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Avatar f tn So my insurance covers it 100% and there's a shop here that I can go get them from, but how do I know what's best or what will work best for me? I want to do electric, and probably a double pump. And was thinking probably going with medela since I've heard such good things, but what's a good model that's worked great for your ladies?
Avatar f tn So yesterday my breast pump came in the mail woooooo!! I was nervous because my insurance had been taking a while to send it and I didn't know if it would be the one I asked for plus in the notes they just requested a standard and who knows what that means in their book lol. It wasn't the one I wanted (avent double breast pump) lol but that's ok because I got the Madela double electric pump and it comes with so much!!! My big sis had the same exact one and loved hers!!
Avatar f tn Those white onsies, if your using bottles or if not then a breast pump, Boppy pillow, that's all I can think of. I am really just looking at the things I want to buy for either a boy or girl whenever we find out what we are having.
Avatar n tn I had an awful, AWFUL old hand me down pump with my last pregnancy that nearly tore my nipples off, and as a result gave up pumping and breast feeding after only 4-5 months. What is a REALLY great, FAST breast pump out there? I have researched so many brands and am overwhelmed with the cost and different types. I want an electric one for sure that's FAST and easy - my goal is to pump as much as possible so I can store milk while I'm traveling.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I purchased a Noogleberry Breast Pump. This pump is different from the type used to pump milk--this is a pump designed only for growth over time through the use of suction. The pump consists of two large plastic domes, which are each placed on top of the entire circumference of each breast. The breasts are then suctioned at a medium to intense steady rate for a recommended one to two hours or more (by way of an attached hand pump which locks in the pressure).
Avatar n tn *my daughter's FIRST sleeper
128449 tn?1192829269 ) Now I'm p/g again and I was measured in the lingerie shop a couple of weeks ago and my boobs are now an F cup! I'm only 12 weeks today OH MY! can you imagine how big they'll be by the time my milk comes in?!!! Anyway, I have found a couple of things have worked for me, (I got mine cheaper on ebay not full price as they are a bit pricey when you only wear them for a while) but Isabella Oliver I think and Seraphine seraphine.
Avatar f tn I got my medela instyle double breast pump for free through my insurance. Here's the website. Just call the number. They will take some info then get back to you with what you qualify for.
Avatar f tn I know in my small town there is a shop you can rent a hospital quality breast pump. Or at the hospital itself. if you are only looking to use for a few weeks and not wanting to spend hundreds on a good electric pump you could look into renting one.
Avatar n tn My sister has a medela breast pump she only used twice. It is practically brand new. I went to Babies R Us and bought new breast shields. I read the instructions in the booklet and it indicated to boil all the parts prior to use. I did this and everything looks clean and ready to go. Then I read online warnings not to use someone elses breast pump. Has anyone done this? Is this something I should really be worried about, or is it just a ploy to get people to spend $300 unnecessarily!
Avatar n tn In the end, I've pretty much decided to get the Ameda Purely Yours, that's $150 without any accessories - and if you have to choose between $50 in matching curtains and crib sheets or a good breast pump, I'd get the breast pump. And in my case, I will be working full time and I plan on breastfeeding for a full year at least, so it doesn't make sense for me to get a manual or a semi-manual pump.
Avatar n tn he is so small that most of the time he falls asleep before eating on both sides, and the doctor told me thats ok to do one at a time.does this mean my right breast is drying up? or is my left breast just constantly making milk because it's constantly losing it? should i continue to expell the milk in my left? i dont know what to do !!! why is my right breast so soft and empty?? HELP!!!!!
Avatar f tn Breast is best but as I would like some time to do my own thing, have a bath and sleep go out to the shop etc while my boyfriend looks after The baby as he works alot I'm going to buy a pump so he can bottle feed it while I do my own thing although this won't be very often at all I do hope the baby can get use to the bottle as I know they use different muscles between the two.
328927 tn?1227765440 I rented my breast pump from the hospital for $50 a month. It worked great but I only needed it for 3 months. It was a medela. First Year and Gerber have some waterproof bibs that are really soft. You can get them from target. Target also has the 3 pack of sleepers that has a zipper on the front, a lot faster than snaps, but make sure you pick a brand with a soft zipper and tab at the top to keep the zipper handle in the down position.
