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1580703 tn?1651904887 my face is still paralyzed and my eye doesn't close. I think the eye muscle was paralyzed when it went blind or grey for a few seconds- will this happen again??
Avatar n tn I am a 31 year old female and have been suffering from intermittent third nerve palsy of my left eye (eye gets stuck up and out, exotropia style) for over 17 years. Happens at least 1 day a week and sometimes 2-4 days a week. Each day that it happens it will last 15 minutes -2 hours (usually 1.5 hours) at a time and I will have anywhere from 3-7 episodes like this through out that day.
Avatar f tn terror I experienced for half of my adult life. Have you ever heard the song Narcolepsy by Third Eye Blind? Does sound something like what you went through? Talk to your doctor.about it, ask him to schedule a sleep latency test for you and go from there. Don't do what I did and spend 15 years asking the wrong.people for the right answer, because they don't have it. Once I had the tests done, and found out the cause, it became much less scary.
Avatar m tn No way I can answer this. And some people that are blind can see things if the visual cortex of the brain is stimulated, in Charles Bonet disease and with the primative artificial eye attached to their brain.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your comments. The first ophthamologist said the pain is due to an acute closed angle glaucoma, but the surgeon said the laser surgery is only used to save vision, and I have no vision in my left eye. He believes removing my eye is the best option. But, the surgeon who was going to remove the eye doesn't think removal will help the pain.
Avatar m tn My son had bell's palsy 6 months ago. His affected eye was bigger but now appears marginally smaller than the normal eye.Also when he smiles spontaneously the affected eye tends to close more than the normal eye.Will his affected eye get even smaller over the next few months or will it stay at this level ? He is 21 years old and was treated with prednisone for 7 days when he was first diagnosed with bell's palsy.
1567910 tn?1297201248 it could also be due to a migraine variant called ocular migraine. Third cranial nerve examination and the posterior chamber of the eye examination is also imperative. Your visual symptoms could all be due to anxiety and panic attacks too. Hope this helps .take care.
Avatar f tn I have an 8 year old Bichon and she very suddenly acquired Cushings. She went totally blind in her right eye and can see something (probably shadows) in her left eye so she navigates well. I'm hoping with the Vetoryl it will stop the progression. She was such a happy-go-lucky dog and right now she can live with this but if the other eye goes blind I don't know. I know they say it is harder on the dog owner than the dog and right now it is.
Avatar f tn My son is 19 months old he got bells palsy when he was 10 months old he has been to many places and no one seems to be helping my son out that much and now i dont think he has bells palsy anymore but i can see his right eye doesn't shut and open up like the left eye, please do you have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Not enough information to answer.
Avatar m tn Okay.. little back story. My left eye has been around 96-98% blind since birth. I got the final result when I was 4, and that was at the University of Florida. Now with the eye being blind it has basicly detoriated over the years (I am now 21..) And with research I have seen that any hope of having a surgery that can fix the blindness in the eye is well over 10 years off at the moment. Now, to more recent..
Avatar f tn It has a chance of RD that may be as high as 10% Ask the retina surgeon about problems and risk of OTHER EYE. Be sure to take extra care of good eye, avoid injury, yearly eye exam, live healthy lifestyle, don't smoke, keep weight, blood pressure, blood sugars, triglycerides all good.
Avatar m tn Four days post surgery she still is not eating, lethargic and now is acting completely blind. I take her back to the Eye vet who tells me her eye is functioning just like before (so I guess it is all in my mind or my dogs). I take Jewel to other vets who are not eye specialist and they all say I have to take her back to the eye vet. Jewel starts eating a little better - still no dog food - and is completely blind now.
Avatar m tn Narcolepsy is a serious neurological disorder involving excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy (loss of muscle tone with emotions such as laughter), sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations. Although narcolepsy affects 1 in every 2,000 people worldwide, it's often misdiagnosed or goes undiagnosed for 3 to 15 years. When will health professionals WAKE UP to the REAL narcolepsy?
Avatar n tn On a regular vision chart we can read down to the third or fourth line from the top with this eye. And can see the remaining lines, just cannot read them. I do not understand why this happens at the DMV, other than I know it has something to do with the machine we have to look into. Could you please explain this? PS Because of this happening at the DMV, they insist we are leagally blind in this eye (which isn't so) and have to have a restriction listed on our licenses.
Avatar m tn I went to see 3 different Doctors, including an eye doctor, and they all had different solutions. One, it could simply be a freckle in my eye...two I could have accidentally burnt my eye with a magnifying glass, which I know is possible, seeing I accidentally burnt the inside of my nose once with the reflection of the sun. And the third is the possibility of eye leakage. I'll post images, what do you think it is?
17630915 tn?1458553512 my mother's age is 42, she had phacoemulsification last 5 years ago one right eye.
524725 tn?1212367448 My left eye is a lazy eye which glasses cant really help.I have perfect vision in my right. My question is when it comes time for me to drive can I get my licence? I am really worried about it please ansewer my Question,,,?
Avatar m tn If an eye is totally blind and does not have a tumor in it an enucleation is not done unless the eye is painful or terribly disfigured and a scleral shell cosmetic eye cannot be fit over the blind eye. At some point in the future you might be helped if there is still an eye or a "long" optic nerve.
Avatar f tn This has gotten significantly worse to where my dominant eye is pretty blind in 4 months. I was told I could do a peel as now I have Amsler distortion as well. However I am worried about the state of my retina following the last round of tests. Immediately after leaving the clinic I could see afterimage of blood vessels upon every blink. It has not gotten better. Can retinas 'heal' this kind of damage?
Avatar m tn This is high risk surgery that is not meant to improve the vision but to try and prevent the eye from going blind. It sounds as if your mother is in the worse 1-2% of glaucoma cases and ultra difficult to try and stop the progression of the glaucoma. If you would feel better you can get a third opinion from an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in glaucoma. You can find one near you at You and any brothers and sisters are at higher risk of getting glaucoma as you get older.
Avatar n tn Have you been to an ophthalmologist recently, like less than one year ago? If not then you definitely need to have a complete dilated eye exam by an eye doctor to see what's wrong.
1287446 tn?1313947638 Hi everyone. I am not familiar with Narcolepsy or sleep disorders in general but my sleep has always been different. Typically, I fight daytime sleepiness with caffeine. In prior years, the caffeine has been a lot but I’ve lowered it significantly.
20803600 tn?1546262537 You need to call your ophthalmologist immediately and get in to see what the problem is. There is something worse than a blind eye or an eye that doesn't see well and that is a blind/partial vision painful eye. Many eyes with your history develop a severe type of glaucoma down the line.
Avatar m tn Can I join the club? I've had three cataract operations, the third one an exchange and I have the Crystalens, which my surgeon charged me several thousand dollars for and assured me would solve ALL my problems. The right was done first, about two years ago, and was great. Now, not so great. In fact not good at all and I need the YAG laser, at least, as well as further astigmatism correction. The first operation was relatively a breeze.
Avatar f tn I was told today my 8 yr old would most likely be completely blind in right eye and completely blind in both by 15 he has JRA and has had eye surgery and done patches the last hope is daily dialation in good eye to try to save right eye but I do not completely understand at what point is blind and can you be legally blind in one eye?
Avatar f tn If they are the physiological blind spots it completely normal. Other blind spots could be due to disease in the eye, optic nerve, optic chiasm, optic tracts and radiations and visual association areas in the occipital lobe. Suggest you see a neuroophthalmologist.