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Avatar f tn So my insurance covers it 100% and there's a shop here that I can go get them from, but how do I know what's best or what will work best for me? I want to do electric, and probably a double pump. And was thinking probably going with medela since I've heard such good things, but what's a good model that's worked great for your ladies?
Avatar f tn I got my medela instyle double breast pump for free through my insurance. Here's the website. Just call the number. They will take some info then get back to you with what you qualify for.
Avatar f tn So yesterday my breast pump came in the mail woooooo!! I was nervous because my insurance had been taking a while to send it and I didn't know if it would be the one I asked for plus in the notes they just requested a standard and who knows what that means in their book lol. It wasn't the one I wanted (avent double breast pump) lol but that's ok because I got the Madela double electric pump and it comes with so much!!! My big sis had the same exact one and loved hers!!
Avatar f tn I am almost 25 weeks and I want to buy my breast pump cause I want to breast feed my baby just like I did my first child. I was wondering is it to early to buy my breast pump now. I'm not due until March 8th my husband thinks it way to early to buy. I just really want to get the big important things out the way so I can just focus on the smaller things like clothes, blankets, and stuff like that. Is it too early to buy my breast pump??
Avatar f tn Yea she latches on to the right side fine but the left she always latch wrong and won't let go and it hurts so bad
Avatar f tn I know in my small town there is a shop you can rent a hospital quality breast pump. Or at the hospital itself. if you are only looking to use for a few weeks and not wanting to spend hundreds on a good electric pump you could look into renting one.
Avatar f tn Breast feeding is better for the baby. If you feel uncomfortable having the child actually breastfeed from you, you can always pump and then feed the baby the milk from a bottle.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I purchased a Noogleberry Breast Pump. This pump is different from the type used to pump milk--this is a pump designed only for growth over time through the use of suction. The pump consists of two large plastic domes, which are each placed on top of the entire circumference of each breast. The breasts are then suctioned at a medium to intense steady rate for a recommended one to two hours or more (by way of an attached hand pump which locks in the pressure).
Avatar f tn Those white onsies, if your using bottles or if not then a breast pump, Boppy pillow, that's all I can think of. I am really just looking at the things I want to buy for either a boy or girl whenever we find out what we are having.
4043310 tn?1355912647 im going to be breastfeeding too,but bought baby bottles anyway just in case I needed them and plus it came with a breast pump so when I go out I dont have to breastfeed in public,just pump milk out into one of the bottles.u probs dont have to worry too much about clothes as u can buy them later if u run short,and u dont want too many,newborns tend to grow out of them fast!
Avatar n tn *my daughter's FIRST sleeper
Avatar n tn he is so small that most of the time he falls asleep before eating on both sides, and the doctor told me thats ok to do one at a time.does this mean my right breast is drying up? or is my left breast just constantly making milk because it's constantly losing it? should i continue to expell the milk in my left? i dont know what to do !!! why is my right breast so soft and empty?? HELP!!!!!
Avatar f tn Breast is best but as I would like some time to do my own thing, have a bath and sleep go out to the shop etc while my boyfriend looks after The baby as he works alot I'm going to buy a pump so he can bottle feed it while I do my own thing although this won't be very often at all I do hope the baby can get use to the bottle as I know they use different muscles between the two.
Avatar f tn In getting a pack n play for the first 6-8months, eventually a convertible crib when we transfer him/her to its own room, a infant car seat and a stroller, cloth diapers, a couple bottles, a breast pump (mad I got rid of my old one), couple onesies and that's about it. If I end up with a whole bunch of that other unnecessary stuff, it will be because it was gifted to me.
400885 tn?1297698918 When I have my baby and go back to work, I will try to pump on my lunch break but that will be my only opportunity throughout the day...I NEED to work in order to sustain my family so pumping will either work with my schedule or it won't and I'll have to give up breast feeding if it doesn't. So, pumping is important to me, but not so important that I could risk my mortgage, utilities, loans etc. So, essentially, I say decide how important this is to you...
Avatar n tn Breast stimulation is another way.....if you have a Breast pump just do like your pumping for milk I'd say no more than 10-15 mins at a time.
229857 tn?1319029907 you can store it in the fridge for 2-3 days just make sure you date the milk also it can go in the freezer i think for upto 6 months and it is good to use the breast milk storage bags so you can date them also and then you can take them straight from the freezer and put the bag in the baby bottle warmer. when you buy the breast pump there should be a little book about breast feeding and everything that comes with it.
Avatar f tn my friend gave me her breast pump like. erm i suppose i should get some bottles anyway just so i can have a break from feeding him on occasions maybe. but i dont want him on formula. i absolutely want him on breastmilk for as long as possible. justgetting the steriliser and bottles and bottle cleaner and all that lol. it costs alot and dont want to be buying things i dont need.
Avatar f tn Most of all important you need diapers!!!
Avatar f tn There was a place my wic nurse could refer me to but it was a hand pump and my mom said you don't even wanna mess w that lol
5945259 tn?1392136777 I ordered my breast pump weeks ago as well. I have United HealthCare and they covered 100% as well.