My fingernails keep splitting

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745313 tn?1323145898 I just started treatment today and the doctor told me it was possible for you to see brittle nails as part of the TX process, but she said that keeping up my water intake and doing as much as I could to take "stress" off my liver would help keep those (hair and nails) side effects to a minimum. I currently have acrylics and plan on keeping them through TX -- I had nails that would "peel" once they reached a certain length before any of this, and hated them.....
Avatar f tn I haven't had my fingernails split down the middle, but in the last few years they have become extremely dry, brittle and shabby looking. My toenails also break very easily. Not sure it has anything to do with the hep c, but it would kind of make sense, since one also gets dry skin and hair. Probably has something to do with the digestion of fat in the liver. I'm not that knowledgeable in any of these technicalities. Your viral load is high and so are your other levels.
1356637 tn?1277267582 My 4 year old son's fingernails and toenails seem to be splitting away by the cuticle and coming off. It started on one of his big toes and now it is happening on both hands/feet. There is no discoloration on any nail and no sign of fungus or infection. I took him to the pediatrician and he said he was stumped. He referred me to a dermatologist but I can't get in for a while. I looked online and anything I could find that seemed to match what my son is going through sounds pretty bad.
Avatar n tn It started on my left thumb nail(inside) and included some skin splitting and bleeding under my thumb nail. The finger print soon peeled away and my left index finger became affected in a similar way. I am left handed if that makes a difference. Other fingers also became involved, usually next to each other. Under the nail towards the tip it turns white almost like it is pulling away a little, and then reddish next to that.But this is only on one side of the nail.
Avatar m tn Actually, Synthroid HAS been known to cause hair loss, and NOT just from the start of therapy. If you study the literature enclosed with the Brand, I think it might say that. Some people do better on the generic for some reason, and it might be the filler. I do better on the generic version from Mylan Labs., not any other, in combo w/ T3, again from Mylan. That said, people have been known to shed at the start of therapy. It's a journey allright, because response is so individual.
Avatar n tn The first 2 -3 months, it all seems to be helping greatly, but these past 2 months, it's like I am not taking anything at all. And now, the skin under my fingernails are splitting and drying and painful. All of this is related to the arthritis as well. So if any of you find relief, post it. I need it.
1932256 tn?1327949940 Told him I refuse to let him starve or kill himself to death under my roof. AND I told him that from now own I will keep the liquor bottle in my possession at all times and he has to come to me to get any and I'll be rationing it ... no eat, no drink. He was very agreeable and actually ate a whole container of yogurt. I also told him that I'm looking desperately for an inpatient facility that he can go to for 30-90 days. He said "I'll start eating I promise" ...
862265 tn?1250870371 My fingernails are showing a discoloration ONLY on the ring finger of both hands. It looks like smokers nails (I don't smoke) or like I wore polish to long (I only wear on special occasions). The base of the nail is normal, but about 1/4 of the way up it turns brownish. The only other problem I have with my nails is they seem to split when they get long. I dont bite my nails, I heard this might be a vitamin deficiency, I take a multivitamin, and added B Complex, Iron, Magnesium. Thats it.
2178116 tn?1337612881 I went to a Lifeline screening and it showed my TSH at 3.4 and said I should do a follow up with a doctor as that indicated my level was too high. I went to a doctor about a month later and the TSH was 5.1, FT3 - 2.4, and FT4 - 1.0. My doctor said it is only borderline and we will check again in 6 months. Is it normal for TSH to go up like that in one month? Should I be trying some natural remedies? I have read deficiency in iodine can cause the problem. Should I take iodine? If so, how much?
Avatar n tn My recent blood test shows TSH-45 and Thyroglobulin anitbodies 349. My doctor said it is auto immune Hypothyroditis and to start medicine. How do I assure that this is not Thyroid cancer??
Avatar m tn Very good detailed information. My fingernails are flaking and have string lines down them. I will bring this up with my doctor and copy what you wrote to discuss. But I don't think my doctor will have a clue what to do. Is there a specialist that deals with malnutrition issues?
Avatar m tn It looked like a pimple with no white head… pearly, round, and very small. I tried to pop it with my fingernails. No puss and no white stuff came out but I was successful in breaking the skin. I should mention that I popped another super small pearly pimple right under the semi bigger spot. So now I had two tiny “cuts” (I don’t know what else to call it) on the topside of my penis near the base of the shaft… near the pubic region.
Avatar f tn I do not know how lupus will figure into the mix, you might try a lupus online forum looking for someone who has also had chemo for their insights. The herceptin was not bad for the months that I took it alone, mostly splitting fingernails and dry skin. Once you make it through the TCH chemo, things get much better pretty quickly. What is your cancer diagnosis? I am assuming that you are Her2 positive, if you are thinking about taking Herceptin.
Avatar n tn My first shot was saturday and most of the pain I had was in my legs so I am going to keep a watch on my liquids and potassium. Potassium has something to do with regulating the electrolytes in your heart so you may want to discuss the cramps with your doctor.
