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589816 tn?1332976771 Recently the whooping cough vaccine has been shown to be the cause of an outbreak of Narcolepsy in children , do some research there was a report done on findings recently ..
Avatar f tn I really need to get this whole sleeping sleeping stuff as soon as possible because school is starting up in 2 months and I don't want to have to go another quarter with suffering grades. Another quick question...This school year I tried my friend's Adderall a handful of times, and I could focus really well for a while, but then I would become extremely tired and have to take a nap. Does anyone know why Adderall would make me so tired?
867808 tn?1239482070 My life is seriously being consumed by sleep, it is affecting my grades at school since I can never complete homework and just living in general. This seemed to happen after I had mono about a couple years ago, and it usually gets A LOT worse around my period. I have been to a sleep doctor and had a sleep test done overnight and during the day when I take naps.
535822 tn?1443976780 A new review published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE confirms that Pandemrix, a swine flu vaccine produced by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is responsible for causing an up to 1700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17 years of age. Based on their findings, a cohort of scientists has determined that narcolepsy rates increased significantly following mass vaccination campaigns with Pandemrix.
1287446 tn?1313947638 Hi everyone. I am not familiar with Narcolepsy or sleep disorders in general but my sleep has always been different. Typically, I fight daytime sleepiness with caffeine. In prior years, the caffeine has been a lot but I’ve lowered it significantly.
Avatar f tn I am a 19 year old male in college. Starting around my freshman year of high school I noticed I was falling asleep in all my classes every day. I definitely wasn’t getting the best sleep but I was usually getting around 7 or 8 hours a night. This went on all throughout high school. When I got my license at age 16 things got worse.
Avatar n tn t have that get him tested for narcolepsy. narcolepsy in real life isnt always as dramatic and obvious as it is in the movies. adults with narcolepsy, as children their symptoms very closely resemble add.
867808 tn?1239482070 My life is seriously being consumed by sleep, it is affecting my grades at school since I can never complete homework and just living in general. This seemed to happen after I had mono about a couple years ago, and it usually gets A LOT worse around my period. I have been to a sleep doctor and had a sleep test done overnight and during the day when I take naps.
Avatar f tn before i used to be the brightest in my class and now i have come down from my grades and i dont school anymore because im just too sleepy to keep my self awake in class or hard to concentrate in anythjng.i cant even read a sentence,it wont go to my head and i'd just have to trad time like 10 times to get it into my head.i however consulted doctors and did bloodtests which all came out normal.they then suggested medicines for the excessive sleepiness nothing seemed to work.
Avatar n tn At least, if you do not have narcolepsy, you can rule this out and go on from there. I have narcolepsy without cataplexy. I really do not have very many symptoms except for the excessive daytime sleepiness and occasional mild night-time hallucinations (mostly audible). Hope this helps! Good luck.
Avatar f tn Do you know if it is fairly common to have both conditions of epilepsy and narcolepsy for an individual? It seems to go hand in hand on these postings. We have changed is meds several times since August and his levels are showing to be fine, at this point. The 24 EEG should be a good test to help clarify his condition. I would also like to get a sleep study done, as you mentioned. I hope we can get this under control before the nice weather gets here.
11941637 tn?1422287346 I began developing symptoms of narcolepsy in high school, however, due to a lack of understanding at the time, it was not diagnosed until I was 23. My grandfather on maternal side had Parkinson's as long as I can remember, and I recently learned of a history of Lupus on paternal side; including grandmother, two aunts and my father himself. As a child, I always remember my grandfather, with his tremors, being prone to falling asleep any time he sat down.
Avatar m tn m exhibiting and have been exhibiting for about 7 years. (Since 9th grade in high school, currently a senior in college) Excessive daytime sleepiness- This is not always constant but at random times I will become EXTREMELY tired, and on the verge of falling asleep. I will become so tired that my eyes start to become cross eyed I have trouble holding my head up. This mainly occurs while in lecture or driving.
