My knee cap clicks

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Avatar f tn Hello, I've just started having pain on the outside of my right knee I was playing boo with my son when I first felt a sharp pain, over the week each time I kneel down I feel a hard throbbing pain, when rubbed it throbs and also when bent, when the leg is straight it's fine! My knee clicks now and again and when I feel the knee cap it feels like it's grinding, does anyone have any ideas what this could be, my partner seems to think it could be my cartilage!
Avatar m tn ve felt a constant burning (sometimes stabbing) pain which is mainly behind my knee cap, and at the top of the knee cap (where the thigh meets the knee), it also clicks and somedays feels very stiff. this pain fluctuates every day, and some days it will feel almost fine, some days i will be in agony, both of which sometimes stick around for months. excercise is STILL extremely difficult due to pain levels and my knee sometimes locking up.
Avatar m tn ve felt a constant burning (sometimes stabbing) pain which is mainly behind my knee cap, and at the top of the knee cap (where the thigh meets the knee), it also clicks and somedays feels very stiff. this pain fluctuates every day, and some days it will feel almost fine, some days i will be in agony, both of which sometimes stick around for months. excercise is STILL extremely difficult due to pain levels and my knee sometimes locking up.
Avatar f tn then back in 2009 i was flipped over some ones back hard and feel on the same knee and put two holes in my pants and they match the two scars on my knee. it swelled bad couldnt bend it for about two months it looked nasty didnt have medical so didnt go to docs again. what could it be...
Avatar f tn Since starting classes again I have been having a lot of trouble with my knee. There is heat coming from it. It gets swollen, and red by the end of the day. At first it didn't hurt at all, it was just swollen. However; the last few weeks it has started to hurt, and I've gotten lightheaded a few times. Also there is this popping sound that happens if I rest it for awhile, then try to get up. My knee also itches to every now and then.
Avatar m tn I have another symptom. When i sit in a tall chair and my feet doesnt reach the floor, but instead my knee and lower leg just hangs in the air, in this position im feeling pain after a short time. Not strong pain, but its there. Pain almost always disappear when i sleep or when i fully extend my legs for a while. I have tried those squatting excersices to see if it gets worse, 90% of the time im not feeling worse pain.
Avatar m tn I play ice hockey, and over the last 5 years I have had recurring knee issues with my right knee. My right knee clicks and pops a lot when I walk. Now, tha doesn't generally cause pain, but any time this problem does occur, it is accompanied by related issues with it. For example, if I try to get on my knees (happens a lot in hockey) I have a lot of trouble and pain getting up off my right knee. I feel like the shin moves inward.
Avatar m tn I can totally relate with your pain, some days I can hardly stand it. What kind of pain meds do they have you on? Oh, my knee clicks dr said I have to remember that it is now mechanical and it will do that, it gets where you dont notice that too much. I am here to talk any time.
Avatar f tn I am 17 years old and when I was 14 I had ACL, MCL & LCL reconstructive surgery, along with a torn artery. So painful it took forever to heal. I went to physio blah blah blah then I had to get a second surgery to remove a calcium build up and remove scar tissue to help my knee bend. My surgeon said I will always have a bad knee but i didn't think it'd get this bad. It just aches and aches and it clicks when I go up stairs. And I can't bend it all the way.
Avatar f tn with extreme stabbing pain in which I come very close to falling. No known injuries. Compared to other knee the knee cap looks to be double in size. Full extension even when sitting can Bring on the stabbing pain.
Avatar f tn Whenever I touch it or bruxh it against something I get a bad pain in the side of my knee. Seems odd that an injury on the front of the knee cap and cause such pain on the side. Looking for any info, please help. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I'm 16 and for the past year I've had knee issues. I work at a library and shelve books so there's a lot of crouching and knee sitting. Last year I had gotten a huge bruise on my knee cap that covered nearly my entire cap. My doctor said that it was fine and that I just needed to do more physical activity. I started dance and I feel like it's just aggravating my knees more. I just noticed today that I hve a small shiner on my right knee.