1711722 tn?1356491154 My joints are so stiff, but I've never had a break, so I can't identify w that. I've had fungus on my toenails and my thumbnail is thick and the skin is splitting and won't heal. treating that w an antifungal. Still use miracle mouth for cracks around my lips too. I've reached a point where I just let my hair go some days. I only have to wash it one day a week cause it's so dry. But like you, I'm loving the lashes! OH! And that overly plucked look from when I went tweezer crazy as a teen?
Avatar f tn My once beautiful, shiny, long hair that would curl and stay curled is now dull, short (barely grows at all) lifeless, brittle and falls out so much I have to plunge my shower and sink regularly. Also, my fingernails have developed ridges in the last few years that also curl down on my index and next finger. But it's "not the Synthroid". RIGHT. WHATS WRONG WITH ME??????
Avatar m tn EVen after the 1 week mark she will still be tired and sore. My steri strips weren't removed until my post op appt 1 week after surgery, and then he replaced them with a second set for another week. So i couldn't swim or take a bath for 2 weeks....showers only.
Avatar f tn of hypothyroidism (because of my high TSH). My ultrasound revealed two nodules on my left lobe one measured 2.4cm and the other 1cm. He said that this confirmed the diagnosis and that I need to have a biopsy of the nodules just be safe. He also doesn't want me on meds for now and wants to keep monitoring it. I will go to him after I have the biopsy. I am new to all this and would like some help. What do you think of my doctor's opinion?
Avatar n tn armed with information and he agreed we could try my way until my numbers came back off. I took all iodine rich food out of my diet, cut all iodine containing supplements and basically went on a high-protein diet. My levels were great, I felt great and for over four (4) years I stayed in remission by doing what I had researched, and I kept my Thyroid. An extreme event triggered my Graves' last August and I began gaining weight, struggling with exhaustion, etc.
113932 tn?1189759424 if any confusion-my apologys for lame attempts at r ya doin today K?..i am doin my journey,but w/ tad less enthusiasm-sick&tired of being sick&tired...need some industrial strength meds for the sx's,but alas my doc don't want me beaming......Hope you r havin an aok day!and Rogirl-GOODLUCK w/ 1st shot...apprehension is maybe worst part-hence my attempts at humor-yu will probably get a bit of mild flu like symptoms.treat yourself well and drink plenty of water.......
200220 tn?1361955154 I have other symptoms right now, fingernails splitting, leg cramps, I have had them all of my adult life, general feeling bad physically. She really doesn't listen. I didn't realize it until the last time I saw her she said she could only go by the tsh and not my symptoms. Now where do I find that next doctor that will be able to help me get further along. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Anybody know of a doctor in the Washington-Baltimore area or even further, please let me know.
Avatar n tn By reading all the post I think stop using linx shower gel. With me too my ecsma can flare up from heat. Try and keep the skin as cool as possible like a cool shower. I think summer is gonna be worse too.
Avatar f tn I react radically to minute changes in T3, but have never felt much different adjusting T4, except that my hair grew back and my fingernails stopped splitting. But the edema has been an issue ever since Jan. 2010, when I went hyper on generic T3 at the same dose I had been on with Cytomel. This all has me so confused. I'm already ON 30 mcg of T3. By eliminating 150 mcg of T4, that seems like a huge change. I don't think 5 mcg MORE of t3 is going t replace it.
Avatar n tn My skin is itchy, and small flakes only on face, I thought it could be winter skin itch but my head always feels like bugs are in it but there arent any. This is on my face, my chest, my legs, on my eyebrows,my back, sorta all over, but especially on my head and around my eyes.
Avatar m tn Before I could get any doctor to believe my thyroid was wonky, my nails in particular were splitting down into the quick and peeling in layers. I remembered my old buddy MSM and started taking it again. I noticed the results right away, though it still took thyroid meds to stop the splitting and peeling completely. Good luck !
Avatar f tn My hair started falling out - probably lost about a third of it, and my finger nails started breaking and splitting more often again. Besides increasing my thryroid, I am using more progesterone again. When I was busy worrying about the gluten, I sort of let the use of the progesterone cream slide, just using it occasionally when I thought of it. It hasn't been long enough yet to tell if I have completely reversed the problem, but at least it doesn't seem to be getting any worse.
Avatar n tn I'm 45 years old I remember that I started getting them just after we started dating and sleeping together as my doctor (who didn't remain my doctor for long afterwards) asked me if my new boyfriend had long fingernails!!! Not a day went by without one as far as I recollect although I'm probably imagining that - pretty much seems like that though on reflection. I tried all sorts of things and went for all sorts of investigations but it's only now that the revelation has hit me.
Avatar f tn in 3 weeks, obviously myxedema weight, and then gradually another 5 without change in diet or exercise. My dry skin and peeling fingernails improved and my hair started to grow back. I had a return of energy and positive thinking. I continued to do well for about a year, until 4 months after the pharmacist changed the Cytomel to a generic, when I developed all the hyper symptoms you describe, and like you, panicked and cut my T3 in half with my doctor's knowledge.
Avatar n tn Both of my thumb nails are almost gone the top of my nail is constantly cracking off until they bleed my doctor gave me lamisil I took it for 3 months it did not help.
Avatar m tn It could be related to HCV but probably just an age thing. Just wait till you hit fifty! BTW my memory seemed to improve a little since starting treatment. Go figure.