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231441 tn?1333896366 how time passes as our little babies turn into people. She is a bright and delightful baby. Am still breastfeeding. To be honest am finding it harder and harder, though I recognise the value of it, and need to continue..... particularly as I also suspect M has a problem with Dairy (she had tummy troubles after trying baby yoghurt, and also after a little pasta sauce that contained cream).
Avatar f tn Ftm here. I don't feel like my breast have gotten any bigger. Does that mean I won't be able to breastfeed?
Avatar n tn Just be sure to tell your doc if your on any medications, or if they give you any during labor that can leak into your breast milk. I tried to breast feed with my 2 oldest children, but my breast milk was actually cauing health issues for my babies. They were allergic to something my body was passing into the milk.
Avatar f tn Ok so I am having my second child after 14 years. I breastfed my son perfectly. I was always having problems to conceive another child so I gave up on the wanting another baby. So I had a breast reduction done from being a DD42 To becoming a C38. Now here I am almost six months pregnant. I am wondering if anyone our there has had a breast reduction and was still able to breastfeed. My breast has grown a size since being pregnant and very sensitive.
Avatar f tn Hi, many people will criticize you about breast feeding, your parenting skills and overall just about anything. You have to do what makes you feel comfortable. There is this facebook page called "breast is best" it is a wonderful support group for moms who are confused about breast feeding, nursing in public, have no support from family or friends and just need someone to talk to.
7226011 tn?1389334133 With my first pregnancy I didn't really notice any breast changes or growth and they were never really sore. I didn't leak or produce anything during my pregnancy. But after she was born I would soak my shirts in breast milk! I even soaked my partners shirt lol. I never did breast feed though. I can't say for certain but you're breast size shouldnt affect milk production.
Avatar f tn I lost all of my weight about a month after having my son with breastfeeding. It was very easy for me he latched on good and ate pretty often. He was very healthy. Some people saythey have problems withthefe milk coming in, but my did fine. My actual milk didn't come in til like the day after we left the hospital. So about the third day of breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn Mine stayed a cup size or so bigger than usual the whole time I was nursing and then went back to normal after I weaned. My sister's never went back down to her normal cup size though.
Avatar f tn With my first it was painful. Even after I went to a specialist at my doctors office and she said I was doing it correctly. So this time I am exclusively pumping for the baby. :) Everyone is different you may love it or hate it, but pumping is always an option. Breast milk is so good for the baby. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am very worried right now because I really want to try and breast feed my baby. Im 32 weeks now and have not had any discharge. I had discharge when I was pregnant with my daughter. I heard usually by this stage of my pregnancy I she be already. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Helps your uterus shrink down faster after you have baby. It also burns 500 extra calories per day! I was my pre pregnancy weight by 2 weeks post partum with my first baby and we were exclusively breast feeding. Great stuff!!
Avatar f tn My breast are really swollen and hurts to touch. I'm to breastfeed my daughter but it's too painful Any suggestions??
Avatar f tn Im having a boy and planning to breastfeed my question is do any of you ladies feel uncomfortable breastfeeding because i might feel umcomfortable since my babys daddy ***** on my nipples when we are having sex and im scared i might feel weird when my baby ***** on my nipple
Avatar f tn I think I might hav contracted hiv from my ex nd I'm nursing(breastfeeding)tested neg after two weeks since the encounter should I stop the feeds I'm afraid I could infect my 1year old son.
Avatar n tn My milk didn't come in for 3 weeks after my daughter was born so I bottle fed. Now I want to try breast feeding. I heard of some good brands but can't remember them.
Avatar f tn Im 5 days away from my due date and i really want to breast feed. Betwwen weeks 30-37 i was leaking like crazy, now im not at all.
Avatar f tn I would only worry if you found you were having trouble producing. I rarely rotate with my daughter as I usually pump the other side during or after.
Avatar m tn and I haven't leaked or anything and I have my induction Sunday, will I be able to breastfeed my baby the day he comes out? I'm really confused.
Avatar f tn I'm really scared I won't be able to make some for my baby and I was planning on exclusively breast feeding
Avatar n tn So I assume that even if the baby takes an ounce, it will not weigh exactly an ounce less since it is producing more milk as the baby nurses. However, I can say, based on my personal experiences, that the breasts always felt much lighter after expressing milk.
Avatar n tn Im pregnant with my 4th, I breastfed all of my children.. your breast can hurt the first few months, as your babies eating routine sets in, your breasts dont engorged as much an your nipples toughen.. I personally love the bonding experience, and not having to pay for formula. I drank at times as well, but pumped milk before for baby an pumped an dumped so my breast milk had no alcohol. It takes patience and not giving up, but I thunk its well worth it. Good luck !
Avatar f tn I loved breast feeding my daughter and plan to breast feed my second baby..
Avatar f tn I meant full-time, but easier to do part time.
Avatar n tn I'm 8 weeks and I want to breast feed but I'm worried because i had my nipples pierced. I took them out but I'm still skeptical about it.
Avatar f tn It will at first, specially if baby has a poor latch but after a couple of days and lanolin cream to rub on your breasts it shouldn't hurt at all (: I breastfed both of my kids and i plan to with this next baby. I hope you enjoy out as much as i have, good luck.
Avatar f tn Would my pre natal vitamins do any good if I take them now while breastfeeding? I barely took them while pregnant toward the end so I have lots left over would my baby benefit from me if I took them now or is it just aa a waste of time???
Avatar f tn Every time your baby eats, while breastfeeding, you burn five hundred calories. I didn't lose weight while breastfeeding, due to having hypothyroidism after being pregnant, but a lot of women do lose a lot of if not all their baby weight.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know any good cream I can use for my breast?? Every time I feed my baby it hurts so bad I feel like im in labor, I had her on sunday.. its all sore n crack n hurts like hell I dont know what else to use I already got the hydrogel they dont seem to help much.. I stop breastfeeding her but I do pump on low level. I would love to just feed her instead of pump as pumping will end up drying my milk :( Thanks for ur help!!
Avatar f tn I think I wanna pump out my milk by machine, but I do not want my child latching on to my breast . Is it possible to just feed by bottle?