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Avatar f tn Thinking of having other breast removed and reconstruction (bilateral). Im 42 years of age was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3 no lymph node involvement and other DCI insitu on same breast had the mastectomy 6 months of chemo (FEC100) and 25 shots of radiation over by the end of November 2007. Still nervous and concerned about reoccurence!! Like most of us.
Avatar n tn i had a lumpectomy 3 years ago. finished ny chemo in december 05 and finished radiation in march 06, i am 51 years old and would like to reconstruct, can an implant be used This discussion is related to <a href=''>breast reconstruction after lumpectomy</a>.
Avatar f tn please i need 2 know everything about breast reconstruction.. anyone who gone through thise procedure, how difficult it is?? what are the best options?? how many days it took for recovery?? will i get cancer again with new boobs?? or how please i need everything about this surgery ... and ill be soooo greatful! p.s: has anyone heared of the magical drinks that call,ANTI OXIDANTS?? they say it helps for cancer?? does it really help? anyone who try it?? thank u aloot ..
Avatar f tn I actually have many questions. First, I had a double mastectomy almost 3 years ago with just an expander and silicone implants. Cancer had occurred 3 times, 2 times on the right and once on the left, so I decided to do a double mastectomy. I am still not finished the completion of reconstruction, as the one breast is off center and lower then the other one, and also has a dent in it.
4243956 tn?1351611640 I was recently diagnosed with DCIS and after all the tests results came in have decided to move forward with a Bilateral Mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstruction. My surgery is scheduled for November 26. I am trying to prepare now. Line up help, purchase items to help me through the recovery process, etc. Any suggestions on surviving the first few weeks post surgery?
Avatar f tn However, I now have a horrible 3-4 in scar from the surgery, which has left my breast disformed and ugly. Do I qualify for breast reconstruction to fix my breast, and make them uniform again, and will my insurance cover it? ( My husband is active duty military, so I have full military insurance.) Thanks for the input.
Avatar f tn // This additional link below,(Sue Young) also gives important suggestions compiled from posts on pre and post-surgery preparations I really hope that this will help a little and I wish you the best and good luck on whatever you decide.
Avatar n tn I had radiation of both breast prior to the mastectomys. I am looking into breast reconstruction. I am very active and do not want to have surgery that would use muscle. How succesful is breast expander post radiation?
Avatar n tn Nipple reconstruction is routinely NOT done at the time of breast reconstruction.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to thank you for your straight forward answer.. I have been trying to get such an answer now since the implant/areola reconstruction. The skin is pliable and perhaps after the adjustment I would "touch it up" with tattooing. This was all done for DCIS Stage 0 without any radiation or chemo (my father died of bc) This renews my hope - I wouldn't have had this done at all here if I hadn't been told (after three other plastic surgeons consults!
561921 tn?1216605621 In April 08, I finally had the silicone jel emplants, when I had this surgery, my right breast opened up over the nipple area. It was in the process of healing, and scabbed over. My plastic surgeon sent me back to work, knowing I had a very strenuous job, repetitive motion, lifting, etc. She did not put me on any restrictions. The second day of work, the area opened up, you could actually see the emplant. She knew all along this was not healing. She had to remove the emplant in May.
Avatar n tn i'm 38 and was just told i have stage I breast cancer. my mom and grandmother both have had breast cancer...i was looking into the masectomy and bilateral breast reconstruction.would that be a wise choice or take the rad treatments? i also wonder the % of it coming back..
Avatar f tn ) The beauty of this type of reconstruction is that if I gain or lose weight so will my breasts so I will always be proportioned in size in relation to the rest of my body. Though I never considered asking for a size I did have the belly to make these as I was about 40 lbs over weight and I tend to carry the weight in the middle. As I went into surgery with only one breast I had them remove the second one as well so that when they did my reconstruction they were a matched set when I came out.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my segmental lymph node, and most likely will have to undergo therapy. Does anyone know any breast reconstruction places? I know of thisbreast reconstruction site, but does anyone know any others? Thanks! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/477449'>CA Breast and Bone Metastases</a>.
Avatar n tn Thank You for your advice. I'll pass this information to my sister. Since she is in trauma, I'm doing every thing for her. In fact I too still did not digest the fact. But some one has to do this for her. I took that role.
Avatar m tn I am 28 years old diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I will need to have my right breast removed. The doctor told me that I would be able to keep the left breast, it is completely healthy and I don't test positive for the gene mutation. My question is as far as reconstruction, can I get good results if i keep the left breast? Is there anything that can be done so that they will match? Is it better to just remove them both?
Avatar f tn My mastectomy and all breast reconstruction was covered by my insurance. If you live in the US it is a federal law, you can look it up under "1998 Federal Breast Reconstruction Law". Also before I had the reconstruction (but post mastectomy) my breast prostheses were covered by insurance as well, including 6 bras to hold the prostheses. The 3 separate general anesthesia surgeries in one year was not easy.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'd like to know if all breast reconstruction surgeries with implants placed under pectoral muscle ends to have "breast deformity" when the pectoral muscle is flexed. Can this be avoided? How? Are silicone implants safe or do they put in risk women to have a type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL)? How often does this happen? Do they produce any toher side effects? Which ones? What about fatigue? Thanks.
1790532 tn?1329313506 I had the MRI because of nasty pain in my left reconstruction. Now, my right reconstructed breast is giving me grief with extreme internal itching! I had my surgery back in October of 2011. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced anything similar.
Avatar f tn The implant is 4 inches smaller than my other breast and my ps says the only thing that can be done now is a latissimus flap. Can you tell me if you know of other options?
Avatar n tn I had a mastectomy in 2002 and reconstruction in 2005. I am now having sharp/intense pains in the reconstructed breast. It feels like sharp pin pricks on the top side and occurs randomnly several times a day. What could be causing this discomfort?
Avatar f tn The tram flap did not take and I ended up with huge wounds on my abdomen and breast. I am now healed and my plastic surgeon says I can have now an implant placed in my breast area. He suggested I start with an expander, have scar revision done on my tummy, and in about 8 weeks (after the skin has stretched) have implants placed. Multiple people in my support group have told me I should go with another doctor since my tram failed, but I really like this doctor. What should I do?