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Avatar f tn However, though your chances of developing ankylosing spondylitis are higher than the general population with HLA-B27 gene (because one parent has the disease), it is not necessary that you will develop the disease. So, let say there is a 50-50 chance. This also depends on the geographical area, the incidence of ankylosing spondylitis in your area and other environmental and genetic factors. Please discuss with a specialist in your area. Take care!
Avatar f tn feeling I have also had enormous trouble with sleep-which has just been diagnosed as Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, which could explain some of the fainting spells. I have had 5 lumbar punctures, which have indicated elevated incracranial pressure (ranging from 19-24 opening pressure), but the CSF fluid all came back clean-0 cell count in the fluid). The headache was temporarily relieved following the spinal taps, but only for about 24 hrs.
Avatar n tn I am 57 and have been sick for 27 years with mysterious illnesses with no answers, despite having good health insurance. Quite frankly, these results have answer many questions in the family. My mother woke up at the age of 59 with complete kidney failure from some in diagnosed autoimmune disorder after years of mysterious illnesses and fatigue with no answers. After 7 painful years on dialysis she died. We all need to spread the word..undiagnosed Celiac can KILL you.
443434 tn?1255891233 Although you do not possess the main HLA-DQB1 genes predisposing to celiac sprue (HLA-DQB1*0201 or HLA-DQB1*0302), HLA gene analysis reveals that you have two copies of a gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity (any DQ1, DQ2 not by HLA-DQB1*0201, or DQ3 not by HLA-DQB1*0302). Having two copies of a gluten sensitive gene means that each of your parents and all of your children (if you have them) will possess at least one copy of the gene.
Avatar f tn I'm a limbo lander and my new genius neuro just dx'ed me with narcolepsy w/ cataplexy. He did this based on how I described my fatigue. He said I was tired not fatigued. I've since been researching narcolepsy & cataplexy. Most of us complain about being fatigued but we don't go into details. My new neuro thankfully asked for details.
449658 tn?1211304322 I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am waiting on another appt. for further discussion on options to help me deal with day to day life. The below are my symptoms - does anyone have any other ideas about what this could be?
172411 tn?1287086265 and these HLA-DQ loci (area on the chromosome where the DQ genes are located) are in close genetic linkage to HLA-DR. Several of the HLA-DR antigens are associated with lupus. Sorry if it's not specific enough. If anyone's interested, I might have the journal articles saved. Warning: They might be pretty technical, I used to work in a DNA lab (not like "Splice", "Spawn" or "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and serology's not my strong suit.
Avatar n tn Having one copy of the HLA-B27 variant (of the HLA-B gene) causes an increased risk to develop ankylosing spondylitis; however, most people with this variant do not develop any symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis even when inherited from an affected parent. We all have two copies of the HLA-B gene - we inherit one copy from each parent.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with narcolepsy approx. 5 yrs. ago. I haven't gone for another sleep study since, nor has my doctor seem to ever remember that I have narcolepsy. I am his only patient with narcolepsy, and if I ever end up in his office, it seems like he always forgets that I have narcolepsy. I don't believe he has a good understanding of this. Any suggestions. I am in the process of trying to switch my doctor, but in the meanwhile, I have been more tired lately than usual.
Avatar f tn // This website has a lot of information. Good luck!
Avatar m tn HLA-DR4 is a cell surface receptor encoded by the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex on chromosome 6. HLA were originally defined as cell surface antigens that mediate graft-versus-host disease, which resulted in the rejection of tissue transplants in mismatched donors. HLA-DR4 is also involved in some autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, phemphigus, obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, IgA nephropathy, and polymyalgia rheumatica.
4592241 tn?1359813138 I know this is an old post but am hoping that you get this message. I was just diagnosed with Narcolepsy also and I am a recovering Meth addict. My doc knows my history and I am struggling to get the appropriate help here.
Avatar n tn Hey, I was simply wondering, do you drink a lot of milk? And did you do so as a child? I was simply wondering, since a relative of mine has had the same experience as you with the same HLA B27 gene variation and severe Raynaud's. The moment she started drinking milk, it helped a lot.
Avatar m tn If a child has the HLAB27 maker and one parent has been tested and shown not to have it, must the other parent have it or can it skip a generation and actually have been inherited from a grandparent? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/954170'>HLA-B27</a>.
Avatar f tn t been doing so well, having a hard time dealing with things... but, I was just wondering, if narcolepsy is a common thing with Chiari 1, or if any of you happen to have it? I have tried to do some googling on it but, I haven't found too much on it.. most everything I found is on apnea.
Avatar n tn My mother is positive for hla b27 and is having pretty severe issues with her eyes, spine, knees ect. I have been married for about 1 1/2 years now and we are considering starting a family. Should I be tested for this marker considering the "black mark" it can put on a record? If I am positive for it as well what are the odds of passing it on to my children?
Avatar n tn The HLA-B27 gene associated with ankylosing spondylitis can also affect the eyes can present with inflammation of the iris or iritis. The outlook for such conditions is very much dependent upon the location and severity of its manifestations. Establishing a definite diagnosis would definitely help in determining the management. Close monitoring and regular follow-ups with his doctors and specialists including ophthalmologist and gastroenterologist are highly recommended.
1549643 tn?1495759353 maryalice40, I see that your symptoms, high ANA and high anti-U1-RNP are consistent with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Studies find ANA positivity common, even in healthy people , according to an article in the ProHealth website titled : "Tired, Aching, ANA-positive: Do You Have Lupus or Fibromyalgia?" By David Blumenthal, M.D., Dept. of Rheumatic and Immunologic Diseases, The Cleveland Clinic.
Avatar m tn memory problems, insomnia symptoms, chronic pain, taste hallucinations, smell hallucinations, and twitchy feelings in muscles are actually very characteristic of narcolepsy with cataplexy, and it can be exacerbated by the hormone shifts that happen with menstrual cycles. In fact, often times, people don't have "Bells Palsy," but cataplexy. Viruses and some vaccines (namely the H1N1) can actually precipitate this, but it can happen seemingly in random fashion, too.
Avatar f tn Although you do not possess the main HLA-DQB1 genes predisposing to celiac sprue (HLA-DQB1*0201 or HLA-DQB1*0302), HLA gene analysis reveals that you have two copies of a gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity (any DQ1, DQ2 other than by HLA-DQB1*0201, or DQ3 other than by HLA-DQB1*0302). Furthermore, HLA-DQ2 genes other than by HLA-DQB1*0201 can be associated with celiac sprue in rare cases.
Avatar n tn See a sleep center. Recurrent "Bells Palsy" is actually very characteristic of narcolepsy with cataplexy. In fact, often times, it's not "Bells Palsy," but cataplexy. Viruses and some vaccines (namely the H1N1) can actually precipitate this, but it can happen seemingly in random fashion, too. It doesn't look the way you think it looks. Common misdiagnoses are depression, epilepsy, and migraines.