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Avatar f tn I need to get answers to a few questions for a research project on Thyroid Disease (prefferably from an expert or doctor)...I would be seriously grateful if these questions could be answered.. 1. What is the most common cause of Thyroidism? 2. Do you think there are enough effective treatments? 3. I understand Thyroidism is more common in women but at what age are they likely to develop it and is there any common cause for it happening at that age? 4. Do you think homeopthic remedies work? 5.
Avatar f tn I am a medical student doing a research project. I was given a task to produce a five-year plan to tackle the assigned health problem within a specific population. So, the assigned health problem is febrile illness and I chose the USA population, which means febrile illness in returning travelers or international travelers and how the USA advises and tries to reduce travel related illness in its population. Hence, I need to find articles related to: 1. epidemiology of the problem 2.
Avatar f tn i am a student at the university of leeds. I study product design and for my final project i am designing a pill dispenser. would anyone feel comfortable answering a questionnaire i have designed towards people who take regular medication?
Avatar n tn I have had depression for many years and recently began having sleep disorder ?Narcolepsy(sleep apnea, hypopnea). I sleep many hours a day, naps 3-4 hours at a time. I've started having tremors, head and neck. I have had TMJ from dental treatment, maybe related to tremor. My B12 level is 195, hardly low enough to get excited about. I worked as a Critical care nurse for 36 years, just a note.
535822 tn?1443976780 A new review published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE confirms that Pandemrix, a swine flu vaccine produced by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is responsible for causing an up to 1700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17 years of age. Based on their findings, a cohort of scientists has determined that narcolepsy rates increased significantly following mass vaccination campaigns with Pandemrix.
333672 tn?1273792789 s repository project and thought maybe some of you might be interested. There are a few ways that the average person with MS can contribute to MS research without the risks and commitment of a clinical trial. The ones I know about are: 1. NARCOMS registry (North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis, a project of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers,
Avatar f tn i am a student at the university of leeds. I study product design and for my final project i am designing a pill dispenser. would anyone feel comfortable answering a questionnaire i have designed towards people who take regular medication?
Avatar f tn Look up symptoms of Narcolepsy. Sounds wierd, but it is very hard to diagnose, and that is one of the major symptoms of it. It usually (but not always!) shows up between ages 10-25. Symptoms include- Cataplexy (loss of muscle control): People with narcolepsy often have a sudden loss of muscle control while awake, usually triggered by strong emotions, such as laughing.
Avatar f tn Well testthe kind of sleep you are in while you sleep can test for Narcopelsy how long has this been a problem? I have been diagnosed my self with narcolepsy. Can fall asleep any where anytime!
589816 tn?1332976771 Recently the whooping cough vaccine has been shown to be the cause of an outbreak of Narcolepsy in children , do some research there was a report done on findings recently ..
Avatar n tn This is known as narcolepsy, there are treatments for it, so perhaps you can do some research on that topic and see if it matches up with you, and also the info sites will tell you the kind of doctor who is best equipped to help you with this. Sorry I don't know much more than that.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with narcolepsy approx. 5 yrs. ago. I haven't gone for another sleep study since, nor has my doctor seem to ever remember that I have narcolepsy. I am his only patient with narcolepsy, and if I ever end up in his office, it seems like he always forgets that I have narcolepsy. I don't believe he has a good understanding of this. Any suggestions. I am in the process of trying to switch my doctor, but in the meanwhile, I have been more tired lately than usual.
1657684 tn?1307375035 for a school research project, iv been asked to answer 2 questions in which google isnt really helping. ok they are: 1. Why does our body go hot and red when we are angry? 2. How do nails and hair grow, if they are not living?
Avatar f tn Narcolepsy is a CNS disorder and is thought to also be caused by an autoimmune disorder. Causes: current thinking is that a group of cells in the brain responsible for sleep-wake behavior is damaged or absent. (gosh do you think the MS lesions might also damage this area for people unlucky to have both!) Tests: The spinal fluid of most patients with narcolepsy shows the neuroprotein lacking or deficient. The neuroprotein is "hypocretin".
Avatar n tn Unfortunately the only way you can change you facial muscles in excercise, that took me years to figure out!! There seems to be little research into bells palsy as no one seems to know the cause. Did you have an epidural? If yes I think you may not have 'bells palsy' but damage to the nerves caused by medical negligence. I have researched this for 11 years and although only a lay man with no medical training I believe you need to demand some answers.
Avatar n tn there is a woman that has visual lasting effects and has spoken is a link to some of her info I am sure with more research u can find more info regarding her and the condition. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn s done a 1000 sleep latency tests and never had anyone fall asleep during all 5 nap times, fall asleep so quickly and dream too. She mentioned narcolepsy and hypersomnilance. Sometimes I Amos tired in the morning that I can't open my eyes or move. What is going on? I'm very frightened. And, I just got diagnosed 2 days ago with bad laryngopharyngeal reflux. Any thoughts are appreciated.
535822 tn?1443976780 New research reported by Reuters reveals that whooping cough outbreaks are HIGHER among vaccinated children compared with unvaccinated children. This is based on a study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California. As Reuters reports: (
Avatar f tn I've never really heard much about mycoplasma infections. (And I'm a nurse.) I just saw a rheumatologist a couple months ago who made the comment to me "all these things could go together." It was the first time I'd heard a doctor actually say that though that's been my thinking all along. It would seem to me that certainly sleeping issues would go along with lupus and fibromyalgia!
572651 tn?1530999357 It's been a while since I have posted this research news so here it is in case you are not familiar with this group: Accelerated Cure Project is an active repository of data and blood samples from MS patients and their matched controls (siblings, parents, spouses) if possible. These samples are meticulously collected at sites across the US and then are shared with researchers who are looking to unlock all the MySteries of this disease.
Avatar f tn Narcolepsy! i am a 28 year old male who literally just started having the exact symptoms you described about 8 months ago. After several test and doctors visits i was diagnosed with sever narcolepsy, with catalepsy. Its common for the symptoms to come on suddenly between the ages of 15-30. I encourage you to research narcolepsy and if it has the ring of truth go see a neurologist.
Avatar f tn At this time of year especially, those who can afford it are often moved to make contributions to worthy charities. The Wheelchair Kamikaze, a blogger for whom I have a great deal of admiration, talks in his most recent blog ( about several organizations who are doing great work towards solving the problem of MS. Here he means research towards a cure; he's emphatically not focusing on Big Pharma or other profit-making outfits.
Avatar m tn She needs a true chiari specialist to help guide her,....we do have a list of the members Drs for her to use to research to find the Dr just right for her. Also she needs to educate herself as to what the Drs should be doing for her so she knows a good Dr when she meets them...there r related conditions to chiari and they will need to be ruled out. The bells palsy may be something related to her chiari I have heard of someone else that did have it with chiari as well.