My breast cancer came back

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408448 tn?1286883821 I went and had the test done for my sister and her children. The test was negative, however, my mother died of breast cancer back in the 80s and the test was not available. Had it been, I know my Mother would have done it for both my sister and me. Since we will never know if our Mother or Grandmother (another cancer victim) carried the gene, I don't find my results reassuring that my sister is clear of it. I just don't know how to ask her to do it for herself...
Avatar m tn I am 46 with history of breast cancer in my family. I was advised after the FNA that some atypical cells were found and the recommnedation was to excise the lesion. The wording in the report was "extremely atypical aspirate showing nuclei and mucinous degerneration" What does this mean? the pathology results said the nodule was 8mm in the left breast and "high risk". What is the likelihood that this is not cancer?
1157146 tn?1282259920 What are the chances that I don't have to worry about biopsy being malignant, when breast specialist couldn't feel any mass/lump, or see anything on Ultrasound? I have very dense breast tissue, ( fibrocystic ) I've been having mammograms now for 10yrs ever since my mother had breast cancer.
Avatar n tn All my tests came back one positive node and the cancer in left breast. I had Chemo then before I finished Chemo the cancer came back to the same 2 areas.Then I had a masectomy followed by more chemo and 7 weeks of radiation. Just recently I asked my Oncologist to order another Pet Scan just to make sure everything was going good. The first Pet scan in August 22, 2007 came back negative.
Avatar n tn i found the white stuff n liquid came out in my nipple for 4 years. There is a lump in my breast too. First, the lump were in both side of my breast but now the right side lump lost by itself. the doctor checked my breast n said thats not cancer. But how about the white stuff in nipple? i m worry about that. I always clean the stuff. My nipples were not smooth like before as the white stuff continue to come out. Could u answer me pls?
Avatar f tn Dear Kelly, Male breast cancer is rare, but one out of every 150 cases of breast cancer involves a man, usually in men over 60 years old. Treatment of male breast cancer uses the same modalities as are used to treat females with breast cancer, these may include use of surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, biologic therapy and/or chemotherapy.
Avatar f tn Also, you may want to call around to your local hospitals, I just had an ultrasound done on my breast, which came back clear:-) and the hospital gave me finaincial aid papers to fill out to help with the cost. Nevertheless, it is probably not cancer. They wouldnt even do a mammo on me bc I am only 27 and they were concerned about exposure to the radiation. If I were you I would not even worry about it. I think if it was cancer it would have grown atleast a little over 9 years.
20840786 tn?1531155263 Then the day after the biopsies I went to the ER for abdominal and back pain. Cat scan and blood test all came back totally normal except for the masses in my breast and under my arm.I am really scared, but I also feel like there is no way I have cancer if my cat scan was normal (other than the masses I know about) and all my labs were normal. I should get the biopsy results tomorrow. What does everyone else think?
Avatar f tn had surgery test came back neg for cancer but have the infection still. Is it possible to still have cancer if the test was neg.
Avatar f tn s so true but unfortunately for this poster, her result came back cancer. I hope she comes back and we can support her. So hard! I had a bi rad of 5 and it was not cancer.
Avatar f tn Because the lymph node came back with only a positive (single cell) involvement, will the chemo be less harsh than if there were more nodes with cancer? I am a nervous wreck since being diagnosed am finding it hard to cope with what's ahead.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Arimidex for 6 years and just 2 weeks ago my tumor marker and CBC blood work came back normal. It seems to me that the fact that I am on Arimidex and the labs were normal, that it would be in my favor that it will prove to be nothing. Should I be concerned? It's really making me anxious.
Avatar f tn Darlin, I am a cardiologist, but this isn't a subtle problem. Did they biopsy the breast mass? If they did not, tell them they need to do that, or find another doctor. DO IT NOW.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I am 23 years old and for the past couple of months I have experienced breast discomfort on both breast. It isn't intense or interferes with my daily activities, but it worries me because it isn't something I had felt before. I have been to several doctors and have had an ultrasound done on both breast, and the results came back normal.
Avatar f tn I have had a FNB, wedge biopsy of the aereola, and biopsy of breast discharge, all of which came back ok. That is pretty much my history. I was just curious as to whether skin cancer could cause the underlying calcs, as I just a had a biopsy and am awaiting the results oin Tuesday.
Avatar n tn Hi my names Hailey and I had a weird kinda painful when you press on a certain spot in my breast I'm scared I have breat cancer the pain goes away it just kinda hurts to press on the top of my boob for about 5 days this is the second time it has came and both times have been in the same spot of SO SCARED its breat cancer please give me an answer I'm like shaking
1358826 tn?1277845659 I myself had very serious cancer but was never offered to have my other breast removed. I was told it wasn't necessary. For some time I considered some cosmetic intervention but dropped that idea and am very happy with my decision. I am not that young any longer at 51 and I don't care about the missing breast.
173119 tn?1296999736 After her mammogram, she got up to use the restroom, and heard the techician ask the radiologist if he thought it could be inflammatory breast cancer. She did not hear his reply, but went home and looked it up on the internet. Needless to say, after what she saw on the internet, she is very frightened, and called her dr. today to see if she could have her biopsy done sooner than Friday, since she has now developed a nipple discharge over the weekend.
Avatar n tn My radiology report from my mammogram came back with a Bi-rad 3 rating. This means probably benign. It said to come back in six months for another mammogram. I had scattered calcifications in my lower left breast quadrant. My family doctor called and said to get a second opinion from a breast surgeon. I did. I had a biopsy at her suggestion and I had early stage breast cancer.
Avatar f tn I had the bilateral mammography and left breast ultrasound on June 6/11, my first ever, and the result came back very disturbing to me and to my husband, it worry. I don't know in the family had a breast cancer but some other kind of cancer. Please help explain to me further regarding this result. FINDINGS: Very extensive residual parenchyma is demonstrated in all quadrants of both breasts.
Avatar n tn As I'm sure you are aware, this would be quite a rare thing to be diagnosed by bone scan with no previous symptoms or testing. Every type of imagery I have for things that have nothing to do with my previous cancer diagnosis always come back with "metastises" as the first opinion listed. None have been related in any way to cancer though. Please keep me posted as to the results of the surgical consult; I'm very interested in the outcome. Thanks .....
Avatar f tn I am 12 weeks pregnant. I have had problems with the right side of my chest and breast area. I had a mamogram/normal I had x-ray after x-ray-normal. I figured out that I was pregnant due to my breast tenderness but I continue to feel discomfort. I have pain above my right breat, under my right breast, on the side of my right breast and when pressure is mashed under my arm and it's now starting to cause pain going to the left breast.
654825 tn?1224367025 On the down side he noticed something wrong with my cervex and he is concerened that it may have something to do with my pre-cancerious cells that i had in the past so he ordered a full blood screening panel for cancer and a second ultrasound for my cysts and ovary. Other than that im just feeling good that im being taken care of finaly and not being blown off just to play the wait and see game.
Avatar n tn Will go to the surgeon, if he doesnt give me a good answer, then I will consult another doctor . I love my family to much and will not take any chances. pd. I have 2 aunts fighting with cancer (cervical and breast). Thank you friend for your comments. Excuse my english :) !