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Avatar f tn I have depression and post traumatic Stress disorder and am currently on Mirtrazipine, Venoflaxine, Quitiepine and Zopiclone I have been treated for this since my mid twenties, last year I had three small focal seizures which no pathology found. I am now about to start on Sodium Valproate increasing dosage initially to 250mg in morning and 500mg at night this is being prescribed primarily as a mood stabiliser but is thought to help stop the seizures.
Avatar f tn However, this is disputed by one study of low dose zopiclone taken for only 7 nights. It found that discontinuation of zopiclone caused significant rebound insomnia. Furthermore when midazolam taken for 7 nights was discontinued no rebound insomnia occurred suggesting that zopiclone may have even more significant problems of tolerance and dependence than the benzodiazepines. After 3 weeks of use mild to moderate rebound withdrawal symptoms appear upon discontinuation of zopiclone.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been taking zopiclone for 6 years to relieve sleep problems at first and then started to take them in the day to calm me..I am now up to about 10 7.% mg a day off the internet...I want this to stop now, I am also alcoholic but no longer drink, Im scared if I stop the zopiclone too quickly I will have seizures as I did with alcohol withdrawl....
Avatar m tn I was taking 100mgs oxycodone a day for chronic back and knee pain, 900mgs gabapentin also for chronic pain, also 3(7.5mg) zopiclone at night to sleep and 1.5(7.5mg) during the day to sleep. I have stopped the oxycodone cold turkey with bad withdrawals, now at 13 days. My question is can I safely stop the zopiclone cold turkey or do I need to slowly taper off it?
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed zopiclone 7.5mg for 4 weeks by my doctor. It was supposed to be 1 at night but i find 1/2 a tablet helps me get 6-7 good hrs which i am happy with. my question is will i get withdrawal from taking 1/2 tablet nightly for 4 weeks if i stop or will i need to taper? Also is it realistic to expect my liver to repair itself given time....i have no symptoms of liver damage....i'm asking just in case?
Avatar m tn How effective is Zopiclone as a sleeping aid?Is it effective?.
1622896 tn?1562364967 Hi my GP is cutting down my zopiclone i dont want him to so i am asking is it going to be easy or hard ???????
1634491 tn?1302410573 hi and welcome, i am not that familiar with zopiclone, but i do believe it can be addictive, and that it shouldnt be used with methadone, at least not without expert medical advice, someone with more experience will most likely be able to advise you, are you on a methadone program?
Avatar n tn Basically I mix trazodone and zopiclone because I was instructed to by the GP. When I needed to take more Zopiclone I first made sure there were no reported contraindications between it and trazodone anyway, and held back to two thirds the dosse of trazodone to part compensate for the increase in the other. I feel if anything, reporting that should hopefully clarify to anybody reading this that a mix of those two drugs is not of medical concern, as it was suggested by my GP.
Avatar m tn From March, 2010, I started to take zopiclone at the same time, the maxinum I had taken was 16pills/day and now I was taken 8-10pills/day. I found that I got weight loss, weakness, non stable mental all the days. I want to quit all of them but it seems very difficult because everyday I had to work for money. Could anyone tell me some good ideas to quit them? It would be very appriciate. thank you.
335728 tn?1331414412 Might I suggest adding as treatments for sleeplessness such as Amitriptyline and Zopiclone as well as some of the other prescription sleep aides that some people may take. I want to keep track of how often I require these aids to help me sleep so that I can report it to my physician. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I am taking zopiclone 1/2 of a 7.5 mg tablet. I would like to stop taking this medication. Can I use glycine powder to help me get off of the zopiclone?
Avatar m tn If these two drugs are cross tollerant will your physical addiction will just swap over and you'll go into withdrawl once you stop taking the zopiclone, even though zopiclone is not a benzo?
Avatar f tn With the stresses of school, have increases my use of zopiclone. Was on 3.75mg, then 7.5mg and up and down when possible to cut back or needed because of stress. Finished my RX Dec 26 and have been without it for about 7 days now. No tapering. Symptoms have included rebound insomnia, intense anxiety that runs through my body and stresses me out when night time approaches. Nausea. No appetite. Depressed. Anxious.
Avatar n tn August 2013. I know zopiclone is a non benzo "z class" drug. Question: in the category for benzo's in the UDS IS ZOPICLONE INCLUDED IN THIS CLASS.?
Avatar f tn I am currently using Zopiclone during the daytime as an anxiolytic and am worried about my overuse and addicition isssues. Would be glad of an y advice or suggestions as to how to cut down - this is really becoming a big scare for me.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me trazodone hydrochloride for anxiety, sumatriptan succinate for migraines, zopiclone for sleep, I've been told I can take the trazodone with zopiclone, but I have the new sumatriptan tablets, it says in the medical pamphlet that it is an MAO-A inhibitor and can't be taken with antidepressants/anxiety tablets. Would it be ok to take both the trazodone hydrochloride and the sumatriptin succinate together?
Avatar n tn Could it be a sleeping medication such as zopiclone, I have been tested for vitamin deficiancies and don't have those, I never drink any alcohol but I do take topriamate for seizures and zopiclone for sleep.
Avatar f tn Like I put in an earlier post I have been off zopiclone for 9 days now think I have managed the worse part but not sure , I still feel out of sorts, slightly nervous and muscle and neck ache, but heres the real question for all who would help My husband is taking me to punta cana sunday morning and the drugist says he thinks the worst is over too but thinks I should bring the existing prescription with me, I do take prestiq which im not in a big hurry to get off of but unsure as to what to do, a
Avatar f tn Anyone else experience excess sewating on sertraline been on it 10days now 8days at 50mg an 2 days at 100mg I.
Avatar n tn My hot flashes are now looked after by the ERT but the sleep problems aren’t. I have been on Zopiclone for the past 7 months; am now taking 5 mg at bedtime and 5 more mg in the middle of the night. I still wake up 6-8 times in between, never getting more than 2-3 hours at a stretch, am exhausted and moody. In January my PCP started me on Effexor XR and he wants to double it to 150mg help boost norepinephrine. I had a hard time with nausea when I started it and hesitate.
Avatar n tn I have taken zopiclone 7.5mg, remeron 15mg since late 2004. One year ago, I began sensing heaviness and vibration in my internal organ. Earlier this year, I had body check, but the dr said my renal, liver functioned well, except that my cholestral level is a bit high. When I stand up and walk, the heaviness, vibration feeling vanish. But when I lie down, the heavy feel reappear. Is there a solution? Is the heavy feel related to psyche drugs?