My breast stings

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Avatar f tn They numb you with lidocaine, which stings like bee stings, and that and the laying still on table is the hardest part the rest is a piece of cake.
Avatar f tn Ive had many scorpian stings over the last two months prob about six i just got stung on the breast three times in a row.... will this affect my baby?
1278876 tn?1304908319 ve noticed that randomly throughout the day and when i feed her i have this burning sensation in my breast and nipple..Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this? Also what exactly does the letdown reflex feel like?
Avatar f tn m 16 years old and I was laying down one day and I just felt this pain around my left Nipple , it hurts more when I touch I , I felt around my breast to check for lumps but there's No lumps .. It just hurts a lot and I'm worried cause I'm young very young and like I've never had my breast hurt as much and it's only on one side and one spot not the whole breast ... ?? I'm scared why should I do ? It really hurts and kinda stings a little bit ! Help me ?
Avatar m tn The best way to describe it is if I were to take off my shirt you would see both my breasts look different. My left breast has an egg shaped fat lump that extends into my armpit. Yes, that is what hurts. What should I do? I feel like doctors are not giving me answers.
1756384 tn?1312562154 Even though I vacuum and dust continually!, cat hair gets up my nose, in my throat and "jumps" on my legs, makes me itch on my face and also seems to cause my itching uinder my breast area, around where my underwear where it is tight around the creases of my skin( inside thigh area for example). It also makes my mood suck! I have been on Singulair for one week. daily saline nose rinses, veramist nose spray. It seemed to help a little bit but now not much.
Avatar f tn What brand of baby lotion or does the brand now matter? When I don't wear a bra and my breast touches the shirt/sweater it stings. Is that normal???
Avatar f tn To identify fire ant stings, look for groups of swollen red spots that develop a blister on the top. Stings hurt, itch, and last up to a week. Some people have a dangerous allergic reaction to stings and will need to seek immediate medical help.
Avatar m tn I then assumed it was a pimple but it seems to small for one. A few dats ago, I was with a girl where my forehead might have grazed her breast. Afterwards, I noticed a red spot near it and assumed it was a pimple. I'm scared and worried that it's herpes. Please help!
Avatar f tn Lately I have been not feeling like myself. My breast are extremely sore, i have been going to the bathroom more than normal, and i have been extremely tired. I am a few days late for a pretty regular cycle, but my problem is i have taken 3 home pregnancy tests and they are all negative. I also just took a drug screen for my work and they said there was a microscopic blood in the urine. Is there still a possibility that i could be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Confused. I can't tell if it's gas or kicking. I feel little stings in the same areas and it could be his feet or gas pain or just stretching of the uterus. How can we be sure? Anyone else having those sharp breast pains too?
Avatar f tn i went to the doc on the 6th of this month, they said i wasnt prego but, my nipples are hurting badly, but my breast isn't... i started feeling my nipples hurt a few days ago and brushed it off. well it to the point i cant even wear a bra, last night i was walking around the house and took a step to curvy and my nipple hiit the side of a corner in the wall.
Avatar f tn I get that sometimes and it always happens right before I start to leak colostrum lol that's how I know to stuff tissue in there so it doesn't get everywhere haha, always call your dr about any concern though.
Avatar n tn Now that I have started my cycle the rash has gone and my breast are still large and tender. Is this just due to my nutritional problems.
Avatar m tn i have a blister like lump thing on my finger below the skin that stings when when under a little pressure it sometimes gets aggravated and is visibly white and stings it has been there for while now and showes no sighns of going away if you have any ideas i would love to know
Avatar m tn I was in the pool for about an hour and a half and the tip of my penis started to sting. A hot shower helped a little and it stills stings only if it touches my cloths or something. There seems to be a liquid at the bottom and when I touch it it stings for about ten seconds.
Avatar f tn I have an itchy pimple like rash that is spreading all over my body. To my knowledge this is the third time I have had it but this time seems to be the worst. The area starts to really itch then turns into little pimples. Nothing OTC seems to help. The only relief I have is if I dot nailpolish over it. Seems to help. The rash is in the arm pit, chest, back, under the breast, sides of torso and is working it's way down. Some have already appeared in groin area and legs.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago I crossed my right arm over my right breast I felt like a needle stuck into the inside of my right breast. I checked my bra, but it was soft. I felt the area with my fingers and the spot was very tender. There was also a 2nd tender spot above the 1st pain spot. Also, when the water from the shower hits the right breast, it stings at first. Then the warm water stops stinging the breast and feels OK on the skin. I have no change in lumps. I am 66 years old.
Avatar f tn Never reacted this way with other stings. Could it be my haywire autoimmune system or the copaxone I am on or my MS that exacerbated it? Welcoming any thoughts. Was diagnosed in Jan. I take a daily antihistimine. I think I will apply a hydrocortisone tonight. It is warm to the touch. No itch.
Avatar f tn I keep getting bee sting kind of pain in my big toe and then the next day bad bruising on my toe, I haven't banged my toe or hurt it in any way. does any one know why my toe stings and then bruises?
2095738 tn?1339825243 So there's this wasp that's been hanging around me all day and I've never been stung to know if I'm allergic but I know my aunt is. If this thing decides to sting me before my bf gets home and I am allergic will it affect my babies? Or would it depend upon how allergic I am to the sting? I'm hiding in my room now lol but idk what to do if I got stung n had a reaction to it..
Avatar f tn Lately Ive been having sore breast but not to the extreme just a few stings here and there.Mainly threw out the day! My nipples have been sore to the point where I can't really touch them in sexually sucking is out of the question lol sorry if that was to much information. I have been having some cramping as if my period is about to come on but nothing. Im not due till next week turesday. Today when I went to the bathroom to wipe I had some bleeding on my tissue but just a little.
Avatar f tn I have awful feeling in my throat and every time I swallow it hurts sort of like stings could I have strep throat?
Avatar f tn Bee stings really did not work. I had several friends who tried it back in the day. No one kept up with it.