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Avatar m tn Lately my right big toe nail is getting thicker and thicker. It's getting to a point that it is difficult to cut my toe nail. What is the cause of that? Is there anything I can do about it?
Avatar n tn My big toe (the entire nail) has a yellowish color to it. I've had this for about one month now. My third toe is not yellow however it is thicker than normal, it's been this way for about a month and 1/2. I experience no pain however it's frustrating to not know what caused this. What could possibly cause this when all my other toe nails are perfectly normal? Could it be my diet? I've been using an anti-bacterial gel for the nails but they remain the same.
Avatar n tn growth, it appears about 6-8 months of new growth under the old nail. As I said, the new nail is approx. 75% to the end of my toe, while the old nail has reced from my cuticle area about 20%. I DO have a habbit of spending ltos of time on my feet wearing shoes too tight for me, and letting my nails grow too long...and when i clip my big toes my shoues would feel worlds better the next day. Emberasssing, but the truth.This stopped about 8 months ago..
558632 tn?1303474725 Hi, I have never been tested for Celiac (could have it) but do know that I am Gluten Intolerant, and I have Psoriasis on one heel that does much better when I am strict about the gluten, but every once in a while, being human, i slip and fall off the wagon, then it starts all over again, as far as the nail fungus, i never connected it to gluten, but I did have it on my big toe, which I did get rid of with a product called NonyX Nail Gel the brand is XennA, podiatrist recommended, it worked beau
Avatar f tn the tip of my big toe nail is a clear yellowish color and hard its not thick jus hard i googled it it says it could be a fungus if i cut off the tip the only part that is yellow is the fungi still there will it grow bak to that point will it turn yellow again
Avatar f tn I have a bruise under my left big toe nail, it covers almost all of the the toe nail area. It doesn't hurt like a bruise normally does if i put pressure on it and it never has. I don't know exactly how long it has been there as I had painted my toenails and due to my back problem it was easier just to top up the varnish than to remove it, so I first noticed it approx. 9 weeks ago. It has never hurt, I have no idea how it happened! I don;t remember banging it or anything.
Avatar f tn I have a dark spot on my big toe on my right foot. my nails look healthy other than that. The bottoms of my feet are also itchey. My feet sweat alot . I hate going to work my feet put out an odor.
Avatar f tn I have toe nail fungus in my big toe, I know gross, would it be safe to take anything for it at almost 41 weeks? It's about ready to fall off.
Avatar n tn I have some kind of fungus growing on my big toe out of my toe nail. Sometimes it hurts to walk on that foot.The skin has grown to accomodate the fungus. It has all hardend and bleeds alot. What is it and how can i take care of it?
Avatar n tn you would then need to apply a topical antifungal cream to destroy the fungus. if the nail was in fact traumatized, the nail bed may have scarred, preventing the nail from ever attaching again.
Avatar n tn Anyways, I was sitting at my computer one day and i felt something weird on my big toe as I was scratching near the cuticle. My finger was getting caught on the back part of my toenail(On the big toe, The side that is pointing towards the cuticle). I picked at it not really noticing then I looked down and a small area(approx. .25x.2cm) just past my cuticle was missing nail. I looked at it and I could see the nail bed.
1002512 tn?1265442179 My nails are normal in colour so I do not think it is a fungus... These ridges are not growing out.. prior to all of this.. my toe nails were beautiful!!
Avatar n tn Hi. My mom has Hepatitis C and she has just gotten her 2 big toe nails removed. They were wrapped in guaze and the guaze is growing into her skin. She is not able to get the threads outs. She has soaked her feet for at least 6 hours to no avail. She has put anitbiotic ointment there so that they don't dry out. She is wondering if there is anything else that she can do in order to remove the guaze, as she is out of ideas.
Avatar f tn Toe nails are more prone to fungal infections, closed footwear, nylon hosiery, socks all provide the perfect breeding ground. Wearing nail varnish on top of these conditions won't have helped but if you were wearing open toe shoes all summer then I'd say you were extremely unlucky in developing a fungal infection. There is some anecdotal evidence that vicks vaporub works. Vinegar slows down the growth of the fungus so may help in eradicating it.
Avatar f tn HI, I have an infection on my rt big toe. The toe is swolen with blisters and peeling skin. The blisters are on the underside at the join and it is hard for me to bend the toe. There is one large blister at the edge of the nail on the top of the toe. The toe is sore but the blisters mostly itch. I have never had athletes foot but have been told it does not look like that. I have tried anti fungle but it has not helped, I was told vicks clears foot fungus, tried that.
