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Avatar n tn So many people have said exactly what happened to me. I was watering my grass and I actually checked to see if my cell phone was in my pocket! I can only feel it internally and its can't be seen or felt from the the outside. I started getting my heavy PMS symtoms today so I was thinking its related but I've never had it before so I decided to do a search and found this thread. I have no health problems that I know of.
Avatar m tn My throat seems to be literally clogged with flem or something all the time and i sometimes get pain just under my breasts when i eat and the coughing has caused me to throw up a lot of times. I have a family history of asthma and have been told it could be a mild case of that. Could this be true..?
Avatar m tn Please go to itunes and download claire weeks book on hope and help for your nerves. This download saved my life it explaines in detail what is going on and what to do to get out. I would go and get a very thourough physical including heart work up. Once these come back good then you can get down to desesitizing your nerves. Do not scourer the internet about your symptoms. This only feeds the anxiety. I had anxiety and panic attacks and was on meds ativan buspar, and citrapolom.
Avatar f tn It's scary but for me if I know better from what my body is telling me, wait till I tell my husband. I still get cramping which is driving me crazy, my breasts havent turned brown, nor do they hurt, my back doesnt ache nor am I hungrier. So what can the problem be? Since getting off the pill along time ago, very long time ago, thinking it was for the better, I dont smoke.
1184907 tn?1264270207 add me on yahoo msn. squishy_fishy09***@**** and yeah same for me my dad idk cuz my boyfriend is mixed and my dad dont go for that but he dnt live with me so idk how he would take it but as far as my mom she would accept it. But..... yeah i hate waiting!
Avatar n tn Ditto to Cinnamonheart! Kids do make sex seem more like a chore. I found that even more when I was working outside the home and trying to keep the house up, take care of kids etc. it was chaotic and sex was the last thing on my mind. However since staying home and having my kids (3-7,4,14 months) on a schedule, I have seen a definate increase in my libido. My kids all go to bed no later than 8:30 pm (7:30 pm in the Winter) and they sleep until about 6:00 am or 6:30 am.
Avatar n tn , you must be saying, well so what, she still has a solid mass, well let me explain. The doctor that did my biopsy of March 2003 told me to please take this vitamin, because it was very good for the breast, he told me it doesn't take cancer away, I mean what is he going to say, he is not God, but he kind of told me that it crushes tumors, I mean he said, it helps. He didn't have to speak one more word, I got the message.
Avatar n tn Complicated, I know but a good reminder to me to pay attention to the whole me. My last workup in Dec put my TSH stable @ 1.31 and my Ferritin @ 18 (ack!) On my low ferritin, I am very happy to say that since I started taking iron supplements my headaches, night time leg cramps, excessive menses, racing heart, sharp chest pain, chronic bladder infections, stomach upsets, swollen calves and sore joints have all but disappeared!
Avatar f tn Once in the after noon and once in the evening. I felt disgusted with my body. Non of my pants fit me any more, and I felt like a stranger in my own body. I worked out each day until the calorie counter on the elliptical read 1000 calories. I became almost self destructive in the fact that I spent most of my day eating only sugar free organic apple sauce.
Avatar n tn I know the wait is unbearable, and I did do a home pregnancy test way before my blood work date, because I could not wait. My HPT did pick up and gave me a positive, but I know other people where it did not. Try to wait for blood because blood tells no lies. I had cramping and slight bleeding after the transfer, before my blood test, but I knew I was pregnant because hpt were saying I was.
Avatar n tn I had my testosterone checked it was 250 . I am 47 . My doctor said it was normal. A friend of my sent me to a Doc that raises tour testosterone using bio similar steroids . No side effects supposedly . He put six pellets in my hip .It's been 3 weeks and I feel terrific . I haven't had my blood test to check my testosterone but I suspect it will be in the six hundred range . I suggest to anyone to have your testosterone level raised with bio similar steroids.
272759 tn?1270489194 So cute and wiggly in my belly. Looked like he was dancing. haha. My Dr is keeping close tabs on me, I've got another appt for the 28th and then the nuchal on the 3rd. Then another one on the 21st (I think) of March. I'm still having naseua- no more vomiting though. Tired all the time, I feel like .. blah. I'm really testy, impatient with things that normally don't bother me.
Avatar n tn Some times constipation sometimes diarrhea. Now- to give you all a laugh. My neurologist wants me to got my gastro guys to look and check everything out in there. Well. the last time I went to my gastro this summer he couldn't get the scope in because I have an anal stricture from surgery 20 yrs. ago. Even know we think some of this is autonomic nervous system dysfunction- I had an auto-immune reaction similiar to this two years ago and they could find no gastro issues wrong.
1647691 tn?1363727302 The ladies in the lab looked at my results and told me that my doctor would probably want me back the next day. Well, Saturday evening the Doctor's office phoned to say that they were sorry, I only had 2 good follicles and the doctor wanted me to go to do an IUI. That just didn't sit well with me because I had only begin the stims 4 days earlier. Why would my doctor just give up on me that easy without letting me continue the stims and be able to gro the 17 and 14.
604185 tn?1233964457 Last month my levels were 84 which they told me was very high. When I got a negative preg blood test my doc was puzzled. I thought he was going to say WTF! Lol he seemed so pissy! Cleto I was wondering did any medical person tell u if you could have intercourse after you started the supps? I forgot to ask and....... It is so nice yo see that there are so many testing around the same time! Cleto when you do bld work oct 26 asked them your progestrone levels!
Avatar n tn I have always been in a loving relationship with all of my partners, never had a one night stand in my life, when my first wife and I broke up I met another woman that I lived with for seven months, it took me two weeks before I could achieve an orgasm, I had the same problem with every partner after that.
251922 tn?1193786078 I am hoping to drop another 5lbs before Monday, that will put me at 166..I am going to Vegas for 3 days for my bday!!!! I think I'm gonna take a few days break from the diet while I"m there, I havent been out of this house in almost 18 months! I will be good (I actually loathe the idea of cheating! I am so motivated on this diet!), but anyway, I'm thinking if I can drop a few more pounds if I happen to gain a few back during my trip I wont be so upset!!
Avatar n tn I told him that the things I read about Fibromyalgia detail more with widespread muscle aches, but I was experiencing both muscle and joint pains particularly in both of my legs, my hips and lower back. He would listen to me. Then I ended up in the ER I could barely walk both legs were swollen twice their sides, I had shooting & stabbing pains going down both my legs, hips hurt and my lower back was throbbing with pain I couldn’t sit in a chair.
Avatar n tn I just want to decide when to masturbate, rather than my penis telling me when to do it. My goal is to cut down to around twice a week, right now I am still getting used to every other day, then i'm going for every 3 days. If i was having sex with a girl, I wouldn't care if I was cumming 3 times a day, i just want to make orgasming something either with someone or to relieve the pressure.