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Avatar f tn Also, I have trouble with anxiety and compulsive thoughts. My doctor has increased my Namenda and it seems to have helped things. I have had a few times which I forgot where I was and I have ongoing nightmares in which I am able to talk and react with wild movement. I also have involuntary movements that are compulsive in nature.
Avatar m tn Also I recently was prescribed an off-label medication called Namenda (usually given to Alzheimers patients which I DON'T have), that has given me significant relief. Plus my anti-depressant does give me a little relief. Plus I take an herbal medication called Petadolex which the studies have shown cause a 72% decrease in migraines, but it costs about $55.00 a month. None of the daily migraine meds worked for me at all, or gave me bad side effects (except for my anti-depressant).