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Avatar m tn I'm of 20, I'm feeling tightness in the chest Middle that bone is like sticky after I tried to loose it it is ok At starting it is middle but now the tightness is rightside also breathing problem is not there and I been to doctor he tested ecg and said Ok no problem in the ecg I'm a non smoker non drinker and relatively healthy Kindly tell me what is the problem and treatment for this
Avatar n tn I doubt that all you describe is caused by the same thing. The "…sharp pains in my to part of my lungs,…" could be musculoskeletal from bone or muscle, neuritis from inflamed or compressed nerves, especially the intercostal nerves that run at the bottom edge of the ribs and encircle one's chest, or simply "shooting pains" that are sharp, often severe, "electricity-like" pains that can occur in any part of the body and usually last from a few to 30 seconds or more.
Avatar m tn Even though I lost weight I feel pain in my back, ribs, rib tightness, and this shortness of breath. Also I notice that my breath seems to be very bad no matter how many times I brush my teeth.
Avatar n tn I have muscle spasm in or around the ribs on both sides (in the front under the breast and sometimes in the back at the same horizontal position), it feels like a ball rolling, in that it switches sides. It occurs even at night during sleep, painful enough to wake me. I only know that when I relax and stretch (the side where the knot is) using several positions I have to wait till it goes away, in many cases to have it return in other places described above.
499534 tn?1328707778 It starts at my thyroid and goes down to my lungs/ribs. It feels like a tightness/pain. I was put on Singulair before they dx Hashis. They thought I had allergy related asthma. I never felt this was my problem, but I have been taking Singulair since Sept 07 and it has helped immensely with the tightness and chest pain. Another very odd thyroid symptom!
1531606 tn?1324840243 When you say tightness of your L chest that sort of leaves us open to interpetation. The heart sits dead center of your chest, between the nipple lines and very slightly to the left and would be in most cases the size of your left fist. Is that the area you are speaking of or further over and higher or lower? If you are concerned about having a heart attack as i always say there is nothing on this earth that looks like a male having a heart attack.
Avatar m tn I will try to be as specific as I can. 2 years ago, I started getting a squeezing tightness in my chest deep to my ribs just lateral to the mid body of my sternum. Basically right beneath my left nipple. It is a non localized pain, and I can really only ever point to an area when it seems to be coming from. It lasts for upwards of 15+ minutes when it comes on, and is often associated with a very quick and rapid sharp pain that I do not feel or realize is coming on which lasts 1-2seconds.
Avatar n tn I got swine flu and coughed a lot and then it started to feel like charlie horses in my left ribs under my breast. It went away and now it is back for no reason. I had chest xrays done and they could not find anything wrong with me. I also had a neurologist look at my xrays and no one knows what is wrong. When I cough or sneeze I can feel my ribs move and almost rub together or something. Terrible charlie horse sensations when I try to lay down.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am 31 years old and male. I have no physical conditions except some hypertension which I have had since I was 13-14. I did all possible tests then and everything was normal so the doctor said I must have essential hypertension. I take hypertension medication - Losartan Potassium - 50 mg - once a day and with that now my readings are about 140/90. Since a year I have had a very inactive, couch potato kind of lifestyle.
Avatar n tn I also have tightness in the chest. I also get a flutter ffeeling in my heart when the tightness gets bad..had all heart test done on several occasions and all hearts tests were normal. I get shortness of breadth's like that same comment about breathing through a straw with a hole..! I have had thryoid level checked and that was normal. Chest xrays were normal..not sure what they look for when they read chest xrays.
Avatar f tn The muscle was attached to the first couple of ribs giving me the feeling of chest pain. They got the muscle to let loose and it was instant relieve! Since then when I start to get the pain in my chest I take a muscle relaxer prescribed by my doctor and the pain is gone pretty quick. I know you said your pain lasts only a few minutes and I remember that I could feel when the muscle would pull and it would be a sharp stabbing pain.
Avatar n tn I suffered a car accident 8 wks ago. Since then I have suffered chest pain on and off, but most recently (the past week)it has gotten worse. I have been to the hospital because of the pain they didn't find anything wrong (heart attack?)but they did tell me to follow with my cardiologist because I suffer from cardiomyopathy. I had a echo done this past week and have not heard back so I assume there has been little change in the condition. My cardiologist did change my medication to 100 mg.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, I came down with a mild flu roughly 11 weeks ago and have suffered with muscle and ligament pain from cramps, tightness and aches ever since granted it has improved since it began so that I'm not in constant pain all day like I was but I have muscles that since this whole thing started have pulled tight and remained that way, I get quick sharp pains usually in my legs and arms ( like the muscle is about to cramp but doesnt ) cramps on and off that leave my muscles sore particularly
20467483 tn?1498601854 It started because I had a tight shoulder muscle from sitting at a desk and typing. There are so many non - dangerous reasons chest pain can arise! However if it is bothering you and weighing on your mind you could always visit a GP. A decent chiropractor would also be able to tell you if it is a sprain - this kind of sprain is very common. It's likely that it is something like that so in the meantime try not to stress too much! good luck!
