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Avatar f tn July last year diagnosed with Uveitis bilateral and intermediate. Still combating that and trying to find the cause. On Methotrexate. Do have mild psoriasis so they are blaming that. But I have my doubts. Few months ago had like shock waves in my head. About 3-5 quick ones in a row off and on all day. No pain just weird feeling. Lasted about a month then quit for a couple of weeks only to return for another week.
Avatar f tn The Pravogil has helped some but the rest of the stimulants seem to be just candy. No effect. ? narcolepsy/hypersomnia but still testing and trying meds. In July of 2009 I was dx with Uveitis bilateral and intermediate. Had to go on Methotrexate before able to keep from coming back as soon as eye drops were stopped. They think this is from the Psoriasis. The methotrexate does not do a thing for the outer skin break outbreak.
1233210 tn?1267684288 The most widely used classification of uveitis is the one devised by the International Uveitis Study Group (IUSG) in 1987, based on the anatomical location of the inflammation. This classification includes anterior uveitis (iritis, iridocyclitis, and anterior cyclitis), intermediate uveitis (para planitis, posterior cyclitis, and hyalitis), and posterior uveitis (focal, multifocal, or diffuse choroiditis, chorioretinitis, retinitis, and neuroretinitis).
Avatar m tn actually be experienced by pwMS, if it is caused specifically by MS is difficult to pin down, the uveitis stats are quite small when they are looking at a possible connection for uveitis as a sx of MS. To explain what i'm trying to say, one example of the disparity would be the larger number of dx uveitis patients in a study and the MSers are commonly in the minoriety eg 1267 uveitis patents and only 41 dx MSers. Which is just over a 3% sample base and means the other 96.
Avatar f tn Shingles (herpes Zoster) can cause uveitis but generally only if the attack is on the face near the eye such as involving the upper and lower eyelid. If on the back or stomach or below the waist not likely a cause of eye uveitis. Stress does not cause uvieitis. If it did there would be huge outbreaks following stress induced disasters like the earthquake in Haiti.
Avatar n tn I've recently been diagnosed with Uveitis after experiencing eye pain and loss of vision in my left eye. The resident opthamologist I saw 2 days ago told me it's probably a result of a "systemic" underlying condition and prescribed a regimen of medicinal drops in order to treat this aggressively. He wouldn't say if the damage was permanent. Does any one know what the chances are for me to regain my vision?
Avatar f tn Based on retrospective studies with cohorts of n ≥ 1,000 patients, we estimate that the prevalence of MS among patients with uveitis is ∼1%, and the prevalence of uveitis among patients with MS is ∼1%, which in both cases is considerably higher than in the general population according to studies on prevalence in western countries. Results from larger studies are to be assumed as the closest to a true estimate.
Avatar n tn I saw three ophthalmologists, inluding a Chairman of tesahing Hospital and many so called uveitis specialists inNY area.They treated me as new onset uveitis at 58,while I was detatching retina. None sent me Retina. I saw one on friday and on saturday morning there was curtain. I had some pain but never classical uveitis inflammation. The chairman said he does not see inflammatory cells but still treated me as uveitis. Do you think they should have thought of tear masquedring??
Avatar n tn As I came to know that Steroid is the only option for treating Uveitis I am afraid of both (TB and Uveitis) the medicines that will add extra weights in her body. Any solution to that? Or any expert comment to help me.
Avatar f tn I have now had 5 bouts of acute uveitis since the end of April, a little over a month. Despite a course of oral prednisone, steroid drops X 3 per day and 1500mg of antivirals, I still got another attack last night. Ironically, yesterday I had a followup with the doc and he lowered the drops and pills to twice a day because the eye looked perfect. Why does this keep happening?
Avatar f tn I have had uveitis (inflamtion in both eyes ) for 3 yrs now been living on predasone drops and ive had blood test to run out different diease's and to this day no one seem's to know what is causing this. it all started after i went to chiroprator and he poped my neck and 5 mins my eye's went red and was in ER with inflamtion in eye . can having your neck poped cause this . my left eye is now having blurry vision . will this ever go away?
Avatar m tn Hi, I had LASIK on Aug 15. Doctor put me on TobraDex 2 Drops every 2 Hours for the firs day. Second Day he reduced the dosage to 4 drops a day but I mis understood & but 2 drops in each eye 4 times a day. After a week the doctor measured My eye pressure & noted it was a little high. He gave me Alphagan 2 drops a day to control the IOP and asked me to take the topradex 4 times a day for 1 week (one drop each time), then gradually reduce the dosage by one drop every week.
