I have allergies now too, I need something. My doctor says that Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, Sudafed, and most antihistamines can cause heart arrhythmias, so the only other thing I have is saline nasal spray, and that doesn't do it? I've tried to remove allergens from my home, but it's difficult. I also have an air purifier. No luck so far.
1025806 tn?1333576290 It's still important to take all of your daily sinus medications for the chronic sinus pain and allergies. Saline sinus rinses can also be helpful for some people if done daily to avoid allergy symptoms, have you done a saline sinus rinse before? I know you said you use sprays, but sometimes rinses can be helpful too. It can be a little strange rinsing out your sinuses the first time, but after a while you get used to it. Also, do you use/have you heard of the sinus prescription Nasonex?
Avatar n tn hi i have been suffering from a blocked nose for two years then two months ago i had a sinus operation but now am blocked all the time and i feel like i cant breath from my chest as well but every time the doctor checks my lungs they say there clear it affects the front part of my chest and somtimes i feel like am dying am on nasel drops antihistamines been doing steam inhalasion but nothing works its like i can blow bubbles inside my nose can anyone help me please cant cope with this
Avatar n tn Medications currently taking - birth control pills, Zrytec D on occassion for sinus/allegries problems, Nasonex almost daily, Wellbutrin XL, Xananx on occassion, multi-vitamin along w/ numerous supplements. Sometimes that Advil. I do drink about 2-3 cups of caffinated coffee daily. My periodintist diagnosed me with TMJ, suppose to wear a splint at night but recently had tonsillectomy about a month ago due to chronic tonsillitis.
308441 tn?1196398801 Methylprednisolone - Meclizine for Vertigo - Biaxin 500 - Proventil - Nasonex and Mucinex , these fixed i would say everything , i felt so good after 6 days and everything had gone but still light headed , so i continued this way he told me to keep taking Meclizine for it so it would bring my equlibrity back i was told.I kept taking it but no changes so i came back to FL and met my Family doctor , he gives motion sickness Transoderm Patches and Guaifenex 600/120s..
Avatar m tn I have also been having stomach discomfort (whch may or may not be linked to this), bad taste in back of my mouth and trouble swallowing. I have always had sinus pressure headaches. Have been treated for sinus infections in the past. But normally I can blow my nose and it comes out that way but it does not this time, it just goes down the back of my throat. I work in an old house which was remodeled and recently we have had issues with mold due to the high humidity in the home.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering frm neckpain associated with sinus for sme time now..
Avatar n tn I have had two different courses of antibiotics (Avelox, Zithromax), have tried antihistamines (Zyrtec, Astelin), corticosteroids (Nasonex) and am unable to shake this. I've had a sinus CT scan that shows that, except for a slightly deviated septum and very slight fluid buildup in the maxillaries, everything is fine - the ENT said that surgery was not necessary, but the situation doesn't really seem to be resolving itself and I am set to study abroad next semester.
Avatar n tn Migraines can often feel like sinus headaches, and even have symptoms such as nasal congestion, sinus pain, or even a runny nose... but they are still migraines. Although, in your husband's case, the CT scan showed that he had a polyp in his sinuses and nasal polyps can cause sinus infection which can cause headache, a polyp can also cause pain on their own without infection... like headache pain.
784382 tn?1376934640 It sounds gross, but it works and feels so good to have a clean nose afterwards. LOL I have been on the Nasonex, but now I mix pulmacort into my sinus rinse bottle. I can't use Astepro, but use Patanase instead. They are in the same class of medications - nasal antihistamine sprays. The newest Astepro actually makes me very stuffy for about five hours. Shots should really help you. Please keep us updated on your progress. Take care and have a blessed day.
Avatar f tn I decided that I really do need to go as I've had sinus headaches for the last 2 days. The side of my face hurts when I yawn, smile, and sometimes just swallowing causes pain. There is something going on and it would be stupid of me to not get it checked out. I'm just arriving at the decision about going to the ENT as I finally realized that, no matter how much I don't want to deal with this, I have to. It's not going away and I shouldn't have to live with this.
Avatar n tn So I feel that you need to get an evaluation from an ENT surgeon and get a course of antibiotics and sinus drainage.You may also require sinus surgery. The golden rule for chronic stuffy nose is steam inhalation. Inhaling steam from a bowl of hot (but not boiling water) may help to soften, and loosen, the build up of mucus in your nose. You may also find that adding some menthol crystals, or eucalyptus oil, to the water, helps to ease your symptoms of catarrh. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn And prescribed me Albuterol for my asthma, an antihestimine for my allergies and nasonex for my sinuses and sed that that the combination should clear up my sinus problems and hopefully alleviate my headaches. But as a precautionary step She ran blood test for HIV/AIDS HEP A/B/C a liver panal kidney panal and a thyroid panal and white blood cell count she also checked my blood suger. All test apparently came back normal.
Avatar m tn And prescribed me Albuterol for my asthma, an antihestimine for my allergies and nasonex for my sinuses and sed that that the combination should clear up my sinus problems and hopefully alleviate my headaches. But as a precautionary step She ran blood test for HIV/AIDS HEP A/B/C a liver panal kidney panal and a thyroid panal and white blood cell count she also checked my blood suger. All test apparently came back normal.
