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1033165 tn?1309435416 does anyone have any problems with chest wall neuropathy? and if so what have you done for help in pain management. I have tried different drugs(which I am currently still taking) physical therapy, inner costal rib injections, tens unit. Can't seem to find any relief for the severe pain. Please help with any ideas. I got this pain from a lung resection surgery I had last July.
700966 tn?1228661931 I had what I was told was "chest wall pain" off and on for a few years. It didn't bear much resemblence to what you are describing. It was a pain under the left breast-bone that came and went, sometimes dull, sometimes acute, and especially bad if I breathed in deeply. I didn't have any of the other symptoms you describe - nothing other than pain.
700966 tn?1228661931 Hi I have had Chest Wall Muscle Pains near My Heart for Eleven Weeks,I have had an ECG,My Blood Oxygen Checked,My Blood Pressure Checked,and a Chest Scan which all came back Normal Weeks ago. But Eleven Weeks on I still have the same ammount of Pain in My Chest near The Heart.How long does a Chest Muscle take to heal? I have had Gel and Creams put on the Area,and have taking Pain Killers which helped for a while but,there is no Signs of it healing.
1309556 tn?1274282092 Chest pain can originate from chest wall (bone, muscle or skin), esophagus, heart, lungs, tissue linings surrounding the lungs (the inflammation of which is known as pleurisy or pleuritis). Sometimes problems with neck, spine, gall bladder, liver or stomach may also cause chest pain. Usually it is difficult to decide what to do when you have chest pain.
Avatar m tn Chest pain on the RIGHT side of your chest is rarely associated with your heart. There are also about a hundred things that could be causing this pain. When you tell us that by reaching for your alarm clock with your right arm, this is when you feel the sharp pain in your chest. My first thought is that you've pulled a muscle in your chest wall which is exacerbated when you reach for the alarm.
Avatar f tn However, when there is chest pain when taking a deep breath can be due to costochondritis....pulled muscle in the chest wall, inflammation of cartilage of chest wall, good be irritation of lung lining, etc. other pulomonary issues. You may want to get physical evaluation, as a heart problem can't be ruled out, and/or pulmonary malady.
Avatar m tn There are a lot of posts on this site about chest wall pain, if you do a search you will find them. This is quite frightening to have as you never know what is going on. my cardio and my g/p both say if you press and rhe pain gets worse it not cardiac pain, that can't be reproduced.
Avatar f tn i suffer alot form chest pain on the left habd side and my doctor says i pulled a chest muscle it feels like im gunna have a heart attack and i am very tired and dizzy aswell and week with it my bloods came bak ok this is really gettin me down!
Avatar f tn In addition, depending on the position of the baby, you may feel pain in the rib cage when he kicks or presses on the area. Muscle spasms and cramps in the legs are very common during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, and they are thought to be caused by a combination of weight gain, poor blood circulation, and possibly an excess or lack of certain vitamins and minerals.
489725 tn?1280052553 i am in the middle of yet another flare of chest wall muscle pain ,it seems to be hapening a lot lately and now have to take pain killers which i have avoided for months ,the pain is in my knees as well and around to the ribs along my back ,i am not sure what causes these to flare up ,but was wondering if anybody has tips to try and avoid getting these eposides ,i know their is probably no easy way around it but rest etc ,but me and meds just dont get on hope everyone is well etc
Avatar f tn Okay here goes.I am having some chest back and shoulder pain all on the left side.I have been to the dr. I have had 2 ekgs done they say my heart is fine,also bloood work and a few urine tests..Last time I went the dr. told me they thought it was a problem with my rotator cuff.the front pain is probably right around the upper part of my sternum and it is in my upper back same place just in the back.My left arm also aches and my shoulder.
364288 tn?1300144506 I agree with sweetangel, it sounds like costochondritis - - chest wall pain. I had this a few years ago. I was so sore I couldn't reach to adjust the radio or air conditioning in my car. My Dr prescribed strong NSAID's and they worked great, but obviously those are out during pregnancy. BTW if you want to have it checked out, call into your dr's office complaining of 'chest pain' - - they will see you asap..
