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Avatar f tn 6mm pineal cyst. My General Practioner at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale told me the MRI was negative, the pineal cyst wouldn't cause my symptoms and that was it. I went home and Googled pineal cyst & my symptoms match that of a symptomatic pineal cyst. I made an appt with the Neurology dept at Mayo but my GP put in comments that my Opth and Neuro-Opth appts returned negative results (not true) and so did the MRI.
627388 tn?1222198212 Has anyone from the MS forum ever seek treatment for their MS at the Mayo Clinic? If so, how was your as your experience with physicians from the clinic? I am considering driving up to Mayo at some point if my neurologist in town can't definatively diagnosis me.
1264955 tn?1381782221 Has anybody here been to the neurology clinic at the Mayo or in their inpatient pain treatment program?
Avatar m tn Some here on the board are not real pleased with the Mayo clinic. It seems they have their own set of standards to give out a dx of MS. I personally know nothing about them and wish you the best....hoping for that answer.
Avatar f tn I have just made an appointment for a full work up at the Mayo Clinic, does anyone know the tests involved and how much they charge? Thank you!
582396 tn?1259863489 I am over the moon excited that DH got a 5-10 day appointment at Mayo Clinic - Dec. 10. Anyone have any experiences on what to expect etc?
87972 tn?1322661239 s too far for typical treatment care but sometimes the docs around here have ties to Mayo and use consults with the Mayo docs to help in their treatment of local patients. A friend of mind went through treatment with the docs at Gundersen Clinic in LaCrosse...about 90 miles from Milwaukee. The Gundersen docs did consult with Mayo during her treatment.
553283 tn?1409694311 Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic are obviously both top-flight medical centers, so the choice between the two would not be so much "which is better, Cleveland or Mayo;" it would be which one has a doctor or program that is more specialized to what you need.
Avatar f tn However that does not preclude therapeutic trials as have been recommended to you at the Mayo Clinic. You might also want to ask your Mayo Allergist if there are yet other drug therapy possibilities that might be worth a trial.
Avatar f tn I think one of the main issues some people have with Mayo is its conservative approach to treatment. Mayo claims that in early MS with mild symptoms, no treatment is necessary. This flies in the face of what is generally agreed to by other MS facilities, that treating MS early provides patients with the best chance of slowing down the disease process, minimizing the number of releases in RRMS, and mitigating permanent neurological damage.
486038 tn?1300063367 I've not been to the Jacksonville Mayo or the MS clinic in Houston, I'm sorry about that. I have heard a lot of good things about the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and Dr. Elliot Frohman who works there. I'm sure if you google his name you can find out much more than I can tell you about, here.
Avatar m tn Truthfully, I've heard one of the best MS Clinics in the US is the Mellen Center at Cleveland Clinic. You might try checking out They list all the clinics available, etc. My neuro said the clinic at Cincinatti isn't that great but thinks Cleveland Clinic is really good. I've never heard of the Mayo Clinic being highly rated for MS, but more for heart desease.
1166523 tn?1264364643 Hi janereed, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in Oct 09. When I first walked in it was a dr that was training to be a consulting dr and he told me that they believed I had a stroke and that I was gonna stay like I was without improving. Well I blew up at him because he hadn't even examined me or anything. And all my other dr's from home had ruled out a stroke and said MS. Well the consulting dr. (Dr. Keegan) came in and did an examination and was very nice.
729135 tn?1247495402 Regarding genetic testing for narcolepsy, positive test results indicate a susceptibility to narcolepsy but do not definatively diagnose narcolepsy. Positive genetic tests results are used to support a clinical diagnosis of narcolepsy. We recommend that you speak with your doctor regarding your symptoms and test results as well as to discuss the most appropriate course of treatment for your specific situation. We wish you the best.
Avatar f tn is positive, I have spoken to my doctor and it has been decided that we will try to get into Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for their new Alcohol ablation treatment for resisitant, recurrent thyroid cancers. Was wondering if anyone has does this treatment?
Avatar f tn Vanderbilt has a full autonomic testing clinic and Mayo Jacksonville has a partial autonomic testing clinic. There are tests at Vanderbilt that Mayo J. doesn't have (in fact some of the ones they're planning on doing on you), and likely you DO need to have those tests if you have generalized dysautonomia rather than "just" POTS.
655875 tn?1295695107 t hear back from them right away - I requested an appointment with the Mayo Clinic and it was almost a year before I heard back from them! If your current docs office does the request/referral, though, it should go a lot faster.
Avatar f tn Mayo Clinic provides the following information and is one of a few medical centers in the United States that performs the maze procedure, a highly complex surgical treatment option for atrial fibrillation. Mayo Clinic heart surgeons are highly skilled and have years of experience with this technique. The maze procedure can cure atrial fibrillation by creating barriers to the electrical pathways, in the form of scar tissue, in the atria (the heart's upper chambers).
Avatar f tn I decided that I should travel to the United States and hopefully get a diagnosis. I know that Mayo clinic and Cleveland clinic have a good dysautonomia clinics but I don't know which one should I choose so I would appreciate any suggestions !!! Also I know healthcare in the US is so expensive and since I don't have insurance I wonder how much such a visit to one of those hospitals will roughly cost ?I know it's hard to tell but I'm asking for a roughly cost. Thanks.
Avatar f tn i have gotten with my sleep clinic and yes it is cats that i have i have to go back next week for one more official test and then he is going to prescribe me a mediicine specifically for cats i have no idea what it is but am willing to try it.
1166523 tn?1264364643 I will be going to the Mayo Clinic if FL to their MS specialist to confirm or deny MS in Feb. I am very excited about , hopefully, getting some answers. Has anyone here been to the Mayo Clinic? I was wondering what to expect and if anyone knew anything about Dr. Sheuster (sp?). I will be seeing her. Thanks!
499534 tn?1328704178 I am looking into Sanoviv hospital instead of Mayo clinic. I know people personally who have gone there and gotten fixed. One of my close friends has thyroid issues and hep C and went there. She has more energy than a teen. First thing they did was put her on Westhroid and spent 3 days running diagnostic tests. They give you a panel of doctors who all work together in your diagnostics and treatment. I am saving up to go there....
Avatar n tn Mayo Clinic doesn't list arm weakness as a symptom of Bell's palsy. Can you tell me your source of that information?
Avatar f tn I think that my digestive system got tight and has problems from the SIBO I had last year that was diagnosed by the mayo clinic. The Mayo Clinic says the SIBO is gone, but has most likely left me with these other problems that I am seeking treatment from the Mayo Clinic right now. Hope these new treatments work for me and hope this information might help you.
Avatar f tn S. News top ten neurology hospitals in the country, which includes the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Methodist Hospital in Houston, UCLA, and Boston Mass. Neurontin and Lyrica help nerve pain, I take the latter, but it's awfully potent.