Avatar n tn haha Forsee,,,,,I had that toe fungus on my big toe a couple of years ago and it was so hard to get rid of. But the Vicks does do the trick,,,,You have to use it twice a day and it takes a very long time but you will notice it starting to clear and can't quit until there is no fungus at all or it will start spreading again. Just use a cotton swab and coat your toe morning and night and its alot better then getting on a prescription.
Avatar n tn It is my right foot's big toe, and the numbness starts about the base of the toe nail and goes to the tip of my toe. The numbness is not spreading and my foot looks normal - nothing is discolored, painful or causing any other problem. In fact, I forget that it is numb most of the time, until I bump it taking my shoes off, etc. I have been wearing the same shoes for a long time and doubt it's from my shoes. I have not injured it in any way, and have no other problems with my foot...
Avatar n tn I want to know if I remove the nail completely do I get rid of the fungus? I don't care if I don't have a nail on my big toe, that's where the infection is.
Avatar n tn In the last year the condition has worsened and has affected all the toe nails on the left foot and my big toe nail on the right foot. The condition of my big toe nails is very poor and now the nails are so affected that they are becoming ingrown and becoming infected. My GP has now said that the only thing we can try is Terbinafine which can be toxic to the liver. I am tempted to try this as my quality of life is becoming diminished by the pain and appearance of my feet.
Avatar m tn I'm only 11 but ever since I went to a lake the right side of my big toe has been hurting. Where my nail touches the right side of my toe there's something yellow, and I don't know if its fungus or not. Please help.
Avatar n tn I too have toenail fungus on both big toes & for many years. Have had one of them removed just to have it grow back the same after 2 removals. From my understanding one must use both an oral med along with a topical med if it is truly toenail fungus. I suffer from multiple skin cancers & have had 6 surgeries in 6 weeks with about a year more to go as I also have RA & thus a lousy healing & immune system.
Avatar f tn When it did, I noticed that it was very thick and looked like fungus was on it. Under that toe nail was a small portion of a new toe nail growing in under that and it had a small black spot on it. It is a little more than half way grown up on my toe but about 1/4 of it (on the top) is light purple/black. Also, it is very thick and looks like it has stopped growing half way and closed off into the skin part of my toe to soon. It is very ugly and I have never had any problems like this before.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, About a year a go someone stood on my wife's big toe and since then the nail looks pale/white, shattered and it seems like there's some space between the nail and the skin below it. A doctor had her nail tested for fungus but she got a negative result. She uses a cream that should get some layers off the nail and flatten it but it doesn't really help and she suffering from pain for almost a year now. Do you have any suggestion for treatment? Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn Is a bruised toe nail or toe? if Toe nail it was injured and it will probably fall off and grow back. If bruised toe it may be fractured or broken. Is the skin broken or is the toe off at an angle? Is it painful? It does sound like a break or at least bruised bone. You should have the family doctor look at it to see if they can wrap it up. Since you have had it for a while then it may need to be splinted.
Avatar m tn I have a discoloration in my right foots, big toe. It appears to be a fungus and the nail is partly white. None of my other toes on that same foot or the other foot, have this. What natural home remedy can I use to heal it? I did some reading and it appears that this might possibly Onychomycosis fungus. I have been reading the forums today to find more information about it and there sure is alot of ideas.
Avatar n tn I have toe fungus but the real problem is the pain in both big toes I had an ingrown toe nail removed from one toe and was injected 3 times to numb the area but toe was not numb Dr removed ingrown nail but the procedure was very painful what can I do cant wear shoes with out discomfort
Avatar m tn can the fungus on/under the nail spread elsewhere? For past couple months I have noticed what seems to be jock itch, although I am pretty active I've never had it before. Can toenail fungus "migrate" to other hospitable areas? I am noticing bouts of off and on itchiness and redness in groin area which if left alone has a minor irritation and sorta pinkish but if scratch even a little bit flares up and get pretty angry.
Avatar n tn I took taxotere the last 4 of my 8 chemo treatments. My 2 big toe nails turned black and one of them came completely off. The chemo was over in November 2002. The nail that came off came back and it is now , all this time later, half black, and the other one is ALL black and rather loose at the end. I have been to two "foot " doctors and they both say it is a fungus. However I know the trouble started as a result of the Taxotere. It has a side affect of nail trouble.
Avatar n tn Also, a disease that causes chronic leg swelling and diabetes can cause yellow toe nails so you may want to see a doctor to double check your blood sugar and see if it is toe nail fungus. If you paint your toenails with yellow nail polish it can stain your nails too.