My breasts didn't grow during pregnancy

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667829 tn?1297978123 Congrats on the positive! With both of my previous children, I was a 38D, then a 38DD. With my daughter, I gained a total of 12 pounds, and my breasts didn't get much bigger until the milk came in. With my son, I gained a total of 4 pounds and, again, my breasts didn't grow much until after the birth. This time, I started out as a I'm probably a 44DD, but I have only gained one pound so far. My breasts have grown a LOT this time, and I'm just 16 weeks now. Soooo...
Avatar f tn I'm on baby number 3 almost 22 weeks... i have quite big boobies any way and with my first 2 they didn't really grow during pregnancy, only when my milk came in after birth... but this time by my 2nd trimester i had gone up a cup and i feel HUGE...
10734189 tn?1412988958 My boobs barely grew during my first pregnancy but when my milk came in they were huge and gorgeous. :) unfortunately I couldn't breast feed so they went back to a little bigger than they started. But now this pregnancy they are a little bigger and growing a little bit at a time.
Avatar f tn My breasts didn't change at all during pregnancy and neither did I have leakage until I had my lil girl and my milk came through
Avatar f tn im 10wks along and mine have grown almost a full cup size already, lol. I was an A cup before, so I'm not complaining - although they are super tender lol. If you're like me, we can only hope they continue like this! haha. My first pregnancy was the same, they didn't get bigger at all until near the end.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Well, it is hard to say. Breast size is dependent on genetics, hormones and fat. When did you go through puberty, get your first period? Breasts change throughout life-- pregnancy, aging, etc. Gain weight, your breasts will grown. Lose weight, they'll shrink. Get pregnant, they will grow. Nurse a baby, they will grow. When finished, they will shrink. I would try not to get caught up in something like breast size. Who is that for? Guys?
Avatar f tn s no way my breasts will even fit into an A-cup. Gotta look for plastic surgery perhaps. The only time my breasts were bigger was when I was nursing my baby-girl. We do things to the body that might and will never mend - allthough many things can be mended. It's sad but I think that when the breasts stop developing, it's not much at all that can have the halt undone.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone . Im 17 years old girl,5,8 ,really skinny . i had my period when i was 11, my breast where growing but oneday i've injure them ,they hurt me so much and since then they didn't grow ,Im totaly flat . So Does the injure could cause the problem of being with no boobs for the rest of my life ??
1705896 tn?1314811839 How much bigger should I expect my breasts to grow as I get further into my pregnancy? I am at 12 weeks right now and am already at a DD.
Avatar f tn ) I ask because it is already hard to find my size as it is because my ribcage is small. If my boobs grow I fear it will be even harder.
Avatar f tn Breast size has nothing to do with milk production. I was a small B cup with my first pregnancy and didn't have any increase in size. I started leaking a lot at 14 weeks and thought I'd have my milk right away with how much I leaked, but my milk didn't come in for 5 or 5 days after I gave birth. I was a full C cup while nursing my daughter for 16 months. After I weaned her I went back to my normal B cup.
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old and 6w 5d pregnant. I wear a size 32B bra. I haven't had any changes in my breast size or soreness. Does that mean they they aren't going to get any bigger during my pregnancy?
550943 tn?1330727580 My pg with my oldest my son I didn't get big boobs until the end when my milk came in. They got bigger with both my girls. This pg my b's are banging and big. It depends on the pg. It's a possible side affect enlarged breasts. Wait until your milk comes in Omg. Hipe this helps my friend!!!!
Avatar f tn At CD 12 I had a dominant follicle at 9 mm. FS told me to come back today at CD 15. It was still at 9 mm. Never grow at all! Anyone had tis prob? He has scheduled me to come back on Monday at CD 19. If it's not at 18 mm, I won't be able to do my IUI. Anyone out there had a very slow growth but managed an IUI?
Avatar f tn But having a good exercise routine will help u prevent the sagging. This is my 3rd pregnancy n my boobs r still perky. But I exercise alot during pregnancy and after. Even if ur breathing sag a little right after delivery alot of push up will make them perky again.
689528 tn?1364135841 Does anyone know whether or not you have an easier time breast feeding or producing milk if your breasts leak during pregnancy? Just curious I guess. I've been leaking a lot more lately and it kinda came across my mind. it normal for the leaking breast(s) to be a little painful while or before they leak? Not extreme pain but just enough to notice.
10314571 tn?1428116218 My doctor told me that even if you are producing during pregnancy it's not the real stuff. She said the real stuff comes after/as soon as baby does.
Avatar f tn I barely have any breasts to begin with, so I was excited to finally have some with being pregnant. But I'm six months along and they haven't gotten any bigger. Will they come in the later I get into my pregnancy, or is it possible they won't grow at all? And won't this make it more difficult to breast feed?
Avatar f tn I'm getting worried... My boobs have not grown at all during this pregnancy.. I really want to try and breast feed this time around, but like i said they have not grown at all they haven't even been sore or tender in any way. I'm 26 weeks 3 days and with my first child i had gone up two cup sizes by now. I'm trying not to Google things any more because i tend to over reasurch and end up just freaking myself out.
Avatar f tn You're supposed to gain weight during pregnancy. If you say the average baby is about 6lbs then plus amniotic fluid and placenta your growing belly will weigh roughly 10lbs by your due date. Plus if your breasts grow its a few extra lbs. I'm almost 26w and I've gained almost a stone. 13lbs. Depending on your pre-pregnancy weight it's suggested you gain upto 30lbs during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Its common for a lot of women not to have their boobs grow at all during pregnancy. I'm pregnant with my third child have breastfed my daughter and my son and my boobs did not grow at all until weeks after having the baby. Advice for breastfeeding is to make sure after every single feeding you pump each breast for 20-30 minutes. There is also Mothers Milk Tea and Fenugreek vitamins which will help increase milk supply .
Avatar m tn Depends on the woman and the baby.
Avatar f tn My boobs dont get bigger during pregnancy. This is my 4th pregnancy and they are the same size as befor i was pregnant. Its not until they fill with milk after baby is born that mine get bigger!
Avatar f tn I'm 12 weeks 3 days today as well and my breasts have grown a lot so far this pregnancy, I won't know what I'm having till Fri.
621842 tn?1269969330 i think i read this one time on another post and in one of my pregnancy could be pupps....i think thats the right acronym? lemme get back to you on this! but i think u should def see a doc about it just to make sure its not the thing im referring to...dont get all scared tho becuz im not a doctor and it could just be a regular rash!
301354 tn?1211810520 I had a lump during, well, it was found BEFORE my second pregnancy, but we didn't biopsy it until AFTER I was 7 weeks pregnant. It was malignant. Now, here's your good news....I had Lauren in spite of all the surgeries and chemo. She and I went through a simple mastectomy at 8 weeks, then started chemo at 13 weeks. She had to be taken early so I could start chemo again, but she was fine. Go, get lump looked at by a breast surgeon. Make sure it isn't anything.