My breast implants are making me sick

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Avatar f tn I had breast implants done in 2003. Smooth, round, saline filled, 350cc - 400cc and submuscular. When I lean forward, my implants turn completely sideways. It is very obvious to the look and touch. I am also able to flip the implants over forwards with my fingers (front to back). Is it normal to have that much movement with the implant if they are under the muscle?
937868 tn?1570328281 Hello, i had breast implants surgery in 1986 ( silicone implants), now they are broken The silicone is out of The implants, do you recomended surgery to remove these implants? I was diagnosted with fibromyalgia and every day i'm more sick...can anybody tell me the adverad reactions of The broken silicone implants and how dangerous is The surgery and anestesia....
5644233 tn?1371557686 Hi lovepeace53, I just read your comments. I would reconsider getting any kind of breast implant. Are you aware that silicone implants can leak ? Yes, you read this correctly. Silicone implants can burst and leak into your body and make you really sick. I'm not aware of what other kinds of implants there are. With breast augmentation ( I think that's the current term) there is always risk of an infection. They have sites now where you can watch a woman having a breast implant.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if I can have a mammo with breast implants? Also, my lump is under my arm but in the breast tissue, would an MRI show the area under my arm? One last question...I have been having shoulder and neck ache...could this have something to do with this darn lump? I have appt next week. Just seeking answers now, i know that no one can diagnose without seeing and examining me, just need info.
Avatar n tn Thank you for responding to my inquiry, your answer has helped me in making my decision.
Avatar f tn If you have breast implants, you should continue to have mammograms as recommended by your doctor,because implants can hide some breast tissue, making it more difficult for the radiologist to detect an abnormality on the mammogram. Some breast tissue (approximately 25%) will not be seen on the mammogram,as it will be covered up by the implants.
Avatar f tn Somehow the implants were from the very beginning were placed a 2,3-3 cm. lower my breast byt general look really satisfied me and I was only worried that incisions are on the breast and suppose to be more visible in future. Tree-four days later, when swelling and bruises diminished, I realized something like a double bubble. Also I was worried about disproportion – right implant was placed always higher.
Avatar f tn You should not have gone for breast implants. See, not everyone are good candidates for breast implants. The surgeon will conduct some physical examinations and then only he allows you to get breast implants. I think you were not a good candidate. It might be the problem while conducting the above mentioned physical examinations that made you a good candidate. A dear friend of mine has had breast augmentation few years back.
Avatar n tn My 32 year old daughter had saline implants, within silicone sleeves four years ago and..has been ill ever since. After two years of being constantly ill (fevers/weakness, arm and leg pain, numbness in arms and legs, dizziness, constant nausea, extreme exhaustion, stomach pain, diarrhea/constipation, extreme breast/nipple pain in one breast, overall muscle pain, eye floaters, eye focusing issues. Not a fun situation and, devastating, financially, after doctor/hospital bills, which are ongoing).
Avatar n tn DNA tst negative. I have implants. Choices are lumpectomy or masectomy. How bad will radiation be on my implant-would I get new implants after all is done? will the breast getting radiation look lik ethe other one? if I get cancer in the other one can you do a masectomy on the both even thouogh one has been radiated?
7928796 tn?1396351929 I totally agree this is my 1st pregnancy with implants and my nipples are extremely sore. I didn't have implants in my other pregnancies. I Read that if your experiencing sore nipples with implants that's a good sign that your nerves are working just fine.
Avatar f tn I have breast implants. Mine are saline and my surgeon and obgyn said i could still breast feed.
Avatar f tn Hi Jaquta,how are you doing? I have no personal experience about mastectomy and breast reconstruction,but I provided for you the link below with lots of information given by one of our dear members "Sue Young". I am sure you'll find it very interesting and I hope it helps you in your decision making. Wishing you all the best! :)
453893 tn?1205859801 I had breast implants on August 8th 2007. Seven months later, last week, I had a mammogram which revealed an 8mm nodular density on the upper right breast. This morning an ultrasound confirmed the presence of this white mass, so a biopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow. There is no lump in the breast, only this shadow. This breast is more sensitive and hurts consistently. The scar under the right breast hasn't healed at the same speed of the left breast scar.
Avatar f tn I have very little breast tissue and have heard that people with no breast tissue or little breast tissue will get better results if the implants are placed under the muscle. And I will most probably be getting implants within couple of months. I have already talked to a surgeon Dr. Robert Backstein of Steeles Avenue Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Toronto, but haven't confirmed of getting the surgery. I will be having a meeting with him next week.
Avatar f tn any advise please Hi i had breast implants but in, in June 07 i was a 32a and had 245 anatomic implants.
427258 tn?1266445242 I have been having an internal conflict with myself and my husband about Breast Implants and Lift. Since having my children my breasts have changed sizes numerous times as well as lost the 'perkiness'. I am young and have worked hard to try and get my body back into shape. I know I am a mother, but I want a typical 24 y/o body, is that selfish? What are your thoughts about getting the procedure done?
Avatar m tn Since you still have many unanswered questions about the procedure you are apparently sheduled for, and its aftermath, I would suggest you schedule another appt. with your plastic surgeon, who would be the best source of the information you are seeking.
Avatar n tn Never any trouble until about one year ago when I started having a burniing sensation in my left breast. Other then that no problems except by breast are heavy and they now sag. I weighed 90 lbs. when I got the implants, but now I am 120 lbs. I can't find a 32DD bra with wide straps so I don't get ridges in my shoulders. HELP.
Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy. I breastfed my first 2 children. I got breast implants after my second. I'm curious if anyone has or knows of someone that has successfully breastfed after getting implants.
Avatar n tn There are many possible explanations for pain and/or discomfort. Most breast cancer is not painful. Without evaluation, it is impossible to speculate on what may be causing your discomfort. The only way to get a better idea is to have it evaluated by a doctor.
Avatar n tn Sorry I posted before I was done lol I think because its under the muscle we will still be able to breast feed. I'm not sure about the sagging part I would love to know that as well. Because I was a deflated A (I was a large B before my first child) then got implants which made me a C and now I'm a D and only 17 weeks so I'm thinking I'll get to DD's at least!
Avatar f tn I am now actually looking into the possibility that my breast implants are making me feel sick and my body is fighting an infection. I found a Fr. That specializes in this. Thanks!