My breast aches

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Avatar n tn Same here my back and breast hurt and its like a strange burning type of hurt idk how to explain it
Avatar m tn - until the end of the year i dont feel anything. but when February (2013 ) comes. my left breast. aches a bit (until now) but not that often. and then this october. i had cough. which is i feel heavyness in my chest. but i dont feel any difficulty in breathing. but when i add a little force to cough. theres a little blood? :( thats what i am scared most about. is that a symptoms of HIV?
Avatar f tn My left shoulder, shoulder blade aches, sometimes i feel swollen in my back and my side . I have 2 lumps on my left breast. Is this the reason why I feel aches? I also feel pain on my right shoulder blades. I was scheduled for lumpectomy tomorrow. Is this a symptom of something to worry?
Avatar f tn s been 3 months since my surgery. I also have stomach pains that shifts (mostly side aches) and just over all unbalanced. A lot of tightness as well.
533063 tn?1262366101 Hello all! I'm hypo/hashi - have been taking levothyroxine (25 mcg, 1st month; 50 mcg, next two months) in the morning, as I wake up with water. About 15 - 20 minutes after taking my meds, I've started noticing (within the last month & a half) that I get a dull pain in the area of my left breast - it feels like it's almost IN my breast, or just below it.
Avatar m tn t have any of the normal symptoms of Cancer, but that lump on my armpit. I read about male breast Cancer, but I squeezed my nipple, and such and no discharge of any came out. No where of my body aches, except the occasional muscle aches, but I'm sitting in my room all day using the PC, and sitting in my rocking chair, in the cold, as I am now. But I have to aches other than that.
Avatar f tn Since my husbands hernia surgery a month ago, I have been doing heavy lifting causing my right shoulder and breast to ache.
Avatar f tn I used to just rubbed it when my daughter were getting her legs inder my ribs and she would move for a bit :) with this one...she is positioned across at the moment so no rib pain yet :) Hope it gets better for you.
Avatar f tn I have swollen glands, ear aches, head aches and back pain, the doctors give me codiene which hardly helpbut it returns again 1-3 months later. what could this be?
Avatar f tn I guess my questions are, should I still be having pain this long after the procedure? Can my monthly period enhance the aches and pains in that breast? Fir those of you that have had this procedure, does that breast feel differently from the other breast months later? Thank God mine came out benign for microcalcifications. I do have fibrocystic breasts which I'm not sure has anything to do with the breast pain on the biopsy side or not. Thanks to all who share their experiences.
Avatar n tn for the last 5 or 6 months i have had a dull ache in my right breast-it aches under my armpit and down the right side of the right breast and across my nipple,my right arm sometimes aches too and under my right shoulder blade and sometimes (not that often) my right nipple sometimes itches,im 29 and mum of 4 (never breastfed),do not smoke and hardly drink.i have felt no lumps and there has been no discharge from the nipple or redness on or around the breast.
Avatar f tn Last night I got a sharp pain in my left breast I tried letting her breastfeed and still pain I massaged it and it seemed to help for a few mins it only hurts when it gets touched wrong breastfeeding doesn't hurt it what could be wrong
Avatar f tn Do anyone have no sickness I'm six weeks and can't wait for my appt Tuesday beside my boobs being a little tender I don't feel pregnant
1445161 tn?1312085507 My 57 year old mother suffers from severe arm aches on the right side. she said she feels little bumps under her skin...I was wondering which specialist she should see about this? And what do you think her problem may be? plus, its been about two months since her period, so I think she menopausal now.
674288 tn?1226134883 just over 4 months ago i had a core biopsy is it possible to get an infection after this long as my breast has become sore, slightly swollen, aches,hot and my arm pit aches this sorness has only started about 3 weeks ago stating as a ache under my arm pit then the breast started
1523981 tn?1311318595 My baby is 5 weeks old and we were doing really well at sleeping at night until the last two nights. I think he has a belly ache and he normally poops at least twice a day and he has not gone at all today. What can I do to help him? I saw watered down apple juice or karo syrup but everyone that suggested that was a few months older. Any suggestions so that we will be able to sleep tonight?
Avatar m tn It moves and it seems like it shrinks @ times. It kind of aches from time to and time and aches more so when my period is about to start. Also my left leg has been stiff for the past couple of months does this have anything to do with my lump or is this a different issue such as anxiety...I keep going to the doctor about my leg and they take blood and said its nothing wrong and dont do anything about my leg..
Avatar n tn Im now 7 and a half months pregnant and have now found a lump in my breast on the same side, its quite big, proberly 2 finger ends, kind of big, it wasnt there when i went for ultra sound but it is now, ive been to the doctor and have an app at the breast clinic in 2 weeks, the lump is quite prominent and dosnt hurt like the one in my armpit, i do have discharge but it milk and its coming from both breast, so im not worried about that, i do have an achy feeling in my ribs behind my breast and
Avatar n tn Hi there I got a 3 day embryo transfer. I was so tired the fist day, second day night time was so much in pain with my lower back and could feel stretches inside my embryo's. My breast became tender and sore that I could not do without a bra on. I was ill especially night times, felt bloated and constipated. Cramps in my tummy like period pains until I very sharp cramps on my left Ovary, that was on the 10th day after my transfer.
Avatar f tn Hi guys I finish my breast radiation 3 weeks ago ,but my breast still hurt me so bad, I can touch my nipple,hurt me so bad. It's this normal ??? I have stabbing pain, sharp pain.
624083 tn?1369314263 It s*cks!
Avatar n tn I am concerned as to why the left breast aches more than the right and it worsens when my bra is off and lessens with it on. I am going for a stress test my Dr wants me to do and looks like I am going toget an apt with a breast specialist in a week or so if the pain doesn't pass soon .
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with IGM about a month ago and my first treatment was a high dose of steroids that I was on for a week. While that treatment didn't work other than it relieved my muscle aches and pains, I would like to know if anyone has tried any homeopathic treatments?
10064263 tn?1407870328 Felt like I was coming down with the flu along with body aches, more saliva in my mouth lol and sore boobs!
Avatar f tn my last period was on the 25 of july ( me and my bd been having sex threw out my whole cycle ), i had spottind (watery light pink/brown) on august 13 that lasted for a day (can that be implantation bleeding) my breast been feeling tingly, when i smell a funny smell i have to throw up,i feel crampy, sleepy (but that might be from the lack of sleep) and i been having bad head aches. can i have implantation bleeding this early???????
Avatar n tn my doctor says i have nothing to worry about my heart but my 2d echo result says i have thickened mitral valve leaflets and non coronary cusp without restriction of motion. is my doctor correct? i still experience chest pains. please help. thanks.