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11941637 tn?1422290946 I began developing symptoms of narcolepsy in high school, however, due to a lack of understanding at the time, it was not diagnosed until I was 23. My grandfather on maternal side had Parkinson's as long as I can remember, and I recently learned of a history of Lupus on paternal side; including grandmother, two aunts and my father himself. As a child, I always remember my grandfather, with his tremors, being prone to falling asleep any time he sat down.
Avatar n tn I do not think it's an eye disease. it's not a disease because nothing physical has changed in the right eye, otherwise the physicians would have observed it. I do believe this has to do with which eye we use more. For instance, when you use a camera with a view finder (that small window to see through), which eye do you close sub-consciously? To me it's the right. another scenario is that I always close my right eye and use my left eye to see through the pin hole on the door.
199177 tn?1490502134 Claims that it can alleviate some of the mental and physical symptoms of environmental stress are based on preliminary evidence. Further claims that tyrosine is useful in narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder have been refuted by some studies. Another study found that tyrosine supplementation did not improve neuropsychological performance in subjects with phenylketonuria.
Avatar f tn Hi, Visual hallucinations may occur in persons with sleep disorders like narcolepsy, in persons with substance abuse disorders and even in those with parkinson's disease. Complex partial seizures are associated with visual auras which may present similarly as hallucinations. Usually visual symptoms occur in those with complex partial seizures involving the occipital lobe and may be associated with spasms or tics ( involuntary repetitive movements) of a body part.
Avatar n tn The first question is whether you live in an area associated with Lyme disease. It would be rare for someone who lived in southern california to come down with lyme. Second, what is your lyme titer? Lyme seems like it can mimic alot of different disease entities. If you think that you might have lyme, by all means go get tested. We have seen patients with many different types of disorders comment on the feeling of a wave (usually of pain) over their head.
488264 tn?1226523907 I've tried all the drugs for Parkinson's disease, with no help. Short of being totally knocked out, it still has it spells, drugs or not. If you go off of Klonopin, it has to be done very slowly, so you suffer from no adverse side effects. It does build up in your system quickly and isn't out of your body quickly, like Xanax. It's not a fun drug to take, but I will do anything to not jerk all night awake.
400099 tn?1282958464 I could not make it out of my recliner if it were not for the Provigil (modenafil) I take for fatigue. It is a brain stimulant used in narcolepsy, shift work fatigue, adult ADD, and off-label for the fatigue of MS. It is the only reason I am able to participate on this forum. For this problem they also use Amantadine, which was originally developed as a med for Parkinson's, then they descovered it worked as an antiviral (or vice versa???) Later it was found to help with fatigue in MS.
Avatar m tn ) This is because the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine is one of the very, very few drugs that is known to improve symptoms of cataplexy and status cataplecticus (an extremely rare type of paralysis that only a fraction of people with narcolepsy suffer from).
Avatar m tn Its 4 weeks later and I am twitching all over. Mostly in my right calf, but in both calfs, upper legs, arms and fingers. As well as a few twitches on my stomach. I only get them when my muscles are at rest. Not when I'm using them. And mostly when I'm laying in bed to go to sleep. I originally thought it might be one of two anti-psychotic medications that my doctor had me try. But I only took each for about two days and stopped because I noticed the twitch in my thumb.
Avatar n tn 17 Back to Top Disorders Medically Treated With Amphetamines * Obesity * Parkinson's disease * Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder * Narcolepsy (uncontrolled episodes of sleep)18 Short-Term Effects * High body temperature * Cardiovascular system failure * Hostility or paranoia * Irregular or increased heart rate/heart beat19 * Increased diastolic/systolic blood pressure * Increased activity/talkativeness * Euphoria * Heightened sense of w
Avatar m tn Another med is Amantidine which was developed as an antiviral and then found to be effective in treating some symptoms of Parkinson's Disease (or vice versa). However, it is a pretty good brain stimulator. Side effects can be vivid dreaming, stomach upset, or occasionally hallucinations at the beginning of use. These are not serious and go away. Some doctors have used the meds for ADD. Right along with the severe fatigue, some people have congitive problems which include ADD.