Avatar f tn Then I wake up after three hours or so stay up for another hour and then go right back to sleep. I was not this tired in High School, however in college I got sleepy more. I dropped out of college due to stress, and I was hoping the fatigue would go away and it did not. Should I see a doctor, and if I should what type of doctor would I see? Thank you so much.
1222635 tn?1366396286 My mom will tell stories of dragging me out of bed when I was younger, and taking me to school in my pajamas. I had a strict 9 pm bedtime, and I got plenty of rest (about 10 hours) ... She thought I was just stubborn. As I've gotten older, the problem seems to have become more noticeable. I missed a lot of school in highschool, and at one point I almost got held back due to absences. In college, I failed multiple classes because of too many absences.
2144251 tn?1357326118 Hey people from Limbo Land :P I'm Summer and I'm 17 (18 in august! whoop!) and i struggled very hard for 9 years from... DUN DUN DUHHHH NARCOLEPSY WITH CATAPLEXY. My specialist said i have the most intense case he has ever seen in such a young person, in his practice. he is like, 58 or something. so yeah. I have a really hard time with all of those meds I'm STILL WORKING ON ever since november of my official diagnosis in 2011.
Avatar f tn I have narcolepsy and am currently taking 60mg adderoll and 60mg valium/day to counteract the anxiety from the adderoll. I have been very tired and think I need to taper off my valium. I was thinking of tapering 5/mg every 10 days of the Valium down to 20-30/mg and see how I feel. Is this safe? I cannot talk to my doctor due to insurance problems.
1704625 tn?1310708761 I too just signed up to this site in hopes of finding ways to help my 9year old son manage narcolepsy/cataplexy. I'm finding diet, sleep schedule and exercise are key to getting thru day happily. SUGAR and CHOCOLATE never help. I'm curious to know if either of you received flumists prior to onset symptoms?
Avatar f tn Today my neck hurts because yesterday I fell asleep on the couch and I apparently did some seeious head bobbing. This is ridiculous, what will happen when I start school again in a few days? Help please!!!
Avatar m tn I would describe the pain as deep (feels like it is in the bone), sharp/stabbing (Severity a 7-9 on a scale of 10 - where 10 is excruciating pain) and short in duration (lasts 3-10 seconds). It occurs frequently throughout my day and randomly in different places on my body (i.e. ribs, shoulder, upper and lower arms, fingers, upper and lower legs and sometimes my head). I'm also always fatigued, sleepy and low energy, but I keep myself moving and motivated.
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Avatar f tn symptoms disappeared with some quality sleep over time. A diagnosis of narcolepsy can radically affect your life in regards to driving license rights and insurability. I wouldn't accept that label until there's nothing else to do to help your symptoms. Then after that, it is what it is.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with CFIDS in 1994. Narcolepsy in 2005. I get basically no stage 4 or Rem sleep at night. Its no wonder why our mind and muscles can't heal themselves. I can go into almost instant dreaming during day (MSLT naps). I haven't been able to get anyone to help me figure out how to correct my sleep cycle. If you get any ideas, let me know. (I am on meds to help sleep and keep me awake at the right times, but it hasn't helped the sleep cycles.
Avatar f tn Although the pt has RLS and PLMS, the arousal associated with these do not likely explain EDS- given a short overall sleep and REM latency, consider narcolepsy clinically. I had 156 arousals, 110 spontaneous, the rest due to limb movement. I also spent most of my sleep time in sleep stages 1 and 2, whith REM episodes scattered randomly. I had no time in stage 3, and when I had REM sleep it was from wake to REM with no progression through the other cycles.
Avatar f tn I am diagnosis with narcolepsy and have had symptoms for 5 years now. I have been taking 500 mg. of nuvigil for over 2 years. Plus, 60 mg of adderall a day. My symptoms have slowed down a little, but I have to take 2 naps a day and not drive anywhere. I have sleep studies twice a year and it seems to get worse each time. Its very aggravating to me! It seems like something would help. I see a team of specialists at Vanderbilt, but I need something else, but what? Anyone have any suggestions?