My tongue hurts bumps

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Avatar n tn I have these small bumps under my tongue that have little white centres but are painless I also have a large bump under the skin of my tongue on the floor and it hurts when I apply pressure to it, it's not visible the underside of my tongue is also whitish in color
Avatar m tn but nothing apear to be wrong wu\ith miy pennis its only on my tongue... but sometimes it hurts my bumps my thoat does not hurts i dont have fever or anything is just my tongue.... can u help me... they just white....
Avatar n tn Thanks To All That Take The Time To Help!! This discussion is related to White, painful bumps on the tip of my tongue for past 4 days, and a swolen lip..
250701 tn?1320978365 Last time I took treatment about half way through my tongue got these little bumps on it an it wasn't pleasant Now after just a week and a half the same bumps are on my tongue, hurts, Burns so bad when I eat. I remember this from last time because I thought to myself people don't even realize what they have until they don't have it. I know sounds weird. Does anyone else have this problem? If so what r u doing for it?
Avatar n tn The bigger ones are the ones that hurt, hurts to eat and talk because the bumps rub on my teeth. I have had them for 3 days now. I have taken a picture, it is a little poor quality, but hopefully you can see them
Avatar n tn the first thing that seemed stange and made me think of possible std infection was some weird bumps on the back of my tongue. there is a lot of them. but only in the rear. the part that isnt covered in bumps has been discolored with some sort of stuff. however, the stuff comes off. the bumps don't hurt at all. nothing really hurts. the other reason i am worried is because ive had a bad stomach ache. however, that is the only "flu like" symptom.
Avatar n tn The oral sex consisted all of 5 minutes with my penis outside of the persons mouth most of the time being jerked and licked. The next day I noticed small red bumps around my penis close to the head going about 75% around the shaft as well as bumps around the base of the head of my penis and a reddish change in color on the head that comes and goes. The bumps are whitish/reddish/skin colored.
Avatar f tn About 4 days ago I noticed that i got little cuts on the corners of my lips and that there was a little white thing on it that looked like a pimple but it isnt, and the tip of my tongue reallyyy hurts like crazyy. I have noticed that there are little white bumps on it .. and i usually never have that. And im not sure if this has something to do with that but my tonsils also hurt like a mother. Its so hard to eat and drink and swallow because they feel like theres a knife stabbing them.
Avatar n tn This morning, however, I woke up and i could still feel it and I tried to just scrape it with my toothbrush but it was still there so I got a flash light and saw that I have mulitple bumps all over my tongue and on my throat. They are lighter than my normal color in my throat. On my tongue they are kind of blisterish looking. I'm just wondering how I could have gotten this? I'm pretty sure i've never had it before.
Avatar f tn Stuff like red irritated taste bud or the roof of my mouth hurts or I have a bump or cut under my tounge. Everything I eat hurts my mouth too if I eat pasta sauce or anything hot the next day my mouth hurts and is sore. Once in a while the sides of my tongue hurt and are sore. When I brush my teeth sometimes my gums bleed but just a little. Today I woke up and was in pain I looked in the mirror and it looks like my gum on my top front tooth is red and swollen and pushed through the tooth!
Avatar m tn The next day I noticed bumps at the back of my tongue and closer to the tip. Im not sure if they are bumps or warts. Some are big and some are small and i can move them with my finger. They are the same color as my tongue and they dont hurt. Could this be oral really scared.
Avatar n tn Two very red raw spots in the middle near the tip of my tongue. At night while sleeping my tongue gets so dry it wakes me up. In the morning the problem is not as bad and I think today is the day it will go away.....Nope, as the day goes on it gets worse. Thank god for sugarless gum, that seems to be the best at making it better. I have been taking B-12 and as of last week using biotien tooth past and mouth wash. Both my Dentest and Dr have looked at it and neither seem worried about it..
Avatar n tn By last Sunday night, I felt like I had a few canker cores on the side and front my tongue... by today (Thursday), I've got a cluster of 5 tiny whitish or fleshy bumps/blisters on the tip of my tongue, which hurt whenever they touch food or my teeth. No raised red area around them. In the center of them is a small redish dot. I can't tell if there's any liquid inside (I'm not going to try to puncture one).