Avatar f tn disorders causing delirium (toxic psychosis), in which consciousness is disturbed neurodevelopmental disorders and chromosomal abnormalities, including velocardiofacial syndrome neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease,[15] dementia with Lewy bodies,[16] and Parkinson's disease[17] focal neurological disease, such as stroke, brain tumors,[18] multiple sclerosis,[19] and some forms of epilepsy malignancy (typically via masses in the brain, paraneoplastic syndromes, or drugs used
Avatar f tn I started having some pain in my knees and back in high school, but I was a very active (and in shape) athlete. For the most part, I overlooked these and attributed the back pain to having large breasts. When I got pregnant the first time, I had severe pain and ultimately miscarried that pregnancy and two others (one after my live childbirths). I delivered a healthy full-term DS when I was 21.
941625 tn?1263585382 This is a med that is also used for Parkinson's Disease and as an antiviral med (like against influenza), but has great anti-fatigue properties, but can have troublesome side effects in some. Please be aware that overexerting can have lasting effects for days.'ve likely learned that already. How often do you need to make the drive for karate? Would it be possible to rest up for a day or so ahead of time. It's hard, but we have to involve our families in budgeting our energy.
405614 tn?1329147714 To obtain Provigil you have to have specific diagnoses. Medicare has a list of seven items that have to be checked off in the doctors progress notes to receive approval for anything. This medication is indicated for MS & Parkinson's disease. When I took Provigil, I would get to the pharmacy with a newly written prescription...the Pharmacist would say," the insurance company needs more information from the doctor".
1475492 tn?1332887767 For example, myoclonic jerking may develop in patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Myoclonic jerks commonly occur in persons with epilepsy, a disorder in which the electrical activity in the brain becomes disordered leading to seizures." "Treatment of myoclonus focuses on medications that may help reduce symptoms.
147426 tn?1317269232 Narcolepsy, Graves Disease, Vision loss, loss of feeling in hands and both legs, drop foot (so I wear a brace), I'm deaf in my left ear due to the lesions damaging my 8th cranial nerve lots of pain, burning,numbness,bowel and bladder problems and now I'm waiting to find out if I have cancer. So If I were a gambler I would be rich because I keep winning all these disease's.
Avatar n tn You are young. Usually it is found in many later in life - but I think testing for thyroid issues have increased and that is why so many people including men are being diagnosed. It was thought in the past it was more of a "later in life" disease a few decades ago - but seeing this forum - there are more people my age and younger talking about it.
296334 tn?1237642024 This is the symptom I describe as having Pop Rocks (remember the snapping candy?) exploding in my neck...
Avatar n tn Pretty much its a dream I'm having and I'm myself... in my bed. In my dream I will open my eyes and see human figures but usually I can't tell who it is. If I can't its dark like a shadow. Sometimes its one, or sometimes it a few figures. These dreams/visions always happen just as I'm falling asleep (ya know when your mind starts to wonder right before you doze off, eyes are closed and everythign but you are still conscious)....
Avatar n tn So, just wondering if this breath thing might be yet 'another' Post Polio Syndrome Symptom which has not yet been discovered. Bare in mind not all who had polio knew that they had the disease.
Avatar n tn I have battled disc disease, torn discs and bulging discs for years. Last year my lumbar finally gave out and I had a two level artificial disc replacement done on L4-L5 and L5-S1. I have been 100% pain free with no limitations since. I have the Prestige Discs. I am going in on Monday March 2, 2009 to have my C4-C5 and C5-C6 replaced with the pro-discs. These two discs are bulging and torn. I have no concerns about getting this done after my lumbar surgery a year ago.
Avatar f tn Titanium is NOT Biologically Inert Titanium implants release metal ions into your mouth 24 hours a day, and this chronic exposure may trigger inflammation, allergies, and autoimmune disease in susceptible individuals. They are a precursor to disease. Cases of intolerance to metal implants have been reported over the years, and the removal of this incompatible dental material has resulted in reduced metal sensitivity and long-term health improvement in the majority of patients.
Avatar n tn Hi, My daughter was just diagnosed with trichotillomania. an impulse disorder in which she pulls her hair out. In my research, skin picking is in the same catagory. The treatment for this type of disorder is therapy and medications such as Zoloft and Klonopin. These disorders are closely related to OCD. Good luck to you.