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Avatar f tn Notice in the second video how the friend of the aggressive nugget seeker tries to justify the nugget seeker's actions: VIDEO 1: VIDEO 2 : http://www2.nbc4i.
268356 tn?1236002604 I spend alot of time in the pregnancy forums right now. Some of us have small clips of our ultrasounds and/or audio of baby's heartbeat. It would be great if we could post these. Since they tend to take up a lot of room, some restrictions would be okay, such as size and amount of time kept on server.
695915 tn?1228665952 I just watched his video - this is Dr. Kantor's request for Pepsi and their current promotion of funding special projects, to give money for his research. He is not hesitant to jump on the bandwagon and say there is a need for more studies. He also did a number of video reports from the ECTRIMS conference in Sweden and has a number of youtube clips.
Avatar f tn OK, just watched the video clips. First on earth does ANYONE get pregnant??? There are so many technical things that have to happen "just right"!! Holy Moly!! LOL!
572651 tn?1530999357 A while back I tried to start a tread of excellent resources on the web, via you tube and other video clips. maybe we should try a new thread and gather more information. I love all the freebies on-line.
Avatar f tn (I guess this is technically called a 4D ultrasound, since time is the 4th dimension) but it was totally cool! We got to take the video clips home on a CD and it was amazing to share. I wish I could post it here cause it is sooooooooooooo cool. When I was 12w+2d I also had a 4D ultrasound, and i posted a still shot of that in my profile of the two babies next to eachother.
Avatar f tn D I also got 6 printed pictures of baby and a CD with more and even two little video clips of baby! He sure wasn't shy and we got a cute baby kick on the video. I am so grateful and I had to share the exciting news.
206807 tn?1331936184 I didn’t copy and paste any of the article because it’s not the point of this post. It’s the Video I wish everyone would watch. Why don’t our leaders have an advisory board made up of people like this man? The Video is 27.5 minutes long. If you don’t have time, I suggest 6:00-2:15 and 17:00-27.32. Finally, a breath of fresh air. http://hotair.
Avatar f tn I've been dealing with a form of dysautonomia since 2006, it has now turned into pots. I'm scheduled for a pacemaker right before Thanksgiving. I wear the stockings, eat salt and massive water. I have extreme fatigue regardless of what I anemia...take b12, vit d is ok..but the past 6-8 months I've experienced extreme sleepiness almost to the narcolepsy life which was already fractured due to the other horrible symptoms has pretty much come to a stand still...
Avatar m tn You could research vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). There are several video clips of breathing techniques on the web. This could be the cause of your difficulty. VCD is a spasm of the vocal cords that can be triggered by many things including crying, singing and laughing. I hope that helps you and that you find answers soon. Feel better and have a blessed New Year.
Avatar m tn t have a second floor. There were lotsof other pics presented against video clips of people who were supposed to be family members of the victims, yet there were pics of what looked like the exact same their FB pages...under different names. I don't give much attention to conspiracy theories, but I have to say, some of them DO raise some questions and make you think a little.
Avatar f tn Hello. My 11 year old son was diagnosed at 8 with TS. A couple of months ago, he started to collapse. There would be nothing that would trigger or warn of this collapse. You would just turn around and he would be on the ground. He would often be out for 1 to 4 minutes. When he came to, he would yawn, stretch and immediately go back to whatever he was doing. He is now experiencing 10 to 20 of these episodes a day.
2018891 tn?1329003897 Hi everyone I was diagnosed in 2010 with Narcolepsy & Cataplexy. One thing that I've been wondering, does anyone here get a severe headache after a cataplexic episode/sleep attack? I was in the hospital for a week in october because I kept "passing out" although that's not what I called it. I would feel strange, fall over, and be completely limp for 30ish seconds. Then I would get up and sometimes have trouble walking and a few hours later I would get a MASSIVE headache.
Avatar f tn They have a huge range and the cost is low aswell. Plus they show little video clips on the system itself and sometimes you can find videos about them on YouTube.
Avatar m tn Last night, I was watching video clips on some of the speakers, I couldn't view all of them or the entire video. I have not seen Dr. Horowitz video. I will try again today. Is Malaria the same thing as Gulf War Illness? My grandfather had Malaria, he just recently passed away at 92.. He lived a great long life, but I was wondering if Malaria is a different term for Lyme or am I way off base! Still sometimes clueless about some things, but I try to learn as much as I can.
Avatar f tn Now I find out that the surgical clips were left in after the surgery. I am just wondering if anybody knows about the long term effects of these clips being left in. Every Dr. I have been to says they are no problem. Reading comments on different web sites from people they are saying they have pain and the Drs. will not admit there is a chance the clips are causing pain.
1020778 tn?1262836304 Metal clips in the stomach??? Can someone please let me know if doctors use Metal clips after appendix removal.
Avatar f tn I am diagnosis with narcolepsy and have had symptoms for 5 years now. I have been taking 500 mg. of nuvigil for over 2 years. Plus, 60 mg of adderall a day. My symptoms have slowed down a little, but I have to take 2 naps a day and not drive anywhere. I have sleep studies twice a year and it seems to get worse each time. Its very aggravating to me! It seems like something would help. I see a team of specialists at Vanderbilt, but I need something else, but what? Anyone have any suggestions?
1287446 tn?1313947638 Hi everyone. I am not familiar with Narcolepsy or sleep disorders in general but my sleep has always been different. Typically, I fight daytime sleepiness with caffeine. In prior years, the caffeine has been a lot but I’ve lowered it significantly.
Avatar f tn I have Narcolepsy- My vitamin B 12 level is 235- should it be higher for my condition?
Avatar f tn Although the pt has RLS and PLMS, the arousal associated with these do not likely explain EDS- given a short overall sleep and REM latency, consider narcolepsy clinically. I had 156 arousals, 110 spontaneous, the rest due to limb movement. I also spent most of my sleep time in sleep stages 1 and 2, whith REM episodes scattered randomly. I had no time in stage 3, and when I had REM sleep it was from wake to REM with no progression through the other cycles.