Avatar n tn I know this is something way beyond the solution of any medication as well, I've tried. It is a physical problem where something feels like it is malfunctioning with my ribs, or spine or some kind of tissue. Maybe my lungs?? It's done it probably 10 times just sitting here typing this. I have no clue what it is but it definitely is driving me insane. The popping sound seems like it never goes away, no matter what the circumstances.
Avatar n tn I have dyspnea daily (constantly knowing myself of not able to get enough air in), occ tightness of chest and stabbing pain on Right sided chest pain from scapular to front. I have RUQ pain too (around and under costal carilage) things continue with longer duration and intensity. my stomach get bloated after a few months with an upper chest discomfort(under sternal notch), a blockage/congested feeling which makes me cough, streaks of blood seen.
Avatar n tn It could be changes in red blood cells,mechanical chest wall tightness( which can be neurological), or a srtained shoulder which sounds like it could be the case.Try laying with a pillow under your mid-back while on your back, arms back, and take deep breathes to stretch out the inercostal muscles. this should do it.
1328913 tn?1279182846 So im in desperate need of some answers and seeing as i've spent the passed 8months in and out of doctors surgerys and havent been given any clear answers i hope someone here is able to shed some light on my issues...So i've been experiencing chest pain. It happens most days quite a few times. Most times it only last 1-3 seconds but in some instences its lasted half hour to a hour. Its a sharp/stabbing like pain at times like a ache...the weird thing is i cant prevent it from happening.
Avatar n tn I am a 40 year old female who had a mild heart attack last august 2006 I had a DES placed at that time.In october 2006 I experienced some chest discomfort between my shoulders and also in the center of my chest. My doctor admitted me and I received another DES in a smaller valve.That valve was only 40% blocked at the time the other stent was placed(August) but not blocked enough for the stent. In october the doctor did not see any other blockages so went ahead and stented the smaller blockage.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering for 7 months fist it started with 3 very bad chest infections with came with a bad cough, 1 month later my ribs on left side poped out of my skin and i struggled breathing in and out pain was bad. Then 1 month later i was told i had costochondritis and it would go away in about 10 weeks no more.......But 3 months later i had ,had a x-ray and they said i had some calcum in my kidney nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn You know, i have felt something similar a few times! Ive felt it in my chest, in my legs and in my arms, and its muscle spasms brought on by dehydration usually.. I can put my hand on the area and feel the muscle vibrating..Its a VERY weird sensation! Does this sound like you?
1303402 tn?1273019158 One of my biggest problems is muscle spasticity in legs, arms, back, and abdomen. I can stretch most muscles, but can't manage to stretch abdomen muscles to help them. Ab muscles wake me up every night with terrible muscle tightness and pain. Only solution I've found is drinking a couple of cups of hot coffee. Tried Ben Gay, heat blankets, massage etc. I've found reference in MS to MS Hug which sounds the same and they have the same solution to the pain, but is supposedly rare in MS.
Avatar f tn I am 16 years old and 115 pounds I was sick for a few days last week and went to the doctor. I was having something like muscle spasms in my chest under my ribs they told me I had massive acid reflux. So I have been drinking water and powerade (no soft drinks) since.
Avatar f tn The spasms and tightness in my chest emanate from the spasms in my left side under my ribcage, and the burning pain in my sternum also comes on when the pain in my diaphragm is bad. My neurologist is certain the mild deterioration in my spine cannot be the cause of the pain in my lower left side. He does not want to refer me for an MRI at present. I have no problems bending, stretching etc. Thank you for your suggestion for relaxation -- I tried it and it's a great idea.
Avatar n tn so went to that dr. and she said all was fine i pulled a chest muscle. She ran a mamogram and ll looked good too. The following week after that i noticed a lump where i felt the cramp initially so had it xrayed and ultrasounded and nothing. so back to muscle pull idea. then today at my desk - that terrible cramping again where the lump was! what is up with this. it was numb in that area over the weekend- so i called the ultrasound tech- cause i thought maybe she used some kind of numbing gel.
Avatar n tn chest pain/ sore spot on my chest. i have chest pains on left side of my chest. At one time my left chest muscle grew bigger and it was painful, i had checked out. They said it was fine. Back to problem: the left peck muscle (same muscle) has painful area sore to touch inside close to heart , also if i lift my arm. Plus, i have chest pain in this area. This dose not occur all the time. when i had this check , they thought was acid reflux.
Avatar f tn since then I have been experiencing muscle spasms in my chest around the implant which is normal. Over the past 2 months, I have experienced a different kind of pain though. I have had a breast MRI which showed no abnormality in the implants or around, as well as a chest and breat ultrasound which showed nothing either. The pain is random and sharp, feels like someone is stabbing me for about 3 seconds.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the replies, it helps to hear some outside opinions regardless. The dull pain was there when it was first happening - sorry if I was a little vague. Yeah, Bromley, you're probably right - I'll probably be looking into finding a doctor that might know what they're talking about in the near future. I have a family history of irregular heartbeats (my dad has been dealing with an atrial fibrulation for years).