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306867 tn?1299249709 McCain supporters if you go watch this video , I will in turn watch a video clip about Obama. Just pick one. thttp://my.barackobama.
Avatar m tn So my source that has a video clip is somehow irrelevant? Because the clip is somehow not truthful?
206807 tn?1331936184 Bill is knowledgeable, bright, articulate and liberal. Charlie looked like a stooge in that clip.
365714 tn?1292199108 I like what D.J. Savarese answered when asked, "Should Autism be treated?" "Yes, treated with respect." Here is another video I found while surfing. I remember a few people here had comments/issues with hand flapping, rocking, etc. See if you can guess who that is at the end of the video clip. ;)
1396846 tn?1332459510 I found this video on you tube explaing what it is like to have MS. To me it was a good reference to some of the symptoms. But I thought maybe you could give some imput.
695915 tn?1228665952 I just watched his video - this is Dr. Kantor's request for Pepsi and their current promotion of funding special projects, to give money for his research. He is not hesitant to jump on the bandwagon and say there is a need for more studies. He also did a number of video reports from the ECTRIMS conference in Sweden and has a number of youtube clips.
Avatar f tn I've been dealing with a form of dysautonomia since 2006, it has now turned into pots. I'm scheduled for a pacemaker right before Thanksgiving. I wear the stockings, eat salt and massive water. I have extreme fatigue regardless of what I anemia...take b12, vit d is ok..but the past 6-8 months I've experienced extreme sleepiness almost to the narcolepsy life which was already fractured due to the other horrible symptoms has pretty much come to a stand still...
365714 tn?1292199108 Just let me know what you are copying and I'll than likely be okay with you sharing anything I wrote about autism. I like to help in what ways I can. ;) This was stuff I posted in the autism forum (combining two posts), that I'd like to repost here: (more links to some really cool stuff) And here's the link to her blog: She picks out what the news reporters got innacurate. I also find her cliff analogy interesting. I like what D.J.
Avatar f tn Hello. My 11 year old son was diagnosed at 8 with TS. A couple of months ago, he started to collapse. There would be nothing that would trigger or warn of this collapse. You would just turn around and he would be on the ground. He would often be out for 1 to 4 minutes. When he came to, he would yawn, stretch and immediately go back to whatever he was doing. He is now experiencing 10 to 20 of these episodes a day.
616227 tn?1251076398 // This Is Just A Killer Clip That Will Want Rush Your Adrenaline Flow! Do you have a motivational quote or a video you would like to share with us today? Share it if you have one! And let's get inspired!
382218 tn?1341181487 http://www. huffingtonpost .com/2010/04/01/olbermann-apologizes-to-m_n_521223.html "Keith Olbermann apologized to Houston news anchor Melanie Lawson Wednesday night on "Countdown," just one day after airing an embarrassing clip that showed Lawson falling out of her chair during a live broadcast. The reason for Olbermann's apology? It turns out that Lawson has multiple sclerosis, which might help to explain the incident.
2018891 tn?1329003897 Hi everyone I was diagnosed in 2010 with Narcolepsy & Cataplexy. One thing that I've been wondering, does anyone here get a severe headache after a cataplexic episode/sleep attack? I was in the hospital for a week in october because I kept "passing out" although that's not what I called it. I would feel strange, fall over, and be completely limp for 30ish seconds. Then I would get up and sometimes have trouble walking and a few hours later I would get a MASSIVE headache.
Avatar f tn So you got some nut bag out there that posts a video clip and passes this off to the public without doing his homework.So he can make a point with the naacp. Even at this womans expense Then you got the other nutjobs on fox news running with it, and oh man were they running with it! I thought they was gonna pea themselves! Doesnt OReily say get the facts firs? Well billie boy you missed the boat on this one!
691935 tn?1421027090 Tip of the iceberg,what really goes on behind closed doors is not seen,and if it is,its sweep under the mat ,fast. "Nobody knows where you are, How near or how far. Shine on you crazy diamond".
1394262 tn?1369625192 Anyway, I watched a Japanese video clip on how to make a baby stop crying immediately & that's how I came to learn of this gurgling trick,. Unfortunately, the thing is babies only stop crying for as long as you continue to make that noise... And it is tiring to keep on gurgling. Haha. Well, if u have a recorder, that will be good. Unfortunately, I don't...
572651 tn?1530999357 //www.wimp.
189192 tn?1261341628 wooohooo! He's doing so good! That centipede is just too cute! He's crawlin and before you know it, he'll be racin across your kitchen floor!!! Noah is still rockin back and forth on his knees and scooting backwards...I think he's too chubby to carry himself...
Avatar f tn I never had a video monitor one but definatly is something that im considering now with a 3 year old in the house with a baby due in october. I would love that peace of mine. But I did always have monitors I got them as a babyshower gift with my first and I could hear every little noise with the 40.00 ones you can buy anywhere. But that was also 7 years ago and like you im considering the ones with video.
Avatar m tn // Looks similar , but keeps pulsing in a space of three seconds. This doesn't bother my Vision, I can see clearly, if I turn on the lights this annoyance stops. This "lightshow" does not happens all the time. This isnt a migraine. What I want to know is if someone experience this too. I don't make any use of any illicit drug, I dont smoke.
Avatar m tn MSNBC's Bashir apologizes to young viewers 'frightened' by Krauthammer’s face By Noel Sheppard Published November 09, 2012 The childish unprofessionalism on display at MSNBC is becoming breathtaking. Anchor Martin Bashir on Wednesday jokingly apologized to young viewers who might have been “frightened by” Charles Krauthammer's face in a video clip that was aired on his show.
Avatar m tn i was fixing a problem on my ten year old sons computer and found a video of him and two male friends in the shower,my problem is how did it get there because he doesnt have type camera of any kind,no web cam,no digital,and no cell phone and neither does his friend and the video was done in his privet bathroom and im not sure what to do or how to ask him about it?
486038 tn?1300063367 This clip from ABC news says that labs may not be regulated by the FDA? Seems they goofed on Vitamin D levels and told Dr.'s they were normal when they were actually low, a very interesting video. hope this goes through.