Avatar m tn redness in one eye (other eye has some under slit lamp) No loss of vision Very infrequent pain - approx 1 day/month when I move my eyes - dull, not sharp I am concerned that I might have scleritis which is the worse of the three? My opthamologist did dilute my pupils and noticed that my redness didn't blanche completely. Is that a sign of scelritis and not epicscleritis? She has sent me in for a consult with a uveitis scheudled next week.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, Thanks for your comments. I did seek help yesterday and you are right on target. I was diagnosed with mild anterior uveitis. I was given Bromofenac once daily for 5 days. Lukily there was no damage to the retina. I was informed that I should get better in 5-7 days.
Avatar n tn from my research on line i think ive made myself beleive i have Uveitis. if he said my eyes were perfect with no problems did he look for diseases like that? he would have noticed if something was wrong like uveitis right?? he said my eyes looked just how a 27 year olds eyes should look. he wouldnt have missed it right? just alittle worried.
Avatar f tn You asked for responces from people diagnosed with uveitis. I certainly have a lot of patients with uveitis including a 24 year old with bilateral acute iritis that came in last week. There may be more we don't know about uveitis than we do know. Many schools of medicine have an ophthalmologist that specializes in unveitis. A rheumatologist is also helpful. You live in New Jersy there are a lot of good ophthalmology departments in that area.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Uveitis and my vision is getting progressively worse. I have used 8 different drops (I am what they call steriod resistent), have had four injections into my eye and surgery to remove fluid and floaters. I have been tested by a rheumatologist, have had an MRI and Catscan. Nothing shows up on any tests other than a meningioma 10 centimeters on the right side. My question is, can you suggest any other avenue of treatment for me.
Avatar f tn Hi have been using Durezol for my uveitis every hour for the first week. my vision got blurred.
Avatar f tn It is almost surely related to the uveitis. The standard treatment of anterior uveitis (iritis) is to dilate the pupil with eye drops (they have a red top) and keep it dilated to prevent scarring of the pupil in the constricted position and steroid eye drops. So if you used mydriatics (atropine, homatropine, cyclogel) with a red top that is probably the cause OR your doctor could have put long acting drops like atropine in the eye. You need to discuss.
Avatar f tn t get answers anywhere else. I know some people on here have had uveitis and I am wondering, does your eye turn red??? I have tons of crazy probs with my eyes and my list of sx's is everything on the list for uveitis except for red eye. I have been checked for ON with negative results on exam, VEP, and MRI. I have an appt with an opthamologist next Friday (again), but I was just curious if I had that uveitis thing would my eye be obviously red and inflamed?
Avatar n tn Hey there! I am going to be getting cataract surgery soon (which developed from a retinal insert) and have a condition known as uveitis... They have told me that a "monofocal lens" is the best way to go because my eye is "going to go through a lot of changes" and "in case anything bad happens"... I don't know what this means...
1063463 tn?1302274619 1, following six months without uveitis, I had the resulting cataract removed and I am still ok uveitis-wise, fingers crossed, and can now see better than ever. So I am interested in your case and wish I could offer some insight. I agree with Dr. Hagan that the eye MD could/should refer you to a rheumatologist based solely on uveitis -- mine nagged me about it and wrote out a note for his files.
634733 tn?1316625992 because of the relationship between Uveitis and over 90 different pathogens and autoimmune disease processes we suggest that individuals with recurrent or chronic uveitis be treated by an uveitis specialist" THEY DO LIST MS AS ONE OF THE MANY AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES. KEEP LURKING AND STOP AND SAY HI TO US EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, OK?
Avatar n tn t have anterior uveitis. The symptoms for anterior uveitis are extreme pain, photophobia, redness by the iris and decreased vision. If you develop any of those syptoms, call your optometrist right away. But I think you are on the mend, it will just take time to heal.
Avatar f tn If you have floaters because of inflammation in the back of the eye (posterior uveitis) then that work up is appropriate. Many of those are not diseases but tests. Ask your MD if you have uveitis. If so you need a work up.
Avatar f tn of 2009 I had 4 major surgeries and a huge post op infection. 6 months later I developed Uveitis of my eyes they say is from my Psoriasis, I have gotten new patches where I have never had them before and topical treatment is not working well this time, and I have severe fatigue to where I will fight to stay awake when talking to someone and driving is just not possible for more than 5 miles before I get sleepy.
Avatar f tn After 5 weeks I got uveitis. Is that a symptom for seroconversion? I have tested -ve at 6 weeks for antibody his test . Should I check again at 12 week?