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Avatar m tn I quite often fall into these nightmares where i am fully aware of being in my bedroom, in my bed but all of a sudden it's like a force is pulling my covers from me and pulling me from my bed and pulls me all over the walls and ceiling. I am aware that i am dreaming but i cant seem to wake myself up and sometimes if i do manage to wake, i fall straight back into the nightmare.
Avatar n tn After having a sleep study 2 years ago I was put on 100 mg of provigil to combat day time sleepiness/narcolepsy. Months later I was given Ambien to correct vast awakenings shown in the eeg. Ambien only kept me asleep for 1-2 hours and so I was eventually put on 15 - 30 mg of Restoril (per night). After 2 years Provigil stopped working and an increased dosage of 200mg caused rage and no improvement of my day time wake state.
Avatar n tn In case your symptoms are associated with severe daytime sleepiness, then you may have narcolepsy. Sleep related hallucinations however, tend to resolve with time, many a times requiring no treatment at all. You should maintain proper sleep hygiene (avoiding caffeine, alcohol and tobacco as well as stress reduction) and avoid alcohol. However, I would advise that you consult a sleep specialist.
Avatar m tn This is the symptom of a sleep disorder called Narcolepsy. This sleep disorder is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, cataplexy where the person has episodes of loss of muscle function while awake, hypnagogic hallucinations and automatic behavior. You will need to consult your primary care physician, who may schedule you for a polysomnogram (sleep test) to rule out sleep disorders and initiate appropriate therapy. Regards.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 14 years old and lately I've been having really awful nightmares that scare me so badly that I'm honestly afraid to fall back asleep afterward. I have never had any major insomnia or anything that honestly restricts me from sleeping but I don't get very much sleep during the school week just because I go to bed late.
Avatar n tn I was originally diagnosed with narcolepsy and parasomnias but the narcolepsy was later retracted. I was prescribed Lorazepam with no effect on my nightmares, but I continue to take it because it does help my hands not to hurt as badly. Dr. Dennis L. Hill M.D. did my first sleep test and MSLT. He is the Medical Director of the Sleep Medicine Centers, Inc of Park Ridge Hospital, Diplomate American Board of Sleep Medicine, Diplomate American of Psychiatry and Neurology.
Avatar n tn I was originally diagnosed with narcolepsy and parasomnias but the narcolepsy was later retracted. I was prescribed Lorazepam with no effect on my nightmares, but I continue to take it because it does help my hands not to hurt as badly. Dr. Dennis L. Hill M.D. did my first sleep test and MSLT. He is the Medical Director of the Sleep Medicine Centers, Inc of Park Ridge Hospital, Diplomate American Board of Sleep Medicine, Diplomate American of Psychiatry and Neurology.
Avatar n tn which is the same laugh i always hear in my other nightmares. they are always the same nightmares. when i am able to wake myself from them and fall back asleep i have the same one overand over again some times i cant tell if i am awake or aleep.
Avatar n tn Posted By Rob Owen on August 15, 1998 at 09:21:16: In Reply to: Re: Nightmares (among other things :) posted by CCF MD mdf on August 14, 1998 at 16:02:40: : Sorry about the late reply. I had hoped one of the sleep disorders specialists would pick this up, but none has. What you describe is extraordinarily complex. My first thought was narcolepsy, but that has been discarded by experts, and my working knowledge of sleep disorders is not very sophisticated.
2164295 tn?1337023128 Hello, I am looking for alternative treatments, natural remedies, and various exercise suggestions to help me increase wakefulness. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy in November 2010, but I had been experiencing symptoms since I was around 10 to 11 years old. I am currently taking Vyvanse 70mg in the morning, 10mg of Adderall (short acting) in the evening, and trying to implement a daily nap schedule. Over the last year the cataplexy I experience has increased and my muscle tone has decreased.
Avatar m tn I have PTSD, sleep apnea and nightmares on a regular bassis but the most teriffying thing that happens is sometimes when I come out of the nightmare I am completely paralized. It is horriable, unable to move, scream, or anything but I'm awake. If anyone can help or knows what this is so I can read on my own I would greatly appeciate the help.
Avatar m tn you should have an mslt it guage paralasys and narcolepsy which sometimes showes up as paralasys
Avatar m tn Murphy's Law, I now have sleep disorders, Narcolepsy, RLS, can sleep for days in a row, since treatment ended, my reconstruction failed so did another one. My question, does other patients-people have similar sleep problems? I have noticed it starting towards the end of the 7 and 8 round.
2100559 tn?1333478407 After a few minutes i closed my eyes, concentrated on waking up again and it was over. Some family members say that maybe they're just nightmares but they seem pretty vivid to me. Is this normal? Should i be worried about it?
Avatar n tn The various causes of strange vivid dreams can be anxiety and stress, spicy foods, fat content of the food, alcohol and drugs like antidepressants, barbiturates, narcotics, ketamine, an anesthetic, illness like flu, sleep disorders like apnea and narcolepsy, all can increase the frequency of bad dreams and nightmares. Consult a neurologist and a sleep therapist for intervention and a detailed sleep study after avoiding the factors like foods and stress. Take care.
