My breast pump doesn't work

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Avatar f tn due in 5 days .. Just got my breast pump in the mail and of course it doesn't work!! Just tried calling the 1800 number and somehow ended up gettin hung up on I guess .. Started bawling and of course bf had to come in at that moment and just doesn't understand why I'm crying! I haven't been very optional this whole time... Wonder if this is a sign I could have this baby soon...I hope so !
8835615 tn?1410095011 I live in Canada. So I don't think thanks covered.
689528 tn?1364139441 Thanks ladies. I was figuring I could do without. My mom breastfed both my brother and I and never mentioned ever using a breast pump. And from what I hear...many people hardly use them unless they are going to work.
Avatar f tn You should be able to get a free breast pump through your insurance or a lot of hospitals will give you a breast pump. I got a Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Double Electric breast pump free through my insurance.
10751877 tn?1412569358 When out shopping sales assistant told me to wait until I was sure I would need one. That sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work for all women. Pump costs around 140 euro.
Avatar f tn I've been looking for a good breast pump but have no idea which one to get. I'm willing to spend a good amount of money on it, but nothing unreasonable for one that doesn't work right!! Any suggestions?!
Avatar f tn I personally think manual pumps are a waste I had a manual pump and its a lot of work. I used an Ameda double electric with my first two babies and Medela double electric with this baby. I've loved them both. Check with your insurance because lots of policies cover the cost of a breast pump. As far as what you need you will need breast pads, and some kind of nipple cream like lanolin or coconut oil. Nursing bras are optional.
456970 tn?1287591047 They can be so expensive and we are on a budget so I don't want to buy a piece of **** pump that doesn't work but I can't really afford the top of the line 200 something dollar one either.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried the lansinoh breast pump? I'm considering getting it. Or which one would you recommend?
296076 tn?1371338074 if you get a pump kit new... can you just buy a used breast pump like the medela one? If you get the kit is that the only part that needs to be steril? and the rest is just the motorized equipment? want to buy the kit of the medela in style which is 46$ and get the pump on ebay what do you think?
Avatar f tn my boss isnt able to make it to my shower this weekend, so he asked was there anything i needed for the baby. beings that we work in the pharmacy, i decided to allow him to purchase a breast pump through our wholesaler, and removing the medula off of my registry. its so pricy, but we get ours for about half the price. however, the medela isnt in stock, and was told the Ameda truly yours is just as good.
Avatar f tn I am a first time mom and got my double electric medela pump free through my insurance.
Avatar f tn I have BCBS of TX and they covered a double electric pump 100%. All insurance companies cover a breast pump 100% but Some only cover really cheap pumps while others cover the really nice ones.
Avatar f tn Im a ftm and I plan on breast feeding. I have no clue if I should get a Manuel breast pump or an electric one. I also don't know what brand is best. I have done some research and Im just lost. What would or did you girls get and did it work well for you?
Avatar f tn My SIL is getting me a breast pump for my baby shower. Everyone suggests a double pump, because they say when you pump one at a time the other breast leaks while pumping. Anyhow, she is thinking of getting the Medela (sp?) double pump, but those bad boys are $250!! The single is $159, from baby's are us. It has all kinds of charges and batteries. I want to nurse from the breast only, but have been advised to pump to freeze milk for emergencies and things.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to do some research on it all, bc I'm a firm believer in providing breast milk for my baby. However I'm at a lost on what kind of pump to use and what bottles to use. I plan to breast feed that first 4-6 weeks. Then start pumping in between meals since I will be going back to college in the Fall. So what do you recommend manual pump vs. electric, what brand, what bottles did you prefer to use pump in one bottles, your basic bottle or bottle with drop in bags.
Avatar f tn Through medicaid I got the double medela breast pump free with my second daughter and loved it!!! My first one I had just a single breast pump and it got time consuming using it on both breasts!! Before I found out medicaid covered a breast pump I got a manual playtex one and it sucked too!!
Avatar f tn I had a double electric pump and used the heck out of it. My babies got pumped milk when I was at work. I didn't pump at first b/c I just wanted to enjoy being a nursing mom. When I was first pumping I would pump after the first feeding of the morning (when I would get up for the day 7am-9amish). That helped build the supply. When I was back at work I'd pump on a regular schedule and that seemed to help.
189192 tn?1261345228 The Ameda works best for me but they are pretty much the same, infact at the hospital my son was born in in the UK I was given the Ameda collection kits but an adaptor for the medela pump, that way I could use either the Medela or Ameda pump with my Ameda collection kits, I was exclusivly pumping as he was a preemie and needed to be able to use whatever was available.
Avatar n tn My insurance covered my breast pump 100% as well. Definitely worth checking!
Avatar f tn I purchased a used Medela breast pump fromm the base's yard sale and need to purchase the replacement equipment before I the baby gets here. My sister is on public assistance and they provided her with a breast pump, different brand.
178698 tn?1228777938 I have had my Medela double pump since my dd was born in Sept 2006. I used it through her and my ds whom was born May 2008. It's still going strong. If you EVER think you have ANY issues with it, there customer service is phenominal. I thought I had an issue and they next day fed-ex'd me several things for free.
Avatar f tn Aeroflow is where I got my breast pump and it's medela. I got the starter pack. Got it covered but if you want extra like the to go bag and more accessories then it'll actual cost you. Wic is also the one that recommends you go through the insurance, that's how I found out and my dr was the one who gave me the prescription.
Avatar f tn She was told that only poor people and pheasant women nurse, there is such a thing as bad milk and so on. I understand it, back then that was the popular opinion, of course she would think that when every other woman around her thought the same. When my son was born, I tried to breastfeed, but I was young, I have flat/inverted nipples which made things harder, and she wasn't any help either. I managed to nurse him for about two months before my milk dried up.
7615538 tn?1392671771 Call your insurance personally, that's what I did, all I asked is if my policy covers the breast pump & if so which type (I personally hate the manual pump) it takes way too long & its just not for me, anyways they ended up telling me right away that my insurance covers the double electric pump & all I have to do is call when I have the baby & it will arrive in the mail 3 days later.
422823 tn?1229740447 I want to have the pump on on, since I will be returning to work and want to be able to pump to build up a supply, I just want to make sure I have everything that I need to use it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I found that my double pump doesn't work as well as my single pump. Also, my left breast has less milk than my right, and is harder to pump with the double pump and must be single pumped. Instead of using a pacifier (which I do/did use), massage along the jawbone while your baby is at the breast, it will encourage him to suck and nurse better and longer. keep him awake for feedings by tickling his feet and nursing him skin to skin. Hope this helps!
159354 tn?1286371288 tiredbuthappy - My pump is's a Ameda, purely yours double electric breast pump....I love it. I've been pumping for 4 weeks now...maybe a little more. I pumped a few times before going to work when I had to run errands and leave DS with Daddy but really, I never pumped while on leave.... I should have. I'm beating myself up about that now. Should have pumped and stored it.
4093350 tn?1358099754 I would feed my babies in a recliner almost reclined all the way and that really helped! I pump when I am at work and do so as often as I can. It depends on my schedule if I can do it 2/3 hours apart or what. I always figure the more I pump the better to keep my supply up.