Avatar m tn upon leaving they gave me a foam knee brace and sent me on my way. When I got home and tried on the knee brace I found out it was way to large (XXL) to the point of it being almost comical (I'm 130 lbs., maybe if I was a NFL running back it would fit.
Avatar m tn have a knot on knee cap when to doc. 1974 said it was like munchhousen something and not the one for women doc.
1855569 tn?1319669473 but the bump has seperated into teenie tiny bumps and hav over 7 YEARS relocated to beneath my knee cap my left knee has began process over the past 2 years im a 19 year old female and this began in the 6th grade for me and my doctor said it would go away in 6 months - 1 year its began to be VERRY painful in my right knee and all around my knee up to about my mid thigh down to above my calf it shoot through my knee when i lift my leg.
Avatar n tn And when I run I get this sharp pain in my left knee, it kinda feels like It needs to crack, but it never does. Then when I put alot of weight onto my left leg my knee will start to hurt again. Is this serious? Or should I jus ignore it for now?
Avatar m tn i started to get a jolting sharp pain on my left knee i think coming from the knee cap or around the sides of the knee cap. it went away the next day but came back again few days later...... it seems to come when i just walk on the knee not every step but a certain pressure of my steps. Someone please help dancing is my Job and before i dish out money to a doctor i would like to try to understand what im dealing with. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar m tn Last wk I was playing basketball and when I came down from jumping I had a real sharp pain in my knee and could not continue. Around the top of my knee cap is tender and hurts and when I put pressure on my knee getting out the car or anything I get sharp tack like pains under my knee cap and sometimes on the side of my knee and it aches a little, I have really slight swelling but I am able to walk. What do you think it is and what should I do?
Avatar f tn When I was a freshman in highschool I had seen a Doctor about my knee problem, and was tolded that my knee caps were making new knee jionts by themselves. They had done surgery on my right knee. I was wondering what the medical name was for this type of knee problem.
Avatar n tn I have been dancing for 11 years and I tend to get many bruises on my knees, mainly my right knee. And I've noticed for a long time now I have bumps on my right knee cap that feel like I have 5-10 little pebbles underneth my skin. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I have pains in my right knee. When touching around the cap in the soft spots it hurts. When pushing centre of the cap it hurts also further up top of cap hurts. Getting shooting pains up thigh and numbness when sitting, a cold feeling. It's been 2 days now yesterday it was hard to walk around without a limp to keep off of it. In the past I have hit it on a couple things fairly hard as I am a labourer.
Avatar m tn Just got back from a docs appt and a bit confused I had several ligament tears at a young age and at 36 had a ACL procedure with the patella tendon- since my first injury ( a patella fracture and ligament tears ) my knee has been prone to collapsing- the docs all these years said it was due to pain and muscle flexing- now last two docs have noted that my Patella has severe arthritis and much smaller ( worn away ) than my other knee.
Avatar n tn The knee is causing pain on movement; I use movelat gel; now the pain is severe at times. The knee clicks when walking.
Avatar m tn I work in a convenience store and have to kneel down to get into certain places so I feel this pain every time I kneel on my left knee. The pain is the bottom of my knee cap on the left side of my left knee. I did karate for years and I do not know if it is an injury I didn't know I had that is just acting up now.
Avatar f tn But no use, then had advised me to wear knee cap for few days. I was feeling better with knee cap. I removed it after 25 days, it was little better for 2 days, then again the pain is back. After few days, went to orthopedic, he said no problems and advised me to do some exercises. Then also no use. I have still have the pain in my knee and following parts....couldn't talk for more than 10 mins. Could you please advise me how to solve this and become normal.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my right knee under the knee cap.its gradually getting worse and kneeling or going up and downstairs(particularly going upstairs ) causes quite severe pain .it has given way at times as well.I've seen my doc who is sending me for physio and to see a specialist where she said he will probably have to perform a knee wash .does anyone know what might case this pain is and what a knee wash is?