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589816 tn?1332976771 Does he have narcolepsy with cataplexy? Or is it without cataplexy? Xyrem is a drug approved for treating narcolepsy with cataplexy, and it's taken at night in two separate doses. It combats one of the most important symptom of narcolepsy, aside from cataplexy: fragmented night-time sleep. Just to give a bit more background in case I'm catching you off-base.....
668092 tn?1225464120 I wanna be able to talk with others that have this condition because I feel like no one understands what im going through. I also have a condition called Cataplexy which is very rare and I have narcolepsy. If you wanna learn more about what I have I made a site that explains everything I have and what it is, http://www.piczo.
Avatar n tn Aetna is listed as an In-Network insurance plan on the Afirma website (but I know how that goes - my in-network hospital for my in-network thyroid surgery somehow had out-of-network pathology department that I then had to get them to approve). If your insurance doesn't pay and you don't qualify for Veracyte Access Program, it looks like it costs around $4800 now. But, I think it is likely that your insurance will pay for the test.
Avatar n tn He was not sure I had crps though bone scan suggested it, He was talking about possible synvisc injections in 6 weeks, last resort is an epidural. You see I suffer from narcolepsy/cataplexy and pain triggers off muscle tone loss of total body so even upon inserting the injection I would go limp hear everything but cant move., part of the cataplexy.
Avatar f tn I was recently told I have Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. I am a 74 year old Female and I am taking 20mg of Ritalin SR in the AM and 25mg of Imipram for the cataplexy in the PM. I get about 2 to 4 hrs sleep and the rest of the night I toss and turn. My Dr. told me she doesn't give meds for her patients to sleep. I am concerned about not sleeping and then taking Ritalin to keep me awake during the day.I feel my health will be affected. Is this the normal way to treat my condition?
Avatar n tn All of our visits were labeled as out-of-network. They said the dr. had submitted a form to get re-added to the network but all visits occurring before she was readmitted would be treated as out of network they would not pay them retroactive when she was admitted back into the network. Does this sound right. Sounds like they are using a loophole to deny service. They also said it could take 4-6 months to accept the dr as in-network. This sounds completely crazy to me.
Avatar f tn I would highly encourage you to go to the IC website I have set up to network patient here in Missouri and Arkansas. Even though you may not be near here there are many helpful treatments listed. I wrote one that is basically a newbie initially safe list that you can take to the store, it's called Help What Can I eat on this Crazy IC diet. the website is www. moarkic . com we can put direct links but Cheryl did tell me it was OK to send you to safe info.
Avatar f tn The issue surfaced in December when a New Jersey judge ordered a girl to turn over her postings on the Facebook and MySpace social network sites as evidence in a lawsuit seeking to force Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to pay for the girl's medical treatment for an eating disorder, according to Horizon said the condition was psychological rather than medical, and that the girl's postings proved it.
1138687 tn?1548643978 I ask because I think the medhelp website is really good and I am searching for a wed developing company for my own international network.
Avatar n tn d give you a link. There is also info on the narcolepsy network site that you should be able to find if you google their name and cataplexy. Feel free to message me with questions on ruling that out (I have it). Heiferly.
Avatar f tn I am diagnosis with narcolepsy and have had symptoms for 5 years now. I have been taking 500 mg. of nuvigil for over 2 years. Plus, 60 mg of adderall a day. My symptoms have slowed down a little, but I have to take 2 naps a day and not drive anywhere. I have sleep studies twice a year and it seems to get worse each time. Its very aggravating to me! It seems like something would help. I see a team of specialists at Vanderbilt, but I need something else, but what? Anyone have any suggestions?
1287446 tn?1313947638 Hi everyone. I am not familiar with Narcolepsy or sleep disorders in general but my sleep has always been different. Typically, I fight daytime sleepiness with caffeine. In prior years, the caffeine has been a lot but I’ve lowered it significantly.
Avatar f tn I have Narcolepsy- My vitamin B 12 level is 235- should it be higher for my condition?
Avatar f tn Although the pt has RLS and PLMS, the arousal associated with these do not likely explain EDS- given a short overall sleep and REM latency, consider narcolepsy clinically. I had 156 arousals, 110 spontaneous, the rest due to limb movement. I also spent most of my sleep time in sleep stages 1 and 2, whith REM episodes scattered randomly. I had no time in stage 3, and when I had REM sleep it was from wake to REM with no progression through the other cycles.
Avatar n tn The combination of this study and my first MSLT nap study produced a perfect pattern for diagnosis of Narcolepsy. Has there ever been a study to look at the coorelation between the 2 diseases. Would many CFS sufferers be classified narcoleptic if they took the appropriate test? Narcolepsy leads back to hippothalmus and lack of production of hypocretin/orexin(?). Seems like all things lead to hippothalmus. Thank you!
627818 tn?1271777026 I don't know how many of you get the National MS Society newsletter online but yesterday's version had some interesting articles in it. There is some good research and clinical trials going on, so I thought that was encouraging! I'm sure you can go to the NMSS website - it is one those org ending sites, and sign up if you don't already receive it.
Avatar f tn have been in past 10-20 yrs dealing asthma, sleep apnea, narcolepsy,vertigo,anxiety/stress. for 12 days have had an onset of some mild memory loss,confusion,losing of time a little,extreme exhaustion, muscle weakness, i believe muscle wasting in calves, muscle twitching(have had in past). numbing tingling in forearms, hands,feet, lower legs.back pain middle to lower back. neck stiff. I work hard and drive alot.
Avatar f tn i was wondering if i should be tested for narcolepsy, or if diagnosed with narcolepsy would they prescribe me to something similar to adderrall? if this were the case, being tested would not matter much if they would give me the same medications anyways. I just dont want to be misdiagnosed and on the wrong medication for the rest of my life.
Avatar n tn I shopped around and when I asked about in-network providers with the company that I chose, they directed me to their website network provider list. The doctor I was most concerned about was listed. Two months later, my daughter had to see the doctor. I accompanied her.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know anything about St. Vincent's hospital in Bridgeport CT? I'm specifically looking to speak with a dr who specializes in mitral valve repairs, and I'm very confused where to start. I live in southern CT myself. I was told that Boston is the place to go and not to waste my time with CT because their success rates for repairs are lower than Boston. If anyone knows anything about St.