My breast pump doesn't work

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7615538 tn?1392668171 Call your insurance personally, that's what I did, all I asked is if my policy covers the breast pump & if so which type (I personally hate the manual pump) it takes way too long & its just not for me, anyways they ended up telling me right away that my insurance covers the double electric pump & all I have to do is call when I have the baby & it will arrive in the mail 3 days later.
Avatar f tn Every work place has to provide you with a private sanitary place to pump.
8835615 tn?1410091411 I live in Canada. So I don't think thanks covered.
689528 tn?1364135841 Thanks ladies. I was figuring I could do without. My mom breastfed both my brother and I and never mentioned ever using a breast pump. And from what I hear...many people hardly use them unless they are going to work.
1566213 tn?1331000962 Sadly I return back to work on Monday and this means that my lil' one will now be attending daycare. I have been breast feeding since the day he was born and only have given him formula when it seems as though he didn't get enough (no more than 4 oz a day). Now that I'm going back to work I want to continue breast feeding, but am nervous on how to go about making sure to get enough. I teach and will only be able to pump once, maybe twice during the day.
10581471 tn?1417744698 It more so tugged at my nips than it did pump them. My sister in law stopped breastfeeding before me and gave me her pump in style... oh my goodness it was a heavenly difference.
317245 tn?1258737545 you can pump the breast he doesn't feed from, but then you'd most likely have to continue that because you'll be increasing your supply. i wouldn't worry about it yet- you still have 10 weeks. i was able to pump at work, so i would save what i pumped at work to feed her the next day while i'm at work. so if your supply is good and you will be able to pump at work, you don't necessarily have to build up a huge stash.
Avatar f tn Dont even bother to buy any tommie tippi products. The pump is a total disaster. They dont work as good as medela pump. Medela pump extract more milk in a very short time.
Avatar f tn I breast feed all three of my girls and didn't use a breast pump with any of them, mostly because they refused the bottle. This one I plan on breast feeding and also pumping because I would like to go back to work sometime when he's still a baby. As long as you get a nice quality pump it shouldn't hurt, especially if you are used to breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn My insurance covered my breast pump 100% as well. Definitely worth checking!
Avatar f tn I am currently 38+ 4 wks. I will be using my insurance to purchase an electrical breast pump and I'm going to start pumping within the first few weeks in between feedings so I can work on my freezer supply. When I go back to work I'm still going to nurse in the morning and when I'm home with baby.
Avatar f tn My baby dad wants me to breast feed becus he is so anti formula,,don't get me wrong I know breast is best.... Ii told my bd since he was so all into the breast milk thing that he needs to buy a pump cus I'm not putting my baby on the titty,for multiple reasons if I breastfeed him he is going to be a lap baby I'll never be able to do anything cus he wants to be held and for work reasons I can't breast feed and work full time..
Avatar f tn ing (my daughter is 7 weeks) and whenever I need to leave I always pump and leave breast milk for my daughter. My daughter has went between bottles and breast since about 3 weeks. She's had no problem at all, actually she prefers breast over bottle. Have you tried pumping before?
Avatar f tn I live in NC, and as far as I know Medicaid doesn't cover a breast pump. I also exclusively breastfed my 2yr old till 22mo. You can "rent" one from wic, especially since you'll be going back to work. But Medicaid doesn't cover the cost I don't think.
148691 tn?1260194903 Anyhoo, keep mursing and pumping on schedule and you will be fine. When I nurded Gavin, I would have my pump near by so I can pump out the rest, that way, I can be sure my breasts are completely emptied and also help boost my supply. Good luck!
Avatar f tn m not sure but there are studies that show breastfeeding can help prevent post partum so it may help. If you do send breast milk pump every 2 hours for the first 3 months and after every three hours. Be sure to give the couple information on feeding breast milk to keep them from over feeding.
5048164 tn?1384140281 Keep stress to a minimum. Pumping at work is hard work. I started work on Halloween and pump only during lunch and eat at same time so I dont feel to rushed. Pumping during my 2 breaks would be insane.
Avatar f tn As tired says, it is sure easier to breastfeed: no cleanup, no supplies, no worry that you'll forget enough bottles when you go out, etc. etc. Most women who try it find that it works quite well for them; don't get daunted by scare stories. And of course, the baby loves the milk. There is no harm in trying even if it doesn't work, and if it doesn't, you can adjust your activity. It's not like you are forced to decide in advance yes or no. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I have a medela double electric breast pump.. its about $300 but a lot easier than a manual one and worth it if you plan to pump a lot like I do.
Avatar f tn if you have insurance a lot of them will let you order a free breast pump straight from the manufacturer if your dr. writes you a prescription, call your insurance company!
317245 tn?1258737545 Ok, so I just started using my pump (pump in style advance). My baby is 3 weeks old. I am really just trying to get a feel for the pump and all of the parts and make sure I have a correct fit before I really start to get serious about pumping for storage for when I return to work. My question is I have large breasts (prob size F or G right now....DDD before baby) but my nipples are on the small side, just slightly larger than a pencil eraser so maybe dime sized.
Avatar f tn ve been eating oatmeal and plan on asking my ob about the herbal teas that are to help increase the milk. My work will provide me a place to pump. I'm just afraid that because I am only getting the 3 oz in the morning and 2 oz in the afternoon that it t won't be enough.
Avatar f tn m still in my first trimester, but I like getting a head start on learning the things I need to know, I want to return to work as soon as possible, but at my work they only have a crew room, with a clear glass door and no other rooms, I want to try and breast feed but I just don't know how to do that..
Avatar f tn I had the Medela pump before. It was nice. It was electric and you could pump both sides at once. But it doesn't work anymore so I threw it away. It actually lasted through 2 babies and my working and pumping full time. It was not meant for frequent use either. Infact on the box, it said that this was for a part time working mom or a mom that would only be away occasionally.
10751877 tn?1412565758 I was going to go with meleda electric pump as they get great reviews and are compact to carry around. Spelling may be wrong, just Google it. When out shopping sales assistant told me to wait until I was sure I would need one. That sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work for all women. Pump costs around 140 euro.
Avatar f tn The first years breast flow, that is what I used with my second daughter when I went back to work, Avent with my first...