Avatar m tn i have white little bumps at the end of my tounge an it hurts really bad and also feel really sick idk what it is
Avatar f tn Okay...this is not even mildly humourous anymore. When my tongue first started burning, I thought it was freezer burn from eating ice cream. Obviously, now that weeks more have passed, that's not the case. I kid tongue stings all the time and it is so painful. I hate the litocain. It seems worse to not feel your mouth at all! I have 5 more weeks to go. Is there any chance this tongue thing will go away?
Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
Avatar n tn i just found a cluster of little bumps on the back of my tongue. they are all the same color of my tongue a pale pink, they dont hurt just feel kind of uncomfortable. i dont know if it is natual or if i should go see someone about it??
Avatar m tn I bit the back of my tongue a few days ago, and then there was a sore there (but no puss), and my lymph node on that side of my mouth swelled and is aching. It hurts to swallow or move my tongue or open my mouth too wide. I think my jaw on that side of my mouth is infected, but I have no idea. The regular doctor gave me penicillin and a throat swab for strep, but I think he has no idea what's wrong...
Avatar n tn underneath my tongue where the lump is it kinda hurts iv heard it could be a saliva duct but im scared it could be cancer iv had it bout 5 days if sumone has similar symtoms please i need ur advice
Avatar n tn I have noticed bumps on my tongue. There are only one or two at a time. They are like little clear sacs of fluid. They are very small and I have tried popping them. They come back however. It is quite annoying.
Avatar n tn I have not drank in over 3 years. A few weeks ago i started, got a buzz and then stoped. Few days later noticed "Acne" like pimples in the back of the throat, right at the end of the tongue. The tongue has this burning feeling just where the pimples are. two weeks later drank again in moderation. The "Acne" moved on the side and under neath the tongue. I don't know if my drinking is related. But this "Acne" hurts and i don't have a clue of what it is.
Avatar f tn its been bothering me for the past 3 years and people say it is nothing but it is something it hurts alot and they come on the inside of my mouth my lip under and on top of my tongue.
Avatar m tn But, today I just noticed a red spot forming towards the back of my throat near the that thing that hangs down but towards the side. None of it hurts though but it happened to form now when this thing on my tongue was around. I also have a canker sore on my gum at the front upper of my mouth, which that one of course hurts. I'm just freaking out now that this red spot formed, though the tongue looks better.
Avatar f tn In the last few years I have had tiny white bumps appear on the tip of my tongue and my tongue appears swollen. In the past I have taken benadryl and that has taken care of it. They seem to come more often now. I keep up on my teeth cleanings and fillings if needed. I also suffer now from hypothyroidism due to the irradation of my thyroid due to hyperthyroidism. Could that be the cause? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn yesterday as i was looking in my mouth to see the back of my throat i had to stick my finger in my mouth to hold my tongue down and i noticed it wasnt my throat it was the back off my tongue that hurts.
Avatar n tn I believe that this phenomenon is perhaps much more common than we believe -- since most of us do not talk about it with our friends, co-workers etc, and we do not go out when we experience the severe facial swelling. 1. At age 44 (about 14 years ago), I had a severe incident of swelling of my lip and tongue. My wife, a physician, gave me a shot of adrenaline that brought down the swelling immediately. Within weeks I had another incident.
Avatar n tn Haven't had any ARS symptoms. Got tested at 3 weeks which came out negative. Does white bumps on your tongue considered a ARS symptom. My tongue does not look like oral thrush. They arent lesions or painful.
Avatar n tn A few times a year I get this little white bump on my tongue! It is an enlarged, and SORE little round taste bud. Sometimes I will get two or three - sometimes one. They are quite annoying and irritated by my teeth and of course anything acidic, or hot. I have tried snapping them off with nail clippers. It hurts like heck - but then begins the healing process. I haven't found a diagnosis and/or treatment for them yet.