728965 tn?1266377245 Plus with the fact that I was so worried that my alarm wouldn't go off that I had nightmares, if you call them that, of waking up very late to work. Twice! The first time I woke up at 2:15am. Got super hungry and went back to sleep. The second time I woke up at 4:15. That made me angry cause I had to be up at 4:45. However I managed to go back to sleep. Bad idea maybe. It was nearly impossible to get up. I haven't had my pain meds for a few days, so the pain is coming back from my fibro.
Avatar m tn My sleep is disrupted at times with a sensation of falling. I do have nightmares rather frequently. I’m very tense all day, but I don’t know if I’m tense because I don’t sleep well or the other way around. PS – I’m not on any medication at this time.
3862348 tn?1348382800 i have these weird nightmares and when i do i stop breathng and cant move or talk and im starting to get scared so i guess my question is can you help me?
Avatar n tn I started having what I thought were nightmares at 18. The would take place where ever I was (in bed, on my couch, etc.) I would think someone was there, sometime my kids or husband, sometimes and intruder. I would try to move or scream and couldn't. Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. What I was experiencing where sleep hallucinations, very common with the disorder.
Avatar f tn I'm waking up every single night from nightmares's 4am....I'm sitting up smoking a cigarette trying to calm down after having woken myself up screaming out for my partner in my sleep...I had a nightmare I found my baby boy unresponsive next to me....I'm so disturbed. It's gotten to the point I'm getting scared to sleep every night because I don't know what my next nightmare will hold...sometimes I get raped in them or physically hurt/tortured....
Avatar f tn I hallucinate frequently- not necessarily seeing things, but I hear things. Also, I have nightmares on a regular basis that are very lively and quite terrifying- I never have them during the day when I take naps. I've also been put on Xanax, whixh I have a history of anxiety that I think contributes to not being able to fall asleep at night because of 'negative' thoughts.
Avatar f tn Over the last 7 yrs the weakness has been terrible along with the studdering, swallowing and chewing difficulties, spacing out but knowing my surroundings, sleep paralysis, VERY real nightmares and dreams, eatting bowls of cereal at night and not knowing it until I wake, at on/ off bouts of tachy. Been through every test(mri, catscan, mra, ekg,eeg,emg, etc.
Avatar m tn It is a classic symptom of Narcolepsy. I was diagnossed through a sleep study about 1 1/2 years ago. It wasn't until I was diagnosed that I researched the disorder and found out that I wasn't just having realistic nightmares! Are you tired even after a good night's sleep? Do you find it hard to stay asleep at night (frequent wakings)? These are all other signs. Most people think of Narcolepsy as the "fall asleep while talking" disorder.
12594947 tn?1426142435 I'm not clear on whether you're inquiring about meds to treat insomnia, early awakening, night terrors, sleep paralysis/hypnagogic hallucinations, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or what? Also, alcohol has no therapeutic use in sleep medicine. In fact, sleep specialists recommend that people wish sleep disorders minimize their alcohol intake, and never drink before bedtime as that can cause a disordered type of sleep (even if it subjectively seems like it's "helping" you sleep).
Avatar f tn They thought I had Periodic Paralysis disorder, biopsy neg. Have thought I had Narcolepsy with Cat. which I still believe is an option because of sleep issues since I was 12 including the nightmares and sleep paralysis, but my sleep study say I am extrmely tired but REM is normal. I am bipolar and take Lithium 450 two times a day since I was 22 and with in normal limits. I now take Paxil 40 mg which reduces these episodes to almost 0 if I take it regularly and on time.
Avatar n tn Dear Andres, Here you go, some stuff to read about. I had your experience when I was younger and real busy. At the bottom is a link to all sorts of info on sleep paralysis, and here is a quote describing your condition from, the section on narcolepsy, which basically means your sleep is goofed up: "Sleep paralysis mimics the type of temporary paralysis that normally occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the period of sleep during which most dreaming occurs.
Avatar n tn Sounds like a couple of different things to me. One would be hypnagogic hallucinations and the other is sleep paralysis. Both are related to narcolepsy and having N I have experienced both. The other thing you might look into would be night terrors as I have read posts on *************.org about them and they have mentioned the vivid terrifying dreams when discussing night terrors as well.
897400 tn?1303332748 I am wondering if it is typical to have episodic periods of Waking Paralysis and Hallucinations with Narcolepsy. The emphasis is on episodic. My Dr. wants to do a sleep study, but I don't have insurance, so no deal. I don't have this happen all of the time. It happens out of the blue and sometimes happens for a few days, then goes away. I've gone years between episodes, but it is happening more often in the last couple of years. It's been happening since I was about 20. I'm 50 now.
2143567 tn?1342542631 When I woke up this morning it was about 6am. Seeing as I only got 5 hrs of sleep I was still a little tired so I stayed in bed for a little more shut eye. The second time I woke up I had just opened my eyes and was laying on my right side facing my desk and chair that just happen to have towels and clothes sitting there. When I opened my eyes I saw my towels moving and there was a blue towel on top that was moving like a head on top of the red towels.
Avatar f tn Hi, Visual hallucinations may occur in persons with sleep disorders like narcolepsy, in persons with substance abuse disorders and even in those with parkinson's disease. Complex partial seizures are associated with visual auras which may present similarly as hallucinations. Usually visual symptoms occur in those with complex partial seizures involving the occipital lobe and may be associated with spasms or tics ( involuntary repetitive movements) of a body part.