Avatar f tn There is evidence, in recent years, to suggest that many headaches or “pressure” attributed to chronic sinusitis are not really caused by acute or chronic sinusitis. It has been demonstrated that a majority of “sinus headaches” my really be Migraine headaches. See the following abstract of an article published by physicians at the Cleveland Nasal-Sinus & Sleep Center, in Cleveland, Ohio.. I have highlighted the portions I deem to be most relevant.
Avatar n tn Sinus suffers !! I've suffered with sinus problems ever since I can remember. After years of dealing with infections I finally pushed and demanded to have something done. In 2000 I had a cat scan, it revealed a huge cyst up my nose, when the doctor did the surgery he also found polyps behind the cyst as well as on the other side that didn't show on the scan. I was good for about 1 year, then it all started again.
Avatar n tn Until recently I took Xyzall (Zyrtec, I believe?). I stopped taking that, as it only had no effect on my sinus pain. My sinus headaches are in the upper part of my nose/lower forehead and behind my eyes. My cheeks are also sensitive when the doctor puts pressure on the right spots. The only thing that seems to help my pain is Nasonex nose spray. But I need to take that consistently 2-3x per day (I usually forget on weekends-when I don't work).
Avatar m tn As you can see by the hundreds of comments, the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush works extremely well for chronic bacterial infections of the upper sinuses, replacing antibiotics and surgery in most instances. For infections of the lower sinuses, I recommend the Neilmed Sinus Rinse--available at most pharmacies--as it requires less effort and risk.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if anyone has had the endoscopy surgery for removing the mucus retention cyst in the maxillary sinus. If so -- what was the outcome? Was it successful? I've had reoccurring sinus infections (3 in the past year). I no longer have the infection but I have CONSTANT post nasal drip. It happens everyday, particularly in the afternoon/evening. When it gets really bad, I get a sore throat or feel nauseous and my voice is always hoarse. One ENT suggested it was allergies.
Avatar m tn Also, when I wake up, my sinuses will be partially plugged up. Thinking that the sinuses may be the reason for these headaches and also due to an issue I have also noted regarded restricted breathing, I had a Frontal Sinusotomy performed in 2002. The doctor who performed this out-patient surgery said that he was not able to access my upper sinus cavities in my forehead because they were deformed from birth.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed antiobiotics (amoxycillin for 20 days and azithromycin 250mg for 7 days), prednisone for 5 days, flonase, nasonex and daily sinus rinses. Nothing has helped. The pain and pressure never goes away, but is definitely less intense in the morning. The pain increases throughout the day. The tooth pain also moves around between the 4 teeth depending on the position of my head. I also have headaches behind my eyes, across my forehead and right cheek.
Avatar n tn Hi! For about a month now I've had sinus pain across my eyes and behind my eyes. Now I get it every day around 4:00--pressure behind eyes, under eyes and feeling of "offness". Been to ENT and allergist, tried everything. No congestion but keep having to pop my ears. Any ideas what this is?
Avatar n tn However, over the last couple of months I have been enduring bouts of intense sinus pressure accompanied by mild to moderate of case of equilibrium imbalance (but nothing to the point of the vertigo episode). As pressure increases so does my imbalance in my equilibrium. I touch the top of my head and feel the frontal sinus passages wanting to explode. I went to an ENT who ran sinus CT Scan which came up mostly negative aside slight mucus build up.
Avatar n tn there has to be something more... i get very very very bad headaches... or migraines... i have pain in my sinus area and forehead, and back of my neck.. it usually happens when i get anxious.. i feel anxious a LOT... i dont know why i guess because of the way this inner ear problem makes me feel.. because i was never like this taking water pills which control my dizziness a lot.. i almost never get dizzy any more... i feel out of it most of the time..
Avatar n tn As for Flonase, I'm on it now. Nasonex kept sinus infections at bay for me for about 4-5 years, then it stopped working. I switched to Flonase and, again, it helps but does not prevent. For anyone looking into nasal irrigation, there's a product called Simply Saline that's really handy. I also like the NeilMed bottle I mentioned before.
Avatar m tn Hi, my 11 year old has been dealing with daily chronic headaches for a year now. He recently had a CT scan which showed cysts/polyps in his right sphenoid sinus and his right maxillary sinus of approx. 1.5 cm. We see an ENT next week, but I am interested in learning more. Are these the cause of his headaches? Is the size of them large or normal? Will they remove them? Any info would be appreciated!
1485281 tn?1287951992 From here I went generally symptom free for sometime. Then, at around age 25 I began again getting sinus infections chronically. I couldn't bear the constancy of them and I took my ENT's suggestion for the most minimum available surgery of the frontal sinus. After surgery I felt like a kid again. However, almost one year after the surgery, symptoms and inflammation began to return. When these returned I began doing more research.
Avatar n tn My first thought was- what the heck is going on- I have this bad sinus infection , on meds for that for 20 days- it never goes away- was told to take celexa- (which I took at the same time as the anti-biotic)- and then started having attacks, tingling in my fingers and toes, and then I am being sent to a pyschologists? for anxiety or panic disorder.??? I really hope you get better and I did go to chiropractor ( I have not been in a few months though)...maybe I should go back for a visit.