My breast got smaller

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Avatar f tn I did take a 12 day steroid burst in May because I panicked and was afraid of it getting worse. It helped a little but some of the mass came back after I got off. My breast mass continues to shrink without the steroids, so I'm happy with that. I also recently started acupuncture and I'm hoping it will just add to my healing process. I enjoy it.
Avatar n tn I got my reduction 3 weeks ago. One of my breasts has a large indent (about 3-4 inches long) above the breast. The breast is also noticeably smaller. The Dr says everything will settle but I'm not feeling confident because the indent seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I also like the bigger breast better, Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix the smaller indented breast????
Avatar f tn It could just be that baby has moved into a different position so your bump changes.
Avatar n tn So I'm 32 and a half wks, and I noticed yesterday that my belly is looking smaller and lower than before, does that mean that she is getting in position to come out?
7349809 tn?1403089435 My cousins got smalled after baby #3 amd breast feeding all 3. Im not sure why or if it had to do w breast feeding? She went from C cup before baby #1 to A cup after baby #3. My mom told me hers got smaller also after me. They had the same genders. 2 boys then a girl.
Avatar f tn I was diagnoised for Breast cancer last year during that time I notice one of my eyes became very smaller, and even after treatment, my left eye remain the same.
Avatar f tn I’ve never really had regular periods before my implant as I was a late bloomer, I got my implant at 15 and I’m now 20. My breasts haven’t really grown at all in the past 3 years and now I just feel hopeless! :( Has anyone got any advice? Surgery is something I want to avoid at all costs but I don’t know what else to do.
Avatar m tn When a women gets pregnant their breast fill with milk and if they breast feed the milk is then released causing tissue in your breast to break down, the same thing happens with loosing weight. If a women doesn't wear the proper bra this type of thing will happen. The suggestion I can make is to take your girl to a store where they do proper bra fittings (like Dillard's) and get her measured and find a proper bra that will hold her breast tissue in place.
Avatar f tn I was told that I had one three centimeter tubular cancer and another smaller cancer in the same breast. Breast conservattion was not advised. After my mastectomy was completed the final biopsy showed only one very small tumor. It was tubular. Now I am facing microsurgical flap.. reconstruction. My sugeon explained to me that one tumor was completly removed during the needle biopsy. It is posssible they biopsied the same spot twice?
1654570 tn?1364392283 ve noticed that since yesterday my boobs got less sore (almost no soreness) and smaller. i suspect my hcg level is dropping... I have to endure and wait til Wednesday, but my hope is minimal right now. Anyone experienced that? I'm 6w 3d pregnant, no heartbeat at 6w 1d..
Avatar f tn I was a b before and know a d. Half my shirts don't fit like before, and it's summer .I don't want to walk around with my breast all out. But some are still new and my favorite shirts. But will my breast go back to a b. ? Because if not I will just donate my summer clothes now.
Avatar f tn Ur breast will grow due to the pregnancy n the milk u will produce but once u stop breastfeeding they will go back to the size u had b4 pregnancy. On sagging. It depends on how well u take care of ur body. If u gain alot of fat not just weight during pregnancy well that will make them bigger and when u loose weight they may sag. But having a good exercise routine will help u prevent the sagging. This is my 3rd pregnancy n my boobs r still perky. But I exercise alot during pregnancy and after.
Avatar f tn I breast fed both my girls and mine have gotten smaller both times but I think it could be from loosing my weight to fast. I have friends who were heavier befor pregnancy and theirs didnt get smaller so maybe its different wirh each person. Im definitly going to look into it further tho because I dont have much more to loose after this time. Befor I got pregnant with my 1st I was a 38 b (i know not very big) and now in a 34 a if that!
Avatar n tn She only breastfed for two weeks. She had one kid, got implants and got pregnant again and then her boobs got smaller sje claims.
Avatar f tn I plan on breast feeding for as long as I am able to, but after wards I wonder if my breasts will go back to the size they were pre pregnancy or stay? Hmm.. Does anyone know from experience?
Avatar m tn i lost my Virginity just the other day it was the 27th and its not the 31th and im still bleeding and it still hurts a little is this normal for my first time and my left boob is smaller than my right one and its quite notifiable could anyone help me with this please?.
10909590 tn?1416437106 Lol I love that! Enjoy them! Mine are huge to start with (G cup) and I'm kinda scared about how big they'll get by the end.
Avatar f tn i still have them . and they pain, they are moveable, two in my left breast, one is on the left side of the nipple, and the other is a little bit left to the middle of my chest. And i have one under-arm, in my right breast. Please tellme y is that? im so scared.. bcoz they sometimes become bigger.and sometimes smaller... please guide me if its cancer, im afraid.
Avatar f tn It really just depends on your body. A lot of woman do lose some fatty tissue they had before breastfeeding, but not all. Some go a little smaller, some go back to same size, and some woman keep a little extra.
974983 tn?1248161038 It is a reasonably solid lump and is behind my nipple (or maybe a bit higher) at the back of my breast., and it moves around when I touch it. I thought maybe because I just got a new bra this might have had something to do with it (believe it or not I have just been wearing a training bra! This is my first ‘real’ bra.) Or it could be a total coincidence. Please could you tell me what you think this might be? Thanks very much for you time. Tioni, age 16.
Avatar m tn okay. my left breast hurts really bad. i dont know why but it hurts. especially when i touch it. what is it?? i want to know without having to go to the doctor....
Avatar n tn Again, I am faced with the decision whether to remove the lump that has increased in size OR wait until my current menstrual cycle ends to repeat the ultrasound. If I remove the lump, would the surgery deform my breast? My mom removed her fibroadenoma lump back in January 2013 and she said it deformed her lump, Also, how long would the recovery take and what limitations would I have during the recovery? What would you do? Wait until my current cycle is over and do another ultrasound?
Avatar n tn I have what I describe two extra breast under my armpit, I alway cover up my arms so that no one see my extra breast. I was told by my then female doctor that I was fat!! and I need to lose some weight, really !! dowm to size 12 from a size 14 and guess what my breasts under my armpit are getting bigger rather than smaller. now I am getting a sharp burning pain under both armpits.
Avatar f tn I had my baby almost month ago seems to me like my boobs got smaller than they were before makes me sad my bf says he doesnt matter about the size of them b/c he loves me but idk it makes me sad
Avatar f tn hi, i am 30 years old and have fibroadenomas in both breast, and biggest one is around 1.1cm. Now i am preparing to have a baby. i just wanna know will the fibroadenomas grow bigget or worse during my pregnacy. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn ) my sister got hers at 34 weeks and you could see everything cause the baby was smaller
Avatar f tn My breast have increase in size tremendously. Will they get any bigger whenever I start producing milk? I'm only 20weeks + 4days. I'm afraid that I will get back pains from having big breast.