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Avatar n tn A month after having an accident and having had the seatbelt and airbag severely bruise my chest, the pain seems to be mostly concentrated undermy breast reconstruction. The doctor at he emergency room took a CT scan and said it was still intact, but could it have done some damage under it that can't be seen?
Avatar n tn Hi, You had posted query regarding the breast reconstruction and use of implants for this. The options available for breast reconstruction are too many which I suppose your surgeon as discussed with you. This comment is just confined to the use of implants. Breast implants can provide a technically simple means of achieving breast symmetry and pose minimal risk in properly selected patients. The implants available today are of different sizes and shapes. Hence a lot of variety to choose .
Avatar n tn I had ductal and lobular cancer in my right breast so mastectomy was my only option. When told that there was a high possibility that the lobular cancer could appear in the left breast, I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy (August 03). The pathology report from my surgery showed that the lobular cancer was already in the left breast so I made the right decision. I chose to have reconstruction at the time of the mastectomies and have been very pleased with the results.
Avatar n tn I would like to know how delayed breast reconstruction (5 yr. survivor) affects overall health. I wonder if it will lower my immunity or make cancer grow because of the new blood vessels that form after surgery.
Avatar n tn I have had breast inplants reconstruction. Still in alot muscluar pain. I'm looking at doing some kind of flap. If I have been a smoker in the pass. Can I still have some form of breast reconstruction flap.
561921 tn?1216609221 In April 08, I finally had the silicone jel emplants, when I had this surgery, my right breast opened up over the nipple area. It was in the process of healing, and scabbed over. My plastic surgeon sent me back to work, knowing I had a very strenuous job, repetitive motion, lifting, etc. She did not put me on any restrictions. The second day of work, the area opened up, you could actually see the emplant. She knew all along this was not healing. She had to remove the emplant in May.
Avatar n tn i'm 38 and was just told i have stage I breast cancer. my mom and grandmother both have had breast cancer...i was looking into the masectomy and bilateral breast reconstruction.would that be a wise choice or take the rad treatments? i also wonder the % of it coming back..
Avatar n tn After raising 4 children it was impossible for me to raise the money. I need help!! My ex husband left me after my breast cancer dilemma.
Avatar f tn This was all done for DCIS Stage 0 without any radiation or chemo (my father died of bc) This renews my hope - I wouldn't have had this done at all here if I hadn't been told (after three other plastic surgeons consults!) that is could work - a "snap" was what I was told!! My intent was to go to San Franscisco and maybe even hold on to my nipple/areola.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my segmental lymph node, and most likely will have to undergo therapy. Does anyone know any breast reconstruction places? I know of thisbreast reconstruction site, but does anyone know any others? Thanks! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/477449'>CA Breast and Bone Metastases</a>.
Avatar f tn where as I worried about cancer coming back in the remaining breast. I worried about having to go through chemo again and radiation on my left side over my heart would have terrified me, I admit. The fear that swept over me at my first gynecological appointment after chemo, surgery, more chemo and radiation when she found a lump in my left breast is a fear that I never want to experience again. I cried and couldn't stop crying.
992659 tn?1250767535 I'M a 46 year old female that had stage 3:breast cancer in my left breast had a simple mast then 36 weeks of radiation march 23 of this year i had a bi lat mast and reconstruction the doctor had too choices one was spacers or silicone o got the silicone the skin due to radiation damage is causing me to go in for another surgery to have the implants out and dead skin removed and spacers put in is this normal?
Avatar f tn Any thoughts on breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Not sure whether to have reconstructive surgery or not. Any thoughts on that or on the decision making process.
Avatar f tn // This additional link below,(Sue Young) also gives important suggestions compiled from posts on pre and post-surgery preparations I really hope that this will help a little and I wish you the best and good luck on whatever you decide.
Avatar n tn Thank You for your advice. I'll pass this information to my sister. Since she is in trauma, I'm doing every thing for her. In fact I too still did not digest the fact. But some one has to do this for her. I took that role.
Avatar m tn Bilateral mastectomies remove most of your breast tissue but never 100 percent of it, so breast cancer can come back. It can also come back in another area of the body. But should it appear in the breast area it should be readily seen and felt. Reconstruction doesn't put you at a higher risk for cancer. Best wishes. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Delayed reconstruction is common practice among those whose breasts are removed during breast cancer surgery. However, the fact that the entire breast is removed (together with the nipples) makes reconstruction harder and less cosmetically acceptable rather than if the nipples and breast skin were preserved (also called skin and nipple sparing mastectomy). It will also be hard to use implants since the skin overlying the defect may already have contracted.
Avatar f tn So I have now three very apparent incisions on each breast! My question is can I have another ps start over and remove the implants and have him/her redo the area around the areola and pull in the scars? is that possible or am I now forever to look in the mirror and see three scars on each breast?
1029431 tn?1252374543 This has been a very traumatic experience for me and I'm trying to find all the help I can to have reconstruction done. My insurance company told me that reconstruction was not medically necessary. It is medically necessary because I am now having self esteem and depression issues.
1586136 tn?1300518414 Anyone have a story about their breast reconstruction with the Diep procedure?
Avatar f tn Two years ago, I had breast cancer and had my right breast removed and reconstructive surgery. I received no chemo or radiation. One year ago a discovered another lump on the side of my breast under my arm. I have had it looked at and they said, it was nothing. They did an ulta-sound but could not find it. Since then I have had pain in that area, the area where the lump is is tender to touch, and most recently the pain has increase and wrapped around to my back under my shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn My sister chose implants and she can't stand the way they bunch up on her pecs. DIEP doesn't move any muscles like TRAM flap does. My breasts are my own stomach tissue, soft and swingy like they should be. I recently had nipple reconstruction and am very pleased with that too.
Avatar n tn It's now almost 3 months and although some symtoms are better still cannot function normally, just found CRF Cancer Related Fatigue how do I find a doctor that will consider this or underlying causes for my fatigue? I have made an appointment with my Thyroid Specialist, my internist says nothing can be done let the virus run its course, my plastic surgeon just gave me a note last week so I can attend exercise classes.
Avatar n tn Is there any programs that pay for breast reconstruction . I had to have my removed in 1998 due to cancer. I don't have any insurance. So you can help me find some one does it free .I have been told there are doctors that do some times. thank you .
Avatar f tn The overhead pull worked wonders on getting the muscles in my upper torso and arms to stretch back out. My reconstruction was May 06 and I still cannot do a sit-up or leg lift without cheating, but it IS getting some better. I don't work at it as much as I should, but I've started back this winter trying to get things to stretch back out.
Avatar f tn However, I now have a horrible 3-4 in scar from the surgery, which has left my breast disformed and ugly. Do I qualify for breast reconstruction to fix my breast, and make them uniform again, and will my insurance cover it? ( My husband is active duty military, so I have full military insurance.) Thanks for the input.