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Avatar n tn I just wanted to post that seven years ago, at the age of 48, I got my first flu shot. 10days later I developed Bells Palsy. I am not asking, I KNOW that this came from the flu shot. Period. Why is it taking so long for you doctors to figure this out?
Avatar n tn I had a flu shot after having been sick with a virus (5 days prior), and within 3 days had Bell's Palsy! I don't think the medical field is upfront at all with this connection.
Avatar m tn I contracted Bells Palsy just as the fever broke from a near fatal 3 week long West Nile Virus infection in the early summer of 2004. I lost considerable hair, which came back gray/white, now have arthritis in many areas, my nails and cuticles grow in strange patterns, and I seem to be prone to fungal infections other than athletes foot. My energy levels are nothing like before the infection and I have trouble maintaining a normal weight.
Avatar f tn If any of you have Bells Palsy after a flu shot, or a virus, you should be evaluated. Flu shots and viruses have been known to cause what looks like Bells Palsy, but is actually a manifestation of cataplexy (random muscle weakness or paralysis which can be widespread or isolated) which happens in narcolepsy, which flu shots and viruses have been known to cause. Most recently, the H1N1 vaccine caused a swath of narcolepsy cases.
Avatar n tn I got a flu shot in 2016 in the right arm. Had issues with it being red, hot and sore longer then my last ones. Two weeks later I am in the hospital with Bell's palsy. I think these two are or were linked to one another. Here I am months later with a red streak still at the injection site that from time to time feels as though something is crawling on my arm.
Avatar f tn the shoulder pain was in the same arm of the injection site. His neurologist told us that he believed the flu shot had caused this condition because it developed so suddenly. He is taking Botox shots which has provided some relief but seems to get worse again the closer he gets to the time for another shot. In your opinion, could the flu shot have caused this, either from the injection itself of the way it was administered?
535822 tn?1443976780 s Health Protection Agency (HPA) has declared that seasonal flu vaccine is not linked to narcolepsy, the agency is concerned that Pandemrix is of a different breed, and that it is not necessarily safe for children ( Back in 2099, it was confirmed that narcolepsy is actually an autoimmune disorder characterized by missing brain cells that are responsible for producing hypocretin, a hormone that promotes wakefulness.
2085202 tn?1373199740 t seem to do much. Had a flu shot a few days before this too but had been out and about at the mall as well as touching my nose and mouth like an idiot without thinking about it at the time.
Avatar f tn I am 26 wks pregnant and one of the guidelines in Ireland is that all pregnant women get the flu vaccine. My fear is that now the flu vaccine has a strain for the so called swine flu(which i have always had doubts about!) Especially now with all the questions around the disorder narcolepsy that has now affected a precentage of kids in ireland that had the vaccine back in 2009. Anyhow could anyne give me some advice.
649848 tn?1534633700 I can only speak for my own personal experience. I get a flu shot every year under doctor advisement, as well as the pneumonia shot when needed. I have never personally have experienced any side effects whatsoever, and have not gotten sick with the flu either. However, I do have an elderly client that normally gets the standard flu shot every year without incident. But this year she was told she needed to get the one for 65 and older patients as it is stronger and covers more strains.
535822 tn?1443976780 Personally, I got myself vaccinated and also do for the flu every year. My family as well. Unfortunately the flu shot isn't really the best protection as we know the flu changes a bit every year, but I figure some protection is better then not. And SM, you are so right. It is human nature for people to forget how awful some of these diseases were. Unfortunately with so many now not vaccinated, it's almost ineveidable we will see a resurgance of some of these diseases.
881165 tn?1265984588 I got the regular flu not long after my dysautonomia diagnosis, and my autonomic system went crazy! I almost ended up in the hospital. I figure even if I don't feel well for a few days after the shot, it's better than the month it took to recover from the flu.
Avatar f tn I got my flu shot while expecting my son, he was born Jan 30. I will be getting my flu shot in December as I'm due in march, just so my baby is protected from the flu virus. I know it's a good idea, my mother didn't get a flu shot when she was pregnant with me and now I'm always sick.
Avatar f tn My last dr was an @$$ and had basically forced me to set an appt for the flu shot. My entire life i havemt gotten the flu shot, and YET i havemt got the flu. I plan on canceling the appt. Im very healthy with a very good immume system. Am i just wrong?
Avatar f tn has anyone else got the flu shot this year ? I've already had it but now I've been reading up on some things saying it's not safe and can cause risk to my baby and I. I'm a little worried.
Avatar f tn I have never had the flu nor received the flu shot. But at the beginning of 2nd trimester the dr strongly urge I get one b/c she sd she has 2 mothers and 2 babies die as a result of getting the flu/H1N1. I took the shot reluctantly and it didn't make me sick and I actually came in contact w/ a customer of mine who had the flu and I haven't been sick, thank God! I'll never get it again unless I'm ever pregnant again, I just took it this time as a preventive measure.
Avatar f tn I got the flu shot, no side effects. Baby and I are doing just fine.
Avatar f tn Im 22 weeks... do i need to talk to my dr about a flu shot? Have yall? Can i even get it?
8388396 tn?1399827886 I went to see my doctor yesterday and he gave me a flu shot:) im 15w
Avatar f tn So i got my flu shot monday. I started to notice red bumps on my thighs and legs yesterday. I just got out the shower and now the bumps are everywhere, they are itchy also. I need help!!!
Avatar f tn I did not want to get the flu shot. I never ever get the flu (knock on wood) and I'm scared that if I do, I will get sick. My Dr is addoment about getting it. I'm 10.5 weeks and was going to wait until I'm in my 2nd trimester. What are your thoughts??
Avatar f tn And my dr suggested I get the flu shot. But Im 22 yrs old and Ive never had tje flu shot and I have never had the flu. Suggestions?
Avatar f tn Ive never gotten a flu shot now that im pregnant they keep asking if im going to get one. Should I ?
Avatar f tn A flu shot would not cause those symptoms. It may cause a low grade fever and minor body aches, but definitely not vomiting or diarrhea. There are stomach bugs going around. If you are not feeling better soon you should probably call your dr.
Avatar f tn t get the flu shot - even while pregnant because I have bad reactions and that usually coincides with me coming down with the worst flu whenever I have tried to get the flu shot (to the point of being hospitalized). That said, I get it if you are against getting the shot - but I would say it depends on how much you need the job. You say you really need the job - is not getting it worth the cost not having the job will be?
10268216 tn?1408929706 I'm on baby #4 and I've never had the flu shot pregnant and ive never gotten the flu pregnant. I've heard it can make you sick and lord knows I've been sick enough.
Avatar f tn ve never even had the flu or a flu shot neither has my bf or our daughter.
Avatar f tn Im a ftm and duen in Dec. I was told to get the flu shot. I normally dont get it and do fine without. I wanted to know some opinions or experiences on getting the shot.