My breast implants are making me sick

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517119 tn?1285874992 I feel so stupid that I haven't taken better care of myself for my children. They are so little and need me. I had to tell my 9 year old about what was going on - he heard me say cancer to my mom. He seems to be handling it ok. I don't think he understands everything but I'm trying to prepare him for the worst. He is really bright so hopefully he will be able to handle it.
Avatar n tn Now as a senior I have very foul odor under my breast...I cannot wear a bra, my skin is too raw. The odor is very offensive to me but I know it will take quite awhile to heal fungus. It bothers me to be around my children, through they would never say a word. ( By the way I divorced that thoughtless husband.) I wish anatomy was taught in school, so men understood their outside plumbing keeps them dryer...
347645 tn?1283224342 Hi Dee52, My mother in law was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma 3 mos ago. She had a double mastectomy and then they just put her on arimidex to get the estrogen out of her system. They did not do radiation treatments or chemotherapy. However, I have wondered if it is because she is 75- I do believe age sometimes makes a difference on treatment plans. Her surgeon that did the double mastectomy talked about her probably having radiation and chemo.
249534 tn?1189759430 i agree with mum2beagain. my baby is one month old, and we are still learning how to breast feed. she was born a month early, and didn't even begin to suck properly until she reached her original due date earlier this week. so i have been pumping. at times it seems like all i do is pump and feed her. but, she is remarkably healthy because of it, and for the past 3 weeks has been putting on over 2 ounces/day, or about 1 lb/week!!!! she has also grown 2 inches in 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have heterotopic breast tissue under my arm also. The surgeon I saw is sending me for a CAT Scan Friday and said that if it is in fact normal breast tissue- he highly recommends leaving it alone. He said that there would be a great chance I could get lymphedema in my upper extremities if he tried to remove it and that it is a debilitating disease. It is so uncomfortable and it looks awful but after researching lymphedema online, I'm terrified now. Anyone else hear of this?
Avatar n tn I had my implants done in 2001. i am curious if anyone can give me info related to my severe pain. it has been constant now for 2 years. mri shows slight atrophy in c-3 area but drs say i should not be in this much pain due to that. i have crazy muscle spasms in which the contractions dont let up and last for hours (most of the day every day). i feel many "knots" and bead like substances all in neck & chest area.
667078 tn?1316004535 It was like a giant hot tub, and needless to say, my original thought was not so stupid. Both my younger kids are with friends today, and I am thrilled to have some peace and quiet, finally. The couch is calling...stay cool everyone.
Avatar n tn This has been an interesting read for me. I am going for a reduction in 10 days. I have been large chested my whole life and have dealt with daily headaches, back pain and over the last year intense shoulder pain. Before having a child I was a DD and after having a child I am an H. Over the past year I have lost 30 pounds in preparation and feel amazing and sexy other than my breast size. My husband and I have been together for 20 years and he has always admitted he preferred large breasts.
Avatar f tn I am a very nervous person and suffer from all types of anxiety. This is making me so sick and worried. I have to get a script form my Dr and do the MRI. Do you think there is any need for concern? Would the Radiologist have seen any signs if there was more than the Calsification? Thanks, I am just a total wreck.
Avatar f tn Are you breast feeding? How do you know he is getting enough? Four hours does seem rather long to make a baby wait between feedings. Schedules are a good thing to try to have but it would seem that a 2 1/2 to 3 hour time frame would better for the baby, but my little one is not here yet so I don't really have the experience to try to guide you with that.
Avatar n tn The ice melted fast. Then my right breast grew and burned as well. I went to a breast doc which told me to lose weight and I went to a breast cancer doc and they turned me away saying they dont deal in breast pain. I have taken Vit E, Black Cosh and Evening primrose oil. I do not want to take any more meds but would like to find an answer to this issue. The pain stays for months and then I dont have amy pain but alwys comes back.
1160836 tn?1332333769 which could be the side effects of clomid...could be my monthly freind....or it could be all in my head. BUT I know that my breast are really bothering me, and I can't sleep on my tummy, because I get these feeling, then I want to run to the bathroom to throw up. TMI!
429155 tn?1205676864 00, sweats not to bad, although those bloody wierd dreams are very strange. My legs ache and arms are heavy. Unable to gauge my mood, seems you are never sure if it's you or the oxycraptin, I have read that it can take a year to really be out of your system and that it can damage thre neuro-transmitters. Friday 14:30 legs and arms not to bad, have been for a long drive and a couple of walks, a funny low emotional feeling sometimes sweeps over me when I visit the past.
Avatar n tn pic on a proactiv commercial, my moodiness is through the roof, and my glands are always swollen. I asked my doctor to remove it back in Fab when they began treating me for a staph infection in my skin (I Was picking oops) and I was told to give it a few months. Well my skin still looks like shiznit, I have bruises all over my legs that are lumps, and I am still beotchy. I know it is not wrong for everyone, but these side effects CAN occur.