Avatar m tn Hi I have been Suffering with Pains in my Left Chest Area for 6 Weeks,I have been been to The Doctor and Hospital to have ECG,Heart Scan,Blood Oxygen and Blood Pressure,and all the Results came back fine.The Doctor said it could be a Pulled Chest Wall Muscle and said take Pain Killers. My Symptoms are at times I have Dizzyness,Heart Palpatations Lack of Sleep,fear of having a heartattack Could some of this be Stress?
272434 tn?1228607209 Hi, When at my gyno, I asked about the intense breast pain I have. He said it is muscle pain from the muscle wall that you feel in your breast. All the tissue is connected. I then told him I had Fibromyalgia. He looked at me and in an exclamatory voice said You definitely are having breast pain from the muscles in your chest wall!! Then he went on to explain how pain can radiate and how the nerves are affected and how the breasts are included in the whole scheme of things.
Avatar n tn If there has been an event of heart cell damage there can be loss of heart pumping contractility causing shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, chest pain...signs would be an increase in wall dimensions of the left ventricle, reduced cardiac output, etc, Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar n tn Fibromyalgia is an important condition of chronic fatigue which causes severe muscle pain, with muscle spasms in chest. Costochondritis, can have a sharp chest wall pain worsened by movement, direct pressure on that area. Costochondritis can be a part of certain diseases like fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis,ankylosing spondylitis etc.
Avatar m tn Hi, for past 2 or 3 weeks (don't remember exactly why or when it started) I have been having a soreness of my chest wall area. It's not a sharp pain, and it happens most when I stretch or "scrunch" my muscles in certain ways. Also with deep breaths, but only rarely. Until the last week I was able to make the pain almost go away by stretching my arms over my heading, and producing a kind of "click" sound in my chest (like something snapping into place).
Avatar f tn Chest pain can originate from chest wall (bone, muscle, breast tissue or skin), esophagus, heart, lungs, tissue linings surrounding the lungs (the inflammation of which is known as pleurisy or pleuritis). Sometimes problems with neck, spine, gall bladder, liver or stomach may also cause chest pain. Usually it is difficult to decide what to do when you have chest pain. You should consult your physician to find out more about your symptoms.
Avatar f tn About a week later i started to feel pain in my right chest wall which was thought to be gallbladder but tests ruled that out. Pain went away for few days but is now back again sometimes painfull when breathe & even if i touch painfull area feels like there is a lump. What is this?
Avatar n tn Some patients can live many years with this disease, some die young and a small percentage of patients are transplanted if the disease is very severe (Grade III- Grade IV Classification). Patients have chest pain, are short of breath (SOB) and have dizziness and fatigue, sometimes severe. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I get the same thing..Mild left chest pain that comes and goes. I've talked to my Dr. about it and was told that it was just anxiety. That was before I wore a holter monitor and they picked up that my heart rate gets up to 210 bpm! So, now I am seeing a cardiologist. just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, then call the Dr. any shortness of breath or palpitations should be reported too.. Always take these symptoms seriously because you never know!
Avatar m tn If there has been a significant heart attack, your father would have symptoms of shortness of breath, possible chest pain, fatigue, etc. Assuming there has been a heart attack, the best procedure would be to have an echocardiogram and that exam would determine if the heart wall has damaged heart cells from the heart attack. If the heart attack was significant, the heart wall would not be able contract effectively, and the heart would have a decrease of blood put into circulation.
Avatar n tn If there were, or there is a problem with occluded coronary arteries usually there is chest pain with exertion, could be chest pain without exertion, or no chest pain, so symptoms or no symptoms does not rule out CAD. Usually chest pain dictates treatment!. The further dx that was recommended but not done was a cath angioplsty (that would be normal protocol for further testing after a stress test) and a stent to open the vessel/vessels.
Avatar m tn Almost always a stress test is given when the individual has symptoms and that usually is chest pain. The chest pain is the result of insufficient blood supply to heart cells and that would indicate oxygenated blood is not adequately supllied to the heart cells. Your father appears not to have any chest pain and that can be the result "silent ischemia"....meaning there are no symptoms, but there is a lack of sufficient blood flow!!
Avatar m tn Obviously, I am not a doctor, but I have raised a child who had true heart related chest pain due to a lack of bloodflow to the heart muscle. Chest pain is usually dull in nature and brought on with some exercise although if the heart muscle receives little blood flow than the child can have chest pain even at rest. Based on what you have written, I don't think a heart problem is the issue, but I would certainly take her to her pediatrician and have him check her out.