My breast after breastfeeding

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Avatar f tn The nipple also changes and that can be size and color. All for a good cause but my breasts definitely changed from breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn i want to know what is happening for the menstral cycle during pregnancy. does the body produces ovum during pregnancy?why there is no monthly cycle during pregnancy?and is that the bleeding soon after delivery for a round 10-30days is related to menstruation?and what happens for menstruation while breast feeding?and if there's no production of egg during breast feed then why some people concieve during that peroid?please explain these things to me.
Avatar f tn How soon after giving birth does your stomach start to shrink down? Does breast feeding make your stomach shrink faster?
Avatar f tn I plan on breast feeding for as long as I am able to, but after wards I wonder if my breasts will go back to the size they were pre pregnancy or stay? Hmm.. Does anyone know from experience?
Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy. I breastfed my first 2 children. I got breast implants after my second. I'm curious if anyone has or knows of someone that has successfully breastfed after getting implants.
Avatar f tn My legs are back to normal from breastfeeding and my belly is getting back in place with the girdle. You can get the post pregnancy support girdle at Babies R Us.
6383533 tn?1389724454 I didn't breastfeed, but I got my first period when my daughter was a month old. And using breast feeding as a "birth control" is NOT a good idea. Because you can still ovulate and have a period while breastfeeding.
2100188 tn?1333455992 I agree with the above though you definitly should have had one by now, especially if your not breastfeeding. I gave birth in September, breast fed for 2 months and then had my period by December.
Avatar f tn m not planning on breastfeeding but I did know that my breast well still swell up and get super hard what can j do to reduce the pain and let my body know to not keep reproducing milk ?
Avatar f tn I exclusively breast fed my daughter for 16 months, but my period came back at 3 months into it, so you can get pregnant during breast feeding not just after weaning. As long as you are having a period, you can get pregnant.
Avatar n tn Hi Drs, i'm married and i have 2year baby girl.i got pregnant after 3 months of my marriage normally without any problem.I got my period back after 9 months of getting the baby, it is regulare for 31 days, i decide to have the second baby when my first was 1year and 4months.but i didnt get pregnant until now.I weaned my baby when she was 1yr and 10 months old (2months ago).
Avatar n tn Look after them and wear supportive bras. My sister never wore a bra when she was breastfeeding and now her boobs look like a couple of deflated wind socks.
1132307 tn?1357908608 Let your baby do the “breast crawl” (google-“breast crawl”) and self attach. Even if your baby doesn’t attach after a couple of hours, you will have succeeded at hormone exchanges that will encourage latch the next time around. Your son needs skin to skin often. If he isn’t removing the milk, try hand expressing or pumping after skin to skin sessions. Let us know how it goes sister.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone I recently stopped breastfeeding my 29 month old son and in the past when i stopped breastfeeding my breast would fill up and the milk would dry up. This time around nothing happened they didn't fill up the milk just dried up. My question is why did it happen? I'm a little worried but I was told that I shouldn't be. Is it because of my age I'm 37 because I know that pregnancy is different after 35 years of age. Thank you all in advance for your answers.
Avatar f tn my baby is now 1 yr and 2months, i only got 4 months of breastfeeding on my baby,, i can feel some pain on my breast and on my nipple. and when i squeeze it, there is a color less and sticky liquid coming out of my breast.. is the discharge liquid normal for a mother who only got 4 months of breast feeding? do mother who breast feed got breast cancer if they stop breast feeding?
435985 tn?1249067908 I got my period about 6 weeks after I stopped breast feeding.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies I just had my daughter 3 months ago & I still haven't got my period from after birth. My doctor said it's possible that I may not see my period for year because I'm breastfeeding. Well I decided I was ready to have sex again about 3 days ago and the dam condom broke. That's the only contraceptive we were using.
Avatar f tn My implants are sub-muscular and my incision was made in my areola. Has anyone else been in my situation and if so how did breastfeeding go?
Avatar f tn My lc told me to introduce the bottle @ 4 weeks. Just express an 1 oz.
Avatar n tn Hi... just wondering if anyone has managed to breast feed after having a breast reduction?
Avatar f tn My best friend had two c Sections and breast fed each baby successfully for 2+years. How big do they think your baby is?
Avatar f tn Thanks for your feedback everyone. I am still experiencing pain. I'm not breastfeeding or anything, but I did just have my period. It ended yesterday. The pain is sort of constant, with waves of it being a bit stronger, and it's throughout my entire breast, sometimes almost into my arm. The redness is nearly gone - only a very, very faint pink. Still sound like mastitis or a blocked duct, correct? Not IBC? I have another appt.
Avatar n tn t come in for 3 weeks after my daughter was born so I bottle fed. Now I want to try breast feeding. I heard of some good brands but can't remember them.
Avatar f tn With my first it was painful. Even after I went to a specialist at my doctors office and she said I was doing it correctly. So this time I am exclusively pumping for the baby. :) Everyone is different you may love it or hate it, but pumping is always an option. Breast milk is so good for the baby. Good luck!