Avatar n tn I have tried the internet, with no success. My doctor put me on 80mg of Amytriptaline and that has given me some relief in that it is not so strong, and I so get some relief of the vibration occassionally. I hope that someone will read your message and come up with an answer.
Avatar n tn afew days later i took yet another test, also coming back negative one day at work i felt sick and my back was killing me and i had a huge pain in my left side, i thought it might have been an eptopic pregnancy, so i went straight to the hospital they ran lots of test on me blood tests scans etc, and they told me i deffanetly wasnt! pregnant, so on the 7th Febuary i was getting really sick of feeling sick, no period so i took yet another test and this one was my 11th test...
Avatar n tn my mothers grandmother and her oldest sister had breast cancer and passed away, my mother and her younger sister had the breast surgery (implants). I recently had a red mark on my right breast on the right side of my areola. I got nervous and made an appointment with my gyn the next day. Of course the red mark was pretty much gone, but he did a breast exam and found a lump in my right breast on my areola.
Avatar f tn I am now actually looking into the possibility that my breast implants are making me feel sick and my body is fighting an infection. I found a Fr. That specializes in this. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I do not get any sleep from all this pain and feel as though my friends and family are sick and tired of hearing about my pains and think it is all in my head(WHICH IT IS NOT). This pain is driving me mad an all my doctor has done is referred me to physio and has told me there is a long waiting list. Please if anyone has any idea's then would be grateful to hear your comments.
Avatar n tn I will wait it out the thing is my breast usually are tender the week of my period and I break out all on my face and none of that did not happen...I did not get any cramps but I am constantly wiping blood and see blood drip out of me....I will ride this one out I guess it is very abnormal.
1461311 tn?1285848466 I've been called back for another mamogram, due to density in my right breast. I do not have any implants, and have large breasts, and wear 38D bra. The right breast has always seemed larger than the left. I've not had any symptoms that would alarm me, making me think that there could be something wrong. Am I over reacting to my having the second mamogram? My nurse said it was based on the study from the first mamogram 4 yrs. ago.
756062 tn?1234226952 ok he had no car or real job at the time wither and lived at home only because i told him he coulnt be with me if he was going to live with his partying buddy and be a drug he quit that lifestyle and moved to his dads house to be with parents were so against us it was so hard...i was only 21 he was 25....anyway we wanted to be together so we worked all summer long to get enough money to move into our first apt...he found a job bartending as i did too while going to school..
1580318 tn?1550258081 And honestly I've been waiting for hubby's vacation schedule to come in so I could book an appt with my OB to have my tubes tied while he's on a week's vacation so he can help around the house. But it may be too late. And yes we have been diligent about using condoms, but apparently the 1 time you don't is when it decides to potentially happen.
Avatar n tn While my actual eyes are fine, my eyelids are large, puffy and as per usual- RED. My left one was expectionally bad, where it was almost hard to keep open. Since the day has gone on, they've somewhat improved, although they remain puffy and red. One more thing- it may or may not be related but yesterday morning I woke up with a dry, red, sore patch of skin around the left corner of my mouth. When covered up with makeup, it's not so bad, but still notciable and sometimes itchy.
Avatar f tn i started to not even enjoy them, and they were making me horribly nauseous and sick. Anyways...i just wanted to lend my support. Im glad to hear that you and your husband are going to counseling. And yes, i think it may be a very good idea to do counseling by yourself as well. Keep hanging in there. You have been through so much, and you are STRONG and WILL get through this!
Avatar n tn breast implants are a no-no, my dear. the risks far outweigh the benefits. i agree with the other posters. natural is always sexy, it ain't about the size, it's always been about how you carry yourself. about the shaving, hurrah!!! shaved is cool and creative, breaks the monotony. both of you should get shaved. if he insists on the breast thing, tell him to go watch some porn and relieve himself of his fantasies. it ain't worth it if he can't appreciate you for what you have.
Avatar f tn On 7/3/09 experienced a visual aura following by dull pressure on top of head. Classic one with lightning bolts. Things have gone downhill since. Pressure moves in head from temples, bridge of nose, ears, teeth, jaw. Also with this is constant dry eyes.
225570 tn?1191290673 i have an appt tomarrow for an mri of my breasts cause of that wierd air bubble feeling in my plastic surgeon is sending me cause i have implants.. and i have an appt with the cardio on thurs he wants to do a ct scan to see if i have any really scared cause im alittle heavy my cholestrol is alittle high mainly my LDL is 167 but it hasnt been that high for you know what the statistics of someone my age having blockage?
Avatar f tn smilie114 - birad 0 just means your tests were inconclusive and they need more tests to decide if the area is suspicious. It sounds to me as if your implants may be making it difficult to interpret the mammogram and they're hoping the us will help. Fortunately, many of these call backs turn out just fine. deedee - It's common to have calcifications in your breast, so they don't even tell you they're monitoring them unless they become suspicious.