Avatar n tn I also was experiencing the foul odor under my breast. I googled " breast odor " and found my remedy. It might not be for everyone but, it's worth a try. It's a powder called Zeasorb-AF. It's for other conditions other than breast odor but it has surely worked for me. I wear a 48D bra, need I say more? No matter how clean you are and how often you change your bra, the odor is always there. I use the powder twice daily, in the morning and before bed time.
Avatar n tn i have the circular scars around my nipples that indicates they were relocated, but the doctor who did my procedure has closed up shop and i have no way of finding out whether my milk ducts were salvaged or not. is there anyway to tell? have you been able to help women nurse or heard of thngs to help women nurse after breast surgery?
Avatar f tn I'm a mother of two and pregnant once again. I thought I was one of the weirdest women on earth...thank you. I first noticed the engorged lump when my daughter was born and yes milk leaked out of it. It got so bad, my husband helped me "pump" it,and I got two oz. out of it. Now pregnant with my third, I have swollen breast and terribly tender underarms, it hurst to sleep on my side and I'm definatley considering having it removed after my baby is born.
Avatar f tn my friend gave me her breast pump like. erm i suppose i should get some bottles anyway just so i can have a break from feeding him on occasions maybe. but i dont want him on formula. i absolutely want him on breastmilk for as long as possible. justgetting the steriliser and bottles and bottle cleaner and all that lol. it costs alot and dont want to be buying things i dont need.
Avatar n tn Even at home, sitting on my couch there isn't much to see. The baby hides most of my breast. In fact, recently my dh took a picture of my 3 year old, who was standing near where I was nursing. He didn't even realize until later that I had been nursing, and when we looked at the picture, you couldn't see anything!
127529 tn?1331844380 Yesterday was a much better day, only 1 3oz bottle, we even went out yesterday and I breast fed him whilst in a coffe shop! I spoke with my lactation consultant last night and I am just feeding him on demand now, even if that sometimes means 4 or more hours between feeds, when he does wake now he is really hungry and feed much better, feeding times are about 30 mins now.
Avatar f tn All my day time nursing bras have underwire. My night time nursing bras are sports bra types.
Avatar f tn I am almost 25 weeks and I want to buy my breast pump cause I want to breast feed my baby just like I did my first child. I was wondering is it to early to buy my breast pump now. I'm not due until March 8th my husband thinks it way to early to buy. I just really want to get the big important things out the way so I can just focus on the smaller things like clothes, blankets, and stuff like that. Is it too early to buy my breast pump??
304653 tn?1217004902 Lansinoh breast cream Pacifiers, a whole bunch of different styles because you never know which they will like the squirt bottles from the hospital--Dermoplast Spray - that was such a lifesaver the first week or so, with my stitches!!!! Robeez are not to mention they're really cute! Also, thinking about the stuff to help out during recovery...take as much as you can from the hospital. I didn't know I could just ask for more to take home and they would give me as much as I wanted.
Avatar f tn Yea she latches on to the right side fine but the left she always latch wrong and won't let go and it hurts so bad
429155 tn?1205676864 00 I got all the tablets I had, over 300, put them all in a bag and returned them to the chemist, and that was the start of my journey into the bowels of HELL!!!!! Below you will find my journey to reality ( Please remember I was suffering greatly when writing, so at times it may seem a bit emotional........And it was. MY JOURNEY THROUGH WITHDRAWAL. Thursday 4pm. Last of the Oxy ( This is how I will refer to the drug from now on.) Nauseaus through the night. Friday 6am.
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Avatar n tn Breast stimulation is another way.....if you have a Breast pump just do like your pumping for milk I'd say no more than 10-15 mins at a time.
400885 tn?1297702518 Get a pump that has a car adapter and you can pump on the way to and from work - my pump (Madela Pump in Style) had an option to pump one or both breasts at a time. You will have a lunch break and, if you have a good pump, can surely pump about eight ounces within that time. If you have a good pump, there's no reason why you can't continue to give your baby breastmilk without using formula. And you can usually find good pumps on ebay for a fraction of the price of new. Anyway...