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387660 tn?1242596742 That's very interesting. I just posted a similar question, am also a celiac and on a gluten free diet. Maybe connected?
Avatar f tn I am waiting the results of my echo and stress test of my heart. I am on gluten free diet and try to get as much walking in as my body can take. I do not drink or have not taken 'street' drugs. My Thyroid labs came back in range.However, my CRP levels always shows very high. I had valley fever at 2 and mononucleosis in 4th grade..(no, I wasn't 'kissing") I have been healthy and never sick up until 10/2015.. it all hit me at once. Would appreciate honest feedback please.
Avatar f tn There are a ton of books out there for this, as it's quite a fad these days even for people who don't have Celiac, so I'd look into that. But cooking gluten free isn't any different from cooking with gluten unless you're making bread or cookies -- most foods don't contain gluten so you're already eating mostly gluten free unless all you eat is bread and pasta.
Avatar m tn food there may be others there, that have ideas about Gluten free I know most stores where i live carry gluten free food ..
Avatar f tn s is a brand of gluten free baked goods you may find pretty good. Canyon Bake House makes a terrific gluten free rosemary focaccia bread that is actually soft and not crumbly.
Avatar f tn Luckily many grocery stores around me carry gluten free foods and there is a strict gluten free/dairy free/vegan bakery close by if I get a sweet tooth.
Avatar f tn Is it possible/ recommended to do a gluten free diet crossed with a calorie controlled diet? I was thinking of cutting carbs also but if I have to have them they have to be gluten free? Is that recommended ? Or is there any other way to do it?
Avatar f tn Recently had to go gluten free for health reasons and being 16 I'm finding it hard to find food for myself and stuff that my friends can make easily if I go to theirs! Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Not all my symptoms went away, but the intensity diminished significantly within two days or so and it just gradually kept getting better. If you truly stay gluten free you should see a complete relief from your symptoms in a month, but it's different for everyone. I'm sure, though, you'll be feeling a lot better by Labor Day.
Male My doctor has told me I need to move to a gluten-free diet....yikes!!! All my life (and that is a very long time--ha ha) I have generally eaten whatever I wanted to eat. This change to a GF diet seems like such a huge mountain to climb. I know there are many others who have had to change to a GF diet after a lifetime of eating what they wanted with little or no restrictions. How does a person even get started on a change like this? What do you do when you go out to eat at a restaurant?
Avatar f tn My doctor suggested that I stop eating gluten. I have been gluten free for 2 1/2 days and I'm so hungry. My stomach is growling constanly. I have purchased gluten free crakers, pasta, and bread so I'm eating some carbs. Does this feeling go away after your body adjusts? I have more brain fog than ever and I just feel so weak. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
172023 tn?1334672284 Thanks Peak! This will help with my one week experiment!
Avatar n tn I'm curious as to whether or not the casein and gluten-free diet is one that needs to be adhered to for the entirety of a person's life who has autism and has found it to help? What happens if my son's autism improves because of this diet but he goes back to consuming casein and gluten some day? Will his autistic symptoms reappear or have they been cured?
168348 tn?1379357075 Glad I saw this, there are some great recipes there!
1202943 tn?1347840652 I just wanted to pass on some of my favorite Gluten free finds. I am trying to eat mostly fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, & proteins. Sometimes I just need crackers, pasta, or a quick bar to grab as a snack. My favorite new find for crackers are Sweet Potato chips: Food should taste good brand. Favorite pasta is a Quinoa pasta: Quinoa Corporation. Favorite bar is Larabar: Small Planet Foods. Oskri Fiber Bar, Cashews and Cranberries is amazing and has 12 gram of fiber.
780647 tn?1304020942 Find alternatives to your normal gluten foods. For example buy gluten free cereals, pasta, and bread (some of these are only found at certain stores). Also read every single label of everything you eat (things you wouldn't expect like soy sauce are not gluten free). Also don't eat out at any restaurants while you are trying the gluten free diet. Let me know if you have any other questions.
1202943 tn?1347840652 I decided I wanted to feel better and was willing to try a gluten free diet. I have never been tested for CD, but I noticed I felt better being gluten free. Every time I cheat I don't feel so good. I don't have many of the digestive issues, but I feel sluggish, achy, have more allergies, and bloated. It's amazing all the info I've found online. I've even read that some people think gluten can trigger Graves'.
Avatar n tn this seemed to help and i also drank vit B water propel , now i just showed signs of wheat and gluten intolerance so i would fall asleep whenever i would eat or sweat , then my body started dumping everything so on a GF gluten free wheat free menu i am feelin better, so you would eat puffed rice, rice crispys oatmeal grits, cream of rice POLENTA italy corn bread fried bacon bits and cheese and italian herbs is great , i found sun valley brand granola bars ..
Avatar f tn Has any one had success with a gluten free casine free diet? We are about to try it under the support from an integrated medical doctor and dietitian. Does any one have any good result stories or otherwise?
443434 tn?1255891233 For optimal health, resolution of symptoms (if you have them), and prevention of small intestinal damage and malnutrition, osteoporosis, and damage to other tissues (like nerves, brain, joints, muscles, thyroid, pancreas, other glands, skin, liver, spleen, among others), it is recommended that you follow a strict and permanent gluten free diet. As gluten sensitivity is a genetic syndrome, you may want to have your relatives screened as well.
268911 tn?1213744781 Read on the lable and if it says "wheat, barley, rye, flour, vinegar" it has gluten in it. It is also very common for people with Celiacs disease to also be lactose intollerant. Cut out all dairy and wheat products and see what happens. This will be a MAJOR life change for you. Baiscally you will be limited to fresh fruit and vegetables, beef, pork, chicken and fish.
1337734 tn?1336234591 I try to always be 'glutton free' but I just love food so much! ;p I think you mean gluten free. I'm not sure what you've been reading, but I've not found anything that passes the 'sniff-test' for me research wise. A healthy diet is good for everyone. But unless someone has celiac disease or something similar, I see no compelling reason to favour this approach.
Avatar f tn Antibody titers (dilutions) are found to parallel morphological changes in the jejunum and can also be used to reflect compliance with gluten-free diets. Titers decrease or become negative in patients on gluten free diets and reappear upon gluten challenge. The test for anti-endomysial antibodies is more subjective and more complicated for the lab to perform than the anti-gliadin assays. It involves serially diluting some of the patients serum, that is, diluting it by ½ then ¼, 1/8, 1/16, etc.
139792 tn?1498585650 Imagine a life in which your favorite comfort foods, such as pasta, bread, cereal and cookies, could cause you to become violently ill. This is reality for an estimated 3 million Americans who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that involves a severe reaction to foods containing gluten. Growing awareness of the condition, combined with consumer demand, has brought an increasing number of gluten-free products to store shelves in recent years.