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Avatar f tn I hate not knowing and trying to find ways to make it through the day. Also you might want to look at narcolepsy. I thought I might have Narcolepsy, since I have the hullicinations sometimes. When the doctor told me I had hypersomnia I asked if he was sure it was not narcolepsy. He told me one of the differences is naps help people with narcolepsy, but not those with hypersomnia. And napping never made sense to me, because it did nothing to relieve the tiredness.
Avatar f tn Hello, Lifestyle treatment of narcolepsy includes taking three or more scheduled naps throughout the day. Patients should also avoid heavy meals and alcohol, which can interfere with sleep. Drugs which have been used for narcolepsy are Modafinil (Provigil) or Armodafinil. You should try the lifestyle measures first before going in for medicines.
Avatar f tn You may get lot more information regarding the cause, symptoms, necessary investigations and treatment of narcolepsy as you go through this link: Are you suffering from narcolepsy? Take care and share your thoughts.
Avatar n tn I was skeptical about it because I thought the phentermine is what makes you lose the weight. She said phentermine is ONLY an appetite supressant....and if I could control my own appetite that I would still have the results just by getting the lipo-vite injections. She said the injections are what breaks down the fat and liquifies it, so if I drink plenty of water and decrease my well...I will still have the same results. Does anyone else get injections without taking pills?
1397822 tn?1294279534 Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine with pharmacologic activity similar to amphetamines. Actions include central nervous system stimulation and elevation of blood pressure. As with other medications in this class mood effects are quite variable. But there are case reports of mania and psychosis, so it probably does have somewhat of a "mood elevating" effect.
Avatar n tn I am thinking that is what this is, and it said the only treatment for it is to stop taking Phentermine. Have you heard anything about that?
Avatar m tn My daughter was 12 years old at the time a Dr. put her on 37.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed with Narcolepsy. Have history of pituitary microadnoma high prolactin. PCOD historectamy 2002 On dostinex. Can something in my brain cause this. I am now on ritalin 20SR twice a day. Awake but body still tired. Also that thyroid medication had it irradiated a year ago Due to high levels. Is there any other answer for sleeping so much. Or am I just in denial.
Avatar n tn I'm in the process of switching to a new dentist and the new patient form I had to fill out asked "Have you ever taken any combination of the drug known as 'fen-phen'. This includes phentermine (Adipex, Fastin, etc) and/or fenfluramine (Pondimin)." What does it matter if I have taken this? I haven't taken fen-phen, but I have and do occasionally take phentermine?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with narcolepsy at age 25, took adderall ufor 5 yrs. then stopped for 1 yr to become pregnant. I took pro vigil for appr. 6,so. W/0 any help, des. Increased med and it sent me into violent emotions. I have had a recent MRI because of headaches. I need hello. I don't want the diagnosis of narcolepsy but I can't live like this.
729135 tn?1247495402 Regarding genetic testing for narcolepsy, positive test results indicate a susceptibility to narcolepsy but do not definatively diagnose narcolepsy. Positive genetic tests results are used to support a clinical diagnosis of narcolepsy. We recommend that you speak with your doctor regarding your symptoms and test results as well as to discuss the most appropriate course of treatment for your specific situation. We wish you the best.
1745492 tn?1320198340 My husband was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy about 5 years ago and the narcolepsy is under control with 200 mg of Provigil. He had hypnogogic hallucinations, body jerks when falling sleep, imaginary conversations with no one, talked in his sleep, fell asleep driving, talking and even in activities you'd never imagine a male would fall asleep. He appears to always have had it since about puberty but it got worse as his sleep apnea did.
Avatar f tn I have had narcolepsy (and sleep apnea) for a long time. I had had three bariatric surgeries over the past 14 years, and my drs have wondered if some of my meds are not being absorbed properly or at the right rate, yet no one has done any kind of 'test' to determine that. I have tried everything possible for my narcolepsy---the ritalin patches, elixir ritalin.......etc, provigil, other meds....and of course xyrem. I take dextroamphetamine daily, even though it does litte...
Avatar n tn I have been taking phentermine for three weeks, 37 mg once a day in the morning and I haven't lost any weight. What's going on? Shouldn't I have lost some weight by now?
Avatar n tn out here that will see me and give me a RX for phentermine. I lost 40 lb on it when I lived in Maryland. I just had a baby and need a little help.
Avatar f tn Hi everybody I just wanted to ask around about Phentermine...1 year ago I gave birth to twin starting weight before pregnancy was the time I delivered I was at 288 I gained over 100lbs.. I'm only down to 270 gross I Dr. Wants me to start taking Phentermine ....she said she atleast wants to see me at 170...I got a long way to go..can anyone tell me about Phentermine or maybe have a story they would be interested in sharing with me...
Avatar f tn Back in June this year (2010), I started taking Phentermine for weight loss. About a week into the treatment I had an intensely itchy hive wheal on my right hand and also itchy skin on the backs of my legs just under my buttocks. I thought it could have been a dust allergy because I know I'm allergic to dust, among many other things. I went off the Phentermine, and the wheal never went away, but it didn't bother me too much either.
Avatar n tn m curious why more studies have not been conducted to study the correlation between phentermine and acne? Acne is not listed as a possible side effect of phentermine, but phentermine is considered a methamphetamine; methamphetamines are known to causes acne. I am a biology teacher and am frustrated that medical professionals are not confirming the overwhelming reports of acne being associated with phentermine. Is it a conspiracy????
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced irretability or aggitation while taking Phentermine? I have only been taking it for two days and I've already noticed how irritable I am.
612876 tn?1355514495 t know if this same answer will fit, but I wanted to share in case this information could possibly help someone else who is experiencing this paralysis. Apparently, I have narcolepsy (with cataplexy); by taking a very detailed history all the way back into my early childhood, they were able to determine that I had the narcolepsy BEFORE I had POTS, but the cataplexy only showed up when I started having syncope.
Avatar f tn some backgrougnd info so people can advise me. I starting using the phentermine after i stopped using cocaine after 15 years and gained a lot of weight. dr. 1st prescribed to loose weight because he did not know I was a recovering addict, and wala plecibo! I feel all i did was trade the illegal drug for a legal one, although i have purchased phentermine off the internet for years.
Avatar f tn PHENTERMINE definatly gets your heart racing for alot of people, it did me. I have heard not to combine any antidepressants with phentermine the prescription form that is.