My breasts tender

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Avatar f tn They aren't tender now and im 7 wks along. Is it a sign of miscarriage or is it normal for the tender feeling to go away? Freaking out! Help.
Avatar f tn both of my breasts are extremely tender to the touch. my son can't give me a hug without it hurting. i am not pregnant and i don't sleep on my back. also, my nipples stay erect and have become a deeper red then normal. is this something i should be worried about, or are my hormones just going crazy? thanks!
Avatar n tn what can I do to reduce my breastfeeding tender and my breastfeeding keep getting bigger change two sizes already. any ideas .
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks ftm, my breasts are so tender and heavy feeling but my question is does anyone else's nipples itch like crazy? Mine do and was wondering if this is normal or not?
Avatar f tn My breasts usually don't start to get tende until a week or the same week I'm about to begin my period im not supposed to start my period for 3 more weeks and my breasts have been really tended I don't think there growing... Any advice or comments as to why this might be happening ?
Avatar f tn I had that feeling on my left breast at the side, had to continuously feed my son and pump from my left side to drain it properly.
Avatar f tn i had sex in between the period and light bleeding and have done a test but that came back negative, would it be to early to be able to tell if i was as it has now been 7 days now after the bleeding and my breasts are still tender and my nipples are now starting to feel like they are tingling and feel itchy.
1454858 tn?1306787978 I appreciate the feedback. the thing is, my breasts aren't tender. I remember them being sore with my other pregnancies, but I don't remember when that started. why is first morning urine stronger??? Is it because most people "hold it" all night. I'm wonderingbecause I do not. I get up 1-2 times in the night for the bathroom. I swear I have an "old lady bladder". Will this make any hormone less potent in the am?
4650240 tn?1357663675 a few months after a hysterecotomy my both breasts are very tender all the time is that common?
Avatar f tn I'm 51 and was wondering is it normal to have tender, engorged breasts? my menstration have basically stopped.
Avatar n tn in the last 2weeks i have been experincing very sore and painfull breasts, i also got my period 3days ago and stil going. i knw tender breasts is a pms but i have never had it before and ive had my period since i was 12. my boyfriend and i have unprotected sex all the time, and we are TTC . is it even possible that i could be pregnant, can this be a very early pregnancy symptom?
Avatar n tn PMS symptoms (e.g. tender breasts) are very similar to pregnancy symptoms. The only way to know whether your g/f is pregnant is to take a pregnancy test, preferable a few days after she misses her period ("if" she misses it). A average couple who has unprotected sex has about a 25% chance of conceiving in a given month so "no" she isnt pregnant for sure.
Avatar n tn Hi, i've had really tender breasts for a week and they have grown too (more than usual menstrual tenderness) I had bad diorreah just over 2 months ago and had antibiotics, i'm on birth control pills. Had unprotected sex just after period finished, 2 weeks later I had spotting for a day-was worried I was pregnant but I had my 'normal' pill period that month and last month. Seem to have symptoms tho, breasts hurt, bloated tummy.
Avatar n tn I am 38 now. It reminds me of when my milk first came in, they feel very large and tender. I have heard that caffine can bother you that way and I have reduce caffine and still no help.????
Avatar f tn Since i began taking it i have realized everyday my breasts are SORE! I really like the bc that im on so I don't want to switch. If its not the bc any one have any thoughts or suggestions on why else they could be? I am not pregnant either.
Avatar f tn I have sore tender and heavy breasts for approx. 2 weeks before my period is due which has been an ongoing issue for a few years now but this month has been the worst. Is this common? I know I am not pregnant and recently had a breast lump checked. Advice please!
3215726 tn?1352598047 My breasts are really hurting, and my nipples are really tender to touch. I've been getting these giant blue veins running across my breasts and chest area. Is there anything to do to help the pain of my breasts and chest area?
Avatar n tn I'm 27 my tubes are tied and lately the past 3 months my breasts have been very sore before periods well this time they are sore weeks after my period and I won't get it again til next month what could it be
Avatar f tn A couple days after that (nearly 2 to 3 days) my breasts have been tender ever sense and i am not suppose to have my period for another week and two days. I was wondering if anyone could maybe help me out here? Or give me some pointers? Though I already have a bad feeling about it. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn So my fiance and I have been trying to conceive and for the past 3 weeks I have been taking prenatal vitamins. I noticed that my breasts are becoming tender and hurts when been touched so I had taken a pregnancy test which came out negative. I now have started my menstrual and my breasts have never been effected by having my period until now.
Avatar n tn I never hurt with my daughter but my milk also didn't come in until 3 weeks after birth so I chose to bottle feed. This one I have hurt a lot! I hurt most of the first trimester and I have my moments in the 2nd where I hurt so bad I could cry.
Avatar f tn I don't know if it's just a spot that isn't healing or if it is maybe something slightly more serious? Both of my breasts have also been very tender and sore the past week, especially the left one. I am due my period in a few days but i've had pain for about the past week. I don't normally get breast pain before my period. Any suggestions?? - Concerned, 20, Scotland.
Avatar n tn THis morning I woke up and my nipples are a little sore and the sides of my breasts are tender. (my breasts never hurt btw) Then...I took my daily vitamin and not 1 minute later I got super nausious and threw up. Im still feeling prettty nausious. um...does this sound like I could be pregnant? Are tender breasts a symptom of anything else? Last month I got a VERY light 3 day perioid 1 week before I normally do. I mean it didnt even fill a tampon kinda light.
Avatar f tn I just found out that I'm pregnant (the test said 1-2 weeks). My boobs have been tender and sore for the past two weeks and I'm wondering how long it will last??? A slight touch causes me discomfort, will I experience this throughout